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  1. Vjkk vjkf Update: today in a meeting at Kalgidhar Gurdwara the issue of whether or not my parents should be removed from the Kalgidhar Gurdwara Leeds sangat will be discussed. Why are they being threatened with this action? Well because they invited me, their daughter to my brothers wedding and refuse to pay the £101 fine attached to this offence, hence a breach of the all important mill-vartan rule. All this carried out by a Gurdwara! Vjkk vjkf
  2. lots of desi ghee and letting it simmer for ages is the trick!
  4. we have the proofs from you tube etc, question is what shall we do with them....lets take this forward we cant let them get away with again.
  5. one step at a time, Rome wasn't built in a day
  6. hmmm...I think people don't like the fact that all sikhs are uniting.
  7. These are the resolutions the youth agreed on yesterday. This will allow us to work together for the benefit of the Panth. We need to split solutions between action and awareness. We need a multifaceted approach that includes all areas of the Sikh community. Short term: •Wear orange this whole week •Put up Nishan Sahibs and get all your Sikh family/neighbors to as well. •Do fireworks, give out ladoo on the day of shaheedi •Take out ads in national papers, Punjab and UK (and international if possible) Make JustGiving page to cover: Cost of ads|| facts about case|| SOPW can take lead
  8. I think this issue needs to be handled with pyar, arguing etc will escalate the problem. Talk to the girl in girl in question and try to understand what she is feeling, replacing any lies the Hindu man has told her about Sikhi etc with the truth. If she feels she has to make a choice between her family and the man she may well rebel. At least if a good relationship is maintained between the family and the girl they can keep an eye on her to make sure things don't get really bad with the man and if things do go wrong she does not feel isolated and has a way back.
  9. Amrit

    Parents Saying No

    Well what advice can I give you have already received the best advice possible, Meditate on Vaheguru and everything will be the way Vaheguru wants it to be....not how you or your parents want it to be put Akaal Purukh Vaheguru themselves. Ask for Faith and the himmat to follow Maharaj's hukum whatever it may be.
  10. we all make mistakes, none of us are saints...if that was the case we wouldn't be here we would be in Sachkhand with Akaal Purukh Vaheguru themselves. Only Vaheguru knows the filth of our past lives. You know that you have done wrong which is good because now you need to figure out how you will refrain from these mistakes again. Ask Vaheguru for forgiveness and hukum on how to follow the right path. Can I also suggest that you limit talking to the opposite sex if you cannot think of women as your sisters and mothers. Although talking and texting etc with the opposite sex can seem innocent at f
  11. this topic is useless, girls blame boys, boys blame girls. Meanwhile the issue in question does not get resolved. Take responsibility for your own actions, don't judge!
  12. From what I understand its not a language more Vaheguru is a vibration which is present in everything from stones to ourselves, the only thing is that we are so far from Vaheguru that we cannot hear it. Bhul chuk muaaf Btw, why the you tube posts?
  13. With maharaj's kirpa the photo has been taken down! I have thought about talking to singhs at chapel town, but to be honest i dont know what to say as the that committee like every other commitee have their own issues.
  14. This issue was bought to the attention of the congregation today and the picture is still up there...
  15. this fast is observed to prolong husbands life, yes? well maharaj tells us that ours breaths are already written, i.e the time of death is already written so you cannot prolong your husbands life by fasting. Also death is not something to be feared, it is to be excepted. Also to observe this fast you may have to bow down to a hindu deity, which is against sikhi, we should only bow to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee. Finally, in the first pauree of Jap Jee Sahib Jee we are told : pukihia pukh na ooteri je bana pooria par - no matter how much you fast, and whatever you fast for you pukh - hunger wi
  16. Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh! keep doing your bani, we should do bani all the time. Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj also did gurbani whilst working in the store, everytime they counted to 13 'tera' they would remeber akaal purukh waheguru, so there is nothing wrong with remebering waheguru at work. Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh!
  17. do what exactly? the people who run the gurudwara do not listen to anybody, especially if you aren't 'one of them'.
  18. http://www.gurukalgidharleeds.com/gurukalgidharleeds.com/Photos_Gallery.html#209 apparently this is one of the pardaans on a trip to india to collect Maharaj's Palki.
  19. exactly, unfortunatley these days the word Gurudwara conjures up doller signs to some people. This is how far we have come from our Guru.
  20. Big tera, What city are you in? what kind of provision do they have at the local Gurudwara for youth?
  21. i have written a letter to the Gurudwara, explaining why the name and shame thing is not right, especially with regards ti sikhi, however received no reply. What more can I do?
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