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  1. You got some problems geezer! You shouldn’t let that playground bully that pulled your gutti affect you so much in your adult life. Get over it and move on!
  2. The future will be handled and preserved by that very group of people that ‘dallysingh’ despises and likes to knock at every opportunity. It’s the people of the soil that will and are promoting our wrestling, gym and kabaddi culture. It’s also those people who are resurrecting our culture such as breeding indigenous horses and keeping weapons.
  3. Yeh they did! Some by starching and ironing their turbans to the point they no longer resembled turbans, but more like hard hats. Some also pushed a fashion