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  1. Could you elaborate what bimaari is that you are trying to medicate? Also can you reference where it is written that hemp and marijuana are a ‘gift from god’. I’d also like to ask if the benefits can out way risks of triggering schizophrenia and also what is there a need for it, if it carries a social stigma when you can easily get your hands on modern pharmaceutical medicine which can cure or treat ailments. Also understand that I am not knocking you for promoting its use, but I just want understand what it is within Jhatka meat and Cannabis that so many young Singhs are searc
  2. You should rephrase your heading and conduct research regarding Alcohol/Cannabis vs Milk/Water? The findings would better illustrate the benefits of day to day life between people who use and do not use.
  3. As per my understanding which might be incorrect, I always thought the wood used is from dead branches as they are dry and cured perfect for firewood. The trees are still living as whole living trees are not felled. Even if they are alive and dead branches from the trees are used, then they are still gathering kamai later for their liberation. The same could be applied to the ingredients used for the preparation of Langar.
  4. Bro if you remember the 80’s you will have picture in your mind where everyone was pretty much Monah. I remember men being carried out blind drunk out of weddings all the time. I must admit there was more ‘bhaichara’ amongst people, but boy they were shameless when It came down to drinking culture. Now fast forward to present time you see less people getting blind drunk at weddings but admittedly women are now drinking in the open. You also se so many Dumala wearing Singhs and Singhnia which never seen 30 years back. All is not lost, if anything we are moving forward positively. Chardika
  5. Really good art! So much symbolism going on in the composition. I like that the baaj is being given water out of a sarbloh utensil. I can also see that Guru Sahib is dressed in regal attire yet sitting crossed legged to symbolise humility and close to hand is Guru Sahibs Shastar. Bhagti and Shakti both working in harmony. Also I can also see the historical relic the ‘Ganga Sagar’ in the composition. Art doesn’t necessarily lead to idol worship and can be used powerfully in portraying history.
  6. The true reality of what happened in the ‘Eighties’ has only surfaced in the last decade and that’s once perpetrators have started to blow the whistle. There was a very small element of Kharku’s that joined the Khalistan Movement to create a separate state. Most were pushed into the movement because of personal loss and first hand treatment by the security forces. The truth is civilian Singhs were being hunted and joined the movement to fight against the state murder squads. Khalistan movement was born from the state sponsored genocide. The Kharkus had full support from villagers in the e
  7. The destination is the most important and to be honest if they want to assist then so be it. To be honest I don’t think there in any position to do anything as they are broke and fighting for their own survival. No difference in human rights violations and corruption than all other South Asian so called democracies. If anything the region needs a new ‘Nation’ that could be a shining beacon to shame other countries to lift their game. We could easily fill that void and maybe that what the plan is!
  8. Being a ‘Mona’ is not a ethnicity neither is it genetic, on the contrary having unshorn hair is part of our DNA. We can’t lump a group based upon their hairstyles together and tar them with the same brush. To be honest if your a ‘fudhoo’ you will think and behave like one whether you have unshorn or shorn hair. Those same people that laugh at beards are the same people who helped beard care product start-ups become multi-millionaires when long beards became the must have fashion style. Wake up and look at the real world around you, not just the virtual one. People are becoming aligned
  9. I understand and share your frustration and I’m don’t think it is always wrong to shame someone to wake them up. ‘I also agee with everything that Sant Ji has said’ The present situation is that Punjab and its youth have been in slumber for the best part of 3 decades now and finally people are waking to the States plans to eliminate their culture, religion and livelihoods. Those people are asking questions and re-evaluating their positions within the state. No doubt Sikhi is going to answer many of their questions and many will become Kesadhari as direct result to recent events. Th
  10. Would your viewpoint change about ‘Deep Sidhu’ if he were to become kesadhari? Also who’s to say that he isn’t going too, the same goes for all moneh too. I look at it in two ways, the first being that some are fortunate and blessed to have been Kesadhari from birth and remained throughout. The second being that some have been moneh from day one and have grown spiritually and the kesh have blossomed as a result. Similar to a tree that has blossomed externally when fully matured a little later. Yes Kesh are very important to a Sikh but you can’t measure someone’s spirit by that alone. Let
  11. As long their agenda includes creating a Sikh homeland pretty quick pronto and providing us with the biggest ‘Scud’ filled with cow dung so that we can spiritually cleanse our neighbour then ‘I’m in!’
