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  1. Changing culture, young kids young parents getting them changed education parents go to work that's the plan apparently. Removal of people from council houses and benefits proposal. jobs education opportunity or problems like this will arise. Benefits removed from people who caused riots, consequences= you will use lose your benefit.
  2. Poll: 56% of people would use violence to protect themselves.
  3. Thing sorry I'm using my iPod ^^
  4. Can I ask what you did, it doesn't reveal that in your paragraph? You didn't fall over did you?
  5. Well if she is acting weird then I guess she has a hidden agenda. Like all marriages everything is a risk but you should talk to her about her motives and why she is acting in a certain way. If she doesn't give you an answer or she is hesitant then she has something to hide. I can't tell you from personal experiences as I'm not married lol I'm young. I think there is a communication breakdown between you, well don't forget there are two sides to all people if someone wants somthing then they would do anything to get it, maybe she now has got what she wants, and will start causing trouble, looks can be decieving. My neighbour a Sikh family the guy went to India to get married she comes stays for about 2 years got her passport and legged it, his mum told my mum about the situation that's how I know about that. Don't worry though it's because she is new to the UK and maybe hasn't seen the world properly because when people come from India they change some for the better some for the worse. Just talk and see what she says, I hope it goes well for you!
  6. It's only a matter of time before the Muslims take over the channel, there is a line and you don't cross it and sangat tv crossed it. The thing is the riots have given an advantage to the Muslims because there channels are crap anyway they ain't going to go out broadcasting so now they are going to use the Sikhs in which ever way possible. they will start converting Sikhs making them think in their way, I mean look at all those facebook groups sangat tv and the Muslims have created, it's only a matter of time to get Sikhs on their level. we will start hearing on sangat tv is about Muslims they probably will change the name to universal channel and promoting all faiths.
  7. Whose beauitful and whose ugly? Those are beauitful that wear and carry the jewel of waheguru. The rest god help those whose ego is so big filled with greed, they have a need for money and want someone beauitful, but they themselves are ugly and therefore not worthy of someone whose beauitful.
  8. Don't forget she had a different name jaswinder was it? Now I'm so modern respect me oh I'm sonia deol! She is only after money, she has no interest in Sikhism at all, there is prove of that, how much more convincing will it take to vanish such people out? This gives all 3 channels a bad name when they promote such people who have hurt the Sikh community then they expect direct debits from us, are you serious?
  9. Mr upinder should apply for another job as a comedian he would be good at that, and leave Sangat TV to the professionals.
  10. This upinder guy does look a bit dodgy, the way he acts and the way he talks almost sounding like a Muslim when he keeps saying 'peace' all the time it's getting a bit boring. Although sangat tv did do a great job in spreading the live riots on TV, I think it's gone a bit over the top in a way I think it's going to attract the wrong sort of people (less educated on Sikhism) we really need an amritdhari Singh as a presentor not some guy who doesn't even speak properly mixing a bit of punjabi and English together in the same conversation. However it did bring in the Muslim community in but will this not create disagreements in the future, they already think their religion is the best. I'm not considering anyone as enemies but Sikhs and Muslims do not form well together completly different in every sense. It's ok helping each other I'm not denying that I just think that this upinder guy might start promoting all faiths on sangat tv it won't longer be a Sikh channel it would be like a universal channel. Helping community in times of need is good but I wouldn't trust a Muslim and now facebook has so many groups on sangat tv riots mixed with Sikhs and Muslims which I'm afraid that people will start getting converted. Forgive me if I offended anyone, it's just my views on the matter.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zZ7cSpdRks&feature=player_embedded drinking water out of a bowl of someone's feet!
  12. I came to visit southall once and I went to Gurdwara Singh Sabha but I want to clarify because I don't know the area at all but is it that big gurdwara on the corner it's massive inside huge langer hall, tv screens I have never seen such a big gurdwara is that the gurdwara doing these matrimonials? It shouldn't happen in sacred places it sounds like blind date or something, it's wrong on so many levels. We go gurdwara to listen to gurbani not to search for partners!
  13. m4ndy


    I think about it sometimes, in fact I always think about death not many people do. I don't think if we did ardas that our life span will be shortetened, since we are here to do good for humanity and lead a life in the gurmat way. We live for our long god has written no more no less and if one was to take their own life early that's selfish and wrong. There are so many people dying from diseases, a lot of poverty in poorer countries they would give anything to live just another day.
  14. m4ndy


