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    For those that are aware of the name Luficer will I'm sure be aware of what my story is. - I am in need of Salvation, so look upon the Religion of Sikhism that is said to be the truest form to exist to this day.

    I have rejected Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, but respect them all as said by the Master Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji Mahraaj Sahib.
  1. I was your usual silly person. Parents and family didn't observe any Sikh ways other than attend Gurdwara here and there. I was never taught anything to do with Sikhi so one day as I was going through some music on my computer I found a Shabad 'Bohut Janam Bichhre The Madho' by Dhan Bhagat Ravidass Ji. The words just began making sense to me and tears began falling from my eyes just hearing how Mahraaj was pleading with God that he had forsaken him in his past births but this one he would dedicate to him. Anyway...i began doing Path and Ishnaan in the mornings i didn't need any alarm clock as
  2. Don't believe what Naik says even the Muslims say he's potty and talks rubbish.
  3. If you bow to yourself that's self worship? you can become hakaria [pride] - I bow to the pictures of Dhan Gurdwaras I have or i bow in any direction because the Master is present everywhere at all times.
  4. Your English leaves a lot to be desired.... Read my above posts, I've made it clear, I'm not going to repeat it again. Some take it too far when they address Shri Guru Granth Sahib.
  5. I LOVE Kathas, but I am astute enough to not follow the Kirtani.
  6. Kala Aghana I don't care about. {if you think abybody who says not to Idol worship SGGS is a Kala Afghana supporter, then that would make Shahi Guru Gobind SIngh Ji a support too} As mentioned above, if we Sikhs treat SGGS as an idol, feed, cloth, etc etc then that amounts to treating it like an idol. There are different ways to show respect. The same ways Dhan Guru Nanak Ji and the other Gurus did. If you don't know the basics of Sikhi don't address my posts. Fateh
  7. That's a different kind of respect. He didn't turn it into an idolistic worshipping ritual. The Shabad Guru is contained within the Shri Guru Granth Sahib, it holds the word, it is a vessel to carry the Naam.
  8. <edited> The more you insult the Religion of others shows you're not a Sikh of the Gurus at all. The basics of Sikhi is that it does not involve idolatry, what you've said and those that do, are committing a sin. You've turned it into an Idol no better than Hindus. Jis pāhan ka▫o pāṯī ṯorai so pāhan nirjī▫o. ||1|| That stone idol, for which you tear off those leaves - that stone idol is lifeless
  9. Erm you're obviously oblivious to what the Dhan Gurus have said. GURBANI alone is the form [roop] of Guru! [shabad Guru]
  10. What is wrong with Makkah? if Dhan Guru Nanak respects it in his Bani who are you to insult it you murakh! [fool]
  11. What it means is, there are some people who eat the best dishes [foods] available, whilst others go hungry. They eat with joy and pride, and think they are important, they take such relish in it. Sheikh Farid Ji says he eats just the basic of foods, because to him it's not a big issue he is just grateful to get that.
  12. My post had nothing to do with what you've said. The reason I made it was so many Sikhs feel disheartened and may feel they too need not continue due to the negatives they see around them. So if it assists them to remain Chardikala, then that's not negative. Do as much as one can for the Panth but if does not bring to fruition to what you've expected be not worried. Fateh.
  13. Those wretched dogs can never destroy us. Muslims Mughals gave it their best shot and they failed, what can these cow worshipping monkeys do to the Sikhs of the LORD!!
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