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  1. could somebody who was at the protest please write an unbiased account of events that occurred for us sangat including myself whom couldnt attend. fateh
  2. possibly one of the best threads on this site for a long time. I hope admin make it a sticky. we need more threads promoting unity. People who promote disunity are helping the anti sikh forces trying to divide and destroy us. please delete any negative posts in this thread. forgive me for anything wrong ive written vjkk vjkf
  3. All youth in the uk need to make unity between caste and jathebande one of our top priorities. we should all actively tackle this in our local cities, set up dialogue and communication with each other regularly, work together on a positive goal of sikhi parchaar, unite against anti sikh forces and recognise we all bow before sri guru granth sahib. we dont want to become like other religions shia and sunni muslims are a prime example of how bad things can get. older generations need to address this issue too and speak about it with the youth
  4. what the... Sikhs arent supposed to date! please provide evidence vjkk vjkf
  5. Excellent thread. I agree with the majority of the suggestions you've made. I will try not to duplicate what you have suggested. Here are some of my thoughts for the future. 1. Regular weekly English Katha on sunday's at all UK gurdwaras. 2.Every gurdwara should have a feedback mechanism where sangat can provide feedback on current services, services which they would like the gurdwara to provide and ideas for improvement. 3. Support groups for- single parents/widows/divorcees. alcoholics/drug users. 4. Improved use of media- facebook, youtube, email, text message, gurdwara website, 5.
  6. it is from the first volume of "the sikh religion" by max arthur mccauliffe
  7. Ermmm ok... thats a pretty crazy claim? i think ask bhai fauja singh the marathon runner to be one of the torch bearers
  8. i cant speak punjabi so i have no idea what he says in his katha. But what i dont understand is that if this statement is true, why isnt he a practising amritdhari gursikh?
  9. if this is true then i think its a big step in the right direction for sikhi and gurmat.
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