    No, only waheguru can decide when to end life, if people start doing this it's a sin. 8.4 million forms of life passed to get the human life. Life is a test we have to pass it so we can end the cycle of birth and death and finally the ultimate mission emerge back with god. Life is hard but it's a challenge take it, study it and solve it, a problem shared is a problem halved suicide it's not worth it, a human will NOT be forgiven for this type of action.
  15. m4ndy

    Death - Bereavment

    Im sorry to hear about your father... Everyone will depart from this world, we all will die so does that mean god doesn't exist? It doesn't work like that. Each body has a soul humans, animals, insects we all go through cycle of birth and death as souls we wonder around in countless 8.4 million life forms untill our soul actually emerges with god. Don't you see this is all an illusion that's why we by shouldn't get too attached to wordly things. Look in Guru Ji time do you really think they would have sacrificed everything if they didn't think god didn't exist? Who made the planets, moons and million of galaxies not people that's for but the one creator of all god if you don't have faith then it's a horrible life. we had family when we were animals, insects now humans everything in life comes and goes but ultimatly you have to accept god will and say to yourself I'm not permanent myself and accept gods will that the soul has done it's deed on planet earth and now is needed. Nothing, noone stays forever, life itself is the witness, see and believe.
  16. I voted the last option since I have never seen a matrimonial program in a gurdwara, but based upon opinions about people on here I would vote the first option yes!
  17. Why don't Sikh girls go to clubs then why even consider stepping into a gurdwara when they clealry state 'I don't want a Sikh turban guy' they might as well marry out of religion anyway I have never heard of matrimonials going on in gurdware doesn't even sound right, forgive me I live in the midlands! Any Sikh girl who disrespects ain't a Sikh! End of you have to earn being a Sikh doesn't come with birth just becuse one is born into a Sikh family, like everything in life earn and the rewards are great also I see many people who are hypocrites and wear long khande chains and smoking what the hell!
  18. Woah if this singhni is amritdhari and she is having sex before marriage she is in big trouble, that's a big sin committed and even if she aint amritdhari for a Sikh girl to do this before marriage is very wrong and any future husband she marries will find out that's a fact. You should know better not to fall into a trap where your going to have sex with a girl before marriage. I don't know whats wrong with youths these days relationships before marriage if they are to happen both families should know about it that's my beliefs anyway. You have only known this girl for a year it's hardly a lifetime and plus these relationships are false, you do know that god has blessed everyone with someone you should wait for that blessing the traditional way and not let your heart rule you, leave that to waheguru. she can't be a family girl if she is doing things like that a true Sikh girl wouldn't do that. So you got to think about it like that you really want to be with a girl who has lost her purity as a Sikh woman? You should read Gurbani to help ease your mind. You do know there is enough going on in the world, much more extreame than relationship stress only the other day 3 Muslims died because of the riots think about how their families must feel? If you are thinking of finding another girl, may I suggest you don't do anything of the kaam sort and if it was serious why not tell your families? Why keep it a secret? Are you doing this for fun? I hope I didn't offend you just trying to make my point. Have a good evening.
  19. Why don't these Sikh girls marry out of religion then seeing as they disrespect the turban whilst being in a gurdwara whats the point in them Sikh girls even calling themselves Sikhs? Total disgrace! why don't they go clubs they will find what they are looking for there! Idiots
  20. @westlondonsingh I'm not talking about money fame and show of Sangat TV my point was aimed at Sonia Deol not the channel, she has hurt the feelings of the Sikh community many times and the BBC documentry was just one of them. There can be two sides to an individual, money is a major factor of motivation which can actually twist a persons mind for the worst. Whats the point in standing back to back with someone who stabs people in the back with her twisted words? A presentor who actually cares about the community and who wants a position in media should be given a chance to present Sangat TV. She earns a lot does it really matter if she was pushed out from sangat tv? You can't erase words which have been directed on purpose to the Sikh community then to come on Sangat TV presenting disbelief I'm sorry but that's two faced. She is a hypocrite!
  21. Some people who were not involved in the riots, are creating images on photoshop to lead people to believe that certain situations that have happened are true when in fact they are false. These kind of people are just as bad to spread false rumours around a bit like Chinese whispers which can create great harm and time wasting for police when there is a real riot going on at the other side of the city. it's better to visit the site yourself to get confirmation or call the organisation concerned in this case the gurdwara which is fine it was the pub, which the police confirmed.
  22. She is a fake it's all for show, fame and money! Remember her in the BBC documentry total disgrace. Sangat Tv are getting a lot of praises on facebook for broadcasting the riots Sikhs and non Sikhs so don't spoil it by having deol present!
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