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  1. Would you useful if someone could post on how to properly sharpen a sword to get it razor sharp
  2. At least they still keep their kesh and have some loyalty to Sikhi. A patka is a just a small keski after all, I dont really know what the big deal is. A patka takes about three seconds to put on compared to a dastaar which takes alot longer. It is more secure, more practical, more comfortable and less likely to fall off when doing physical activity or in a fight for example. Dont get me wrong, the dastaar is what it should be. Dastaar is the crown of a Sikhi and looks better. However, peoples reasons for choosing to wear a patka from a practical perspective does not seem absurd to me.
  3. Singh Answer my question please - can you confirm if the guys who were stabbed up were Paedo groomers or were they randoms?
  4. Pakiz were charged regarding a case that is several weeks old and it was done purely to pacify the tensions in leicester - arrest some Singhs and arrest some Muslims, this how these situations work. We will see what happens to them in the trial - that will be the true test. Are you able to confirm to me that the guys who were stabbed up were paedo groomers? Or were they just at the wrong place at the wrong time?
  5. What a load of rubbish I am hearing. The scum bags that went into attack the restaurant are at worst violent thugs and at best, misguided youth who have been manipulated and brainwashed into doing this. Isnt it funny how Mohan Singh comes to Derby and Leicester, winds up all the local youth and is then nowhere to be seen, whilst its only the AKJ boys from Derby who get arrested and take the flak from the authorities - all young lads in their early twenties. Not only will they get beats from their parents, they will also get beats from the Derby Gurdwara guys and everyone will distance themsel
  6. Yeh I've heard of this static contraction training. Does it really work. Could you post your strength figures please and have you tested your full range motion strength ie 1 rep bench etc? Do you have any before and after photos. Thanks bro. Regards Wjkkwjkf
  7. More sanatan mumbo jumo being embraced by taksalis and nihangs to overcomplicate and dilute our simple and straight forward religion....
  8. I think the line 'vadda na hoveh kaath na jai' comes to mind. Guru ji is beyond both praise and slander and doesnt need pathetic beings like us to protect its honour, if that is even possible. Lets face it, people who do this kind of thing are simply trying to provoke. If they get the reaction that they are looking for then they have won and we have lost. Dont give them the satisfaction. Our enemies have long used our affection for the Guru as a weapon with which they can manipulate us and control our behaivour. We should not let them do this and stay in complete control of our emotions. Unf
  9. Excellent idea. All of the major Gurughars in India also have guards with lathis and other shastar. It was guards such as these that fought off repeated mob attacks at Rakab Ganj Sahib and Sis Ganj Sahib in the1984 Dehli riots. All Gurughars, no matter how small, should be well guarded. Well done to the Singhs who are taking the initative in this respect.
  10. Gatka is an effective martial art, there is no doubt about that. The fact that all the so called 'dangerous tricks' in shastar vidya have been taken out of gatka, makes it all the more effective. This has been proven time and time again. Combat sports have rules to make them safer to compete in. For example in boxing, wrestling and fencing etc, you actually get to test your skills out against a live opponent who is doing their best to beat you and you are doing the same thing back. By focusing on only a few techniques and leaving out the rest, you develop a simple and aggressive gamplan that i
  11. Good points, however, be careful who you touch your moustache in front of. It can be regarded as aggressive male behaviour in certain sections of our community and could easily cause offence, and if you are not careful, a physical confrontation
  12. http://www.nationalsikhmuseum.com/ It is based in Derby next to Singh Sabha Gurdwara. Lots of Sikh artefacts including cannons from Maharajah Ranjit Singhs reign, shastars, pictures, slide shows etc. Worth a visit.
  13. The individual should be balanced, mature, professional, diplomatic and appeal to a cross section of people in the Panth, not just the Kharku supporters. They should also be respected and have the ability to deal with other nations and other communities. They need to have a very good understand of politics, history, law and of the economy, or, at the very least have access to a good team of people around him that can give that advice. At present, Rajoana, has demonstrated that he is a good fighter, fearless, has a good physical presence, good Sikhi jeevan and charisma and is able to inspire
  14. See thats the problem with the youth. You guys are still stuck in the 1980s. The simplicity and directness that you are expecting from leaders simply does not exist. Unless that said individual is a hardliner, a purely religious leader or a bringer of revolution, they will not carry the simplicity and directness that you demand. Actually, that very simplicity and directness, will, in most situations make them a pretty poor leader. Accept it or not, politics is a game. It must be approached strategically and with tact. The fundamental difference between your views and mine is that you believe
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