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  1. This issue stirs up emotions in a lot of us, and if they spill onto the forum then it is due to the nature of the topic. He didn't come on here asking a question or wanting to know what happened. He came here to tell us that we sound like a bunch of black people talking about the slave days. If you start a thread with an insult, what do you expect to get in return? Every Sikh knows what happened in 1984, and if they don't then a quick internet search will fill you in. Whether he is a Hindu or not (who really knows on the the internet), he is taking a Hindu stance on this issue i.e. let's forget and move on. There is something called internal oppression. It is when you demoralize a population into thinking that any action they take will be futile. Statements like forget and move on, it happened in the past, let it go, etc. are damaging to the collective psyche, especially when they come from supposed "Sikhs". The fact of the matter is that the mass graves discovered in India have given us a new push towards extradition of Kamal Nath to face trial in New York, a case is being filed in the U.N., and similar steps are going to be taken in England. Progress is being made on these cases, and all we have to do is see them through. The diaspora is growing stronger and India is scared that we will reveal the true face of India to the West. A face riddled with corruption and human rights abuses. It is the not beyond the scope of reasoning to assume that India will do everything it can, including utilizing "internet warriors" to demoralize the sangat from even discussing these issues.
  2. So you are ignorant. Okay, I will educate you then. The killers are the Congress party members who are now the cabinet ministers. They rounded up goons, gave them addresses of Sikh homes and went systematically from house to house killing, raping and looting any Sikh they could find. Mass graves were found in Hondh-Chillar and Delhi, but instead of rewarding the people who discovered them, thugs were sent to their homes and vandalized their property. The man who discovered Hondh-Chillar was immediately fired from his job. Thousands of young men were abducted from their homes in Punjab and never heard from again. Human rights activists who have investigated these crimes have gone missing or have been killed. Eye witnesses are threatened, beaten-up or bribed. Why is it extremism to point to these blatant human rights abuses? How can a Sikh tell us to move on when justice was never given? No closure at all....Put those responsible in jail and we will gladly drop this issue.
  3. This thread was started by a Hindu. No self-respecting Sikh would tell us to move on and forget about '84. Hello Hindu ji, if I raped your sister and mother, and then killed your father and brother, how long would it take you to move on and forget? I will let '84 go when the killers are brought to justice.
  4. I think the gore in UK don't have any back bone. They let Muslims walk all over them. Come to USA or Canada, and the Muslims are all too scared to make a fuss about anything. They behave like civilized people here. UK is a world apart. Why do British people let all these crazy mullahs and imams into their country? They are messing up the youth.
  5. I would go to Gurdwara and learn how to read Gurmukhi. From there you can expand your vocabulary by reading Punjabi newspapers, books, etc.
  6. Spot on explanation by SarabhaPunjab. We should not not deter from doing our duty, but rest assured that the outcome is controlled by Hukam. It may be good or bad, but it is God's will. So we accept it.
  7. I like his music. He has brought a lot of attention towards issues pertaining to 1984. He's proud of his culture and religion. I don't think we should disown him just because he is gay. It's not a lifestyle he chose. He was born that way. It's how Waheguru made him. I don't think anyone would choose to be ridiculed and persecuted as a gay man. His new tune: My link
  8. sUhvIey sUhw vysu Cif qU qw ipr lgI ipAwru ] soohaveeeae soohaa vaes shhadd thoo thaa pir lagee piaar || O red-robed woman, discard your red dress, and then, you shall come to love your Husband Lord. Don't brides dress in red on their wedding day? I think that is what the shabad by Guru Arjan was referring to. Don't marry yourself to this physical world. Instead, become a bride of Waheguru. The bride of God is a common reference, starting with Guru Nanak who drew from Sufi poetry. Also referred to as "Husband-Lord".
  9. I think the whole premise of the article was wrong. They wanted to make it look like Balpreet Singh dressed like a Nihang to the Quebec Assembly, when he did not. Some people still don't understand that. It was deceptive reporting and they succeeded in confusing people to support their views against Nihang bana. Not all women are forced to wear the niqab, some do it out of their own free will. If the niqab is banned today, who's to say the dastar won't be banned tomorrow. Look what has happened in France. Sikh boys cannot even wear dastar to school. You cannot claim religious freedom for one group, and then ban the religious freedom of another group. Sikhchic.com wanted to pin the whole kirpan debacle squarely on Balpreet Singh, when it was the Quebec legislature that exercised poor judgement to invite them to speak and then not let them in once they arrived. They should have realized beforehand that baptized Sikhs carry the kirpan. I refuse to believe they were oblivious, because MP member Navdeep Bains wore his kirpan in Parliament, and showed it to members of the Quebec Bloc. I believe they lured the WSO members in an attempt to create some fuss and assert their independence from Canada. PQ member Louise Beaudoin said multiculturalism isn't a Quebec value. At the end of the day, they killed 2 birds with one stone - banning the niqab and kirpan. Well played. Meanwhile, Sikhchic.com turned the debate into how Sikhs should dress in order to fit into western society, which created more fighting among the panth and caused people to lose sight of the real issue. We should practice more inclusiveness in an attempt to keep the panth united, but the self professed elitists at Sikhchic have made it an agenda to alienate people that don't prescribe to their chic view of what Sikhi should be. The site is run by T. Sher Singh, the same guy that was removed from the royal order of Canada for unprofessional conduct and mishandling funds. He got into trouble for continuing to illegally practice law after being suspended in 2005. It seems this sikhchic.com has become his new pet project since he has nothing else to do now.
  10. Since Hondh-Chillar grave findings, U.S. investigation into Congress Party role in '84 pogroms and kirpan issue in Canada, there have been a spike in incidents that have made Sikhs look bad. It's not a coincidence. Every time these issues come up, there is always a story to distract us.
  11. They had elections and the old management was voted out, but they are not going out without a fight. It comes down to the money that they "manage" from the people doing matha tekh. Most of it is used for their own personal things. Greedy bastards. Shame on them and shame on the person who posted this video on youtube. Way to air out our dirty laundry and make us look bad. Next time film your own family fighting and put it on the internet.
  12. They closed down the comments section. They didn't even post my comment. What's the point in discussing the article if you silence the people you disagree with? Sikhchic.com definately has an agenda they are trying to push. Previously they posted an article asking why Sikhs shouldn't eat halaal, and then it proceeded to attack rehat. http://sikhchic.com/article-detail.php?id=2213&cat=28
  13. I know I'm posting 4 years later, but in case anybody stumbles across this they should know that Sikhchic.com is still up to its same dirty tricks in 2011. Now they don't even put your comment in if they disagree with your view. BS site indeed.
  14. We don't teach our kids about Sikhi because we don't know anything about it ourselves. One can recite 5 banis from memory, but if you don't know what it means then your wasting your time. How many of us can read and understand gurmukhi? Most kids raised in the west don't even speak Punjabi, so how do you expect them to understand what the granthis are saying in the gurdwara? We are suffering from a cultural disconnect with our younger generations. People don't believe in rehat and and nobody understands gurbani because its written in a language that nobody speaks anymore. That's the problem.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS6gA8nMBUE Please spread this video. THIS IS THE SHO'S NUMBER 011-91-959-291-6016´╗┐ Policeman SHO Kulbhushan from Police Station Mohali´╗┐ Phase 1. Kulbhushan SHO can be reached at (+91) 9592916016. Police Control Room, Mohali phone number is (+91) 172-2210357
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