  12. Listen bro! Bibi Khalaras video is an opinion not fact. The opinion of many at the beginning of the morch was one of being ‘suspicious’. These are just feelings and emotions. Photos of Deep Sidhu with Sunny Deol and BJP leaders is nothing new or too alarming to jump to any conclusions. If yo follow politics you would would know that after ‘Vinod Khanna’ passed the seat for Gurdaspur became vacant. BJP needed a new candidate and Gurdaspur always did well with a celebrity political candidate so Sunny Deol was offered the ticket. Deep Sidhu being a close personal friend of the Deo
  13. All the information is out there! Deep Sidhu has personally expressed his version of the events and also credible personalities that were present at the red fort have given their account of the day. You also need to understand the events leading up to the parade towards the Red Fort especially what happened night before. The Kissan leaders knew exactly what the sentiments of the Youth were but chose to bury their heads in the sand and completely ignored the requests that were made to calm the situation. Lakha and Deep were called to the stage to intervene calm the situation as no comrades
  14. Why are you making this into a issue about their hair. We all know the importance of keeping your Kesh but we also know that it has no relevance when one sells his soul.
  15. That video on Facebook you just posted has the name ‘Balkar Dhillon’ in the background! This guy is well known communist and has an agenda. The reality of Deep Sidhu is that his great grandfather was actively involved in the freedom movement against the British. It also known that he spent time in prison with Bhagat Singh. His grandfather was imprisoned during the Punjabi Suba movement. His father and Chacha were both lawyers and fought cases for 80’s Kharkus. Whatever you may have read or heard about him, he has a solid background. Lakha and Deep are good guys and if it w
  16. Present your evidence otherwise keep your wild conspiracy theories to yourself. Anyone can post a video make claims about someone but doesn’t mean it is factual!
  17. The Chinese know everything about what’s going in India at present and what’s happened in the past. I remember recently hearing about India trying to negotiate with China about releasing land that the Chinese occupied in the last war with India. The Chinese said the land that is contested has never belonged to India and belonged to Sarkar-e-Khalsa prior to the 1947 borders. They told them we will negotiate with the rightful owners of the land when they are in a position to do so!
  18. 1. Sikhs will never fall for these false images. The Sikhs who enrol into the India Army do so for a job only, being patriotic has nothing to do with it. 2. The Chinese are far too clued up about India and it’s pathetic attempts to show Sikhs as patriots and the enemy. I mean come on does anybody even know the name of the Chinese Intelligence Agency? This shows the Chinese are not to be fooled by Indian attempts or are they to reveal there cards to the world. They know everything about what’s going on and far more sophisticated than the Indians. Even the death toll of the la
  19. She was born in India and was there during the 1980’s. She has seen first hand what happened during that that era. These things stay with survivors forever and lie dormant until a new wave or movement emerges. You can probably say the timing for Sikhs for Justice and Hardcores awakening was just right as it is for many people who are now asking for Khalistan.
  20. So if Hindus living in India in the 21st century decide to make their eldest son follow a modern faith like ‘Scientology’, would this link the two faiths? How stupid does this statement sound when you insert Scientology and yet by inserting ‘Sikhi’ you expect people to take this seriously. Religion does not have ‘DNA’ like ethnicity, so this statement sounds even more dumb when somebody throws it at you.
  21. Captain Amrinder, Ravneet Bittu, Sukhjinder Rhandawa and Bhagwan Maan and Gurdas Maan who are the new Hindustani/Punjabi poster boys. On the other side we have the Bains brothers, Sukhpal Singh Khaira, Lakha Sidhana and many music artists such as Jazzy B, Hard Kaur, Ranjit Bawa, Lehmber Hussianpuri and Yograj Singh who are supporting the Sikh/Punjabi cause. The tide is shifting towards the truth and we will see more people in due course who will join the cause.
  22. Direct action gets instant results and deters others from getting the same idea. No one is going to save you and living up to the states expectation of being labelled law abiding and peaceful, will only empower other skinny bayeh to have a go at Singhs outside of Punjab. There was a time when people used fear Sardars now you’ve got these malnourished bayeh chasing Singhs. It’s time to reclaim the image.
  23. Our Sikh brothers in states other than Punjab need to start retaliating with severe force or face being humiliated like this on a daily bases. We all saw the Nihung Singh recently who gave the Punjab Police a stern reply. The message this sends out to the rest of the skinny Indians is ‘Singhs have gone soft’. Wherever Sikhs are outnumbered outsider of Punjab, the need to form small Jathe made of young fearless Singhs who carry out punishment missions against those who are identified in the humiliation of articles of faith. Then this will stop!
  24. I’ve seen that interview! It’s not Amitabh Bachan who’s in the interview, it’s Kabir Bedi who said that. They look and sound similar. As far as the Bachan and Gandhi connections, there’s rumours that Nehru fathered Amitabh to Indira Gandhi’s best friend. To cover up the shame Nehru ended marrying Amitabhs mother to some guy they knew. It’s all over the net!
  25. ‘Langar’ before the match starts, ‘Langar’ at half-time and ‘Langar’ at the end of the match! Then our crew will ask Sita, Ram di bhain si? (was Sita, Rams sister?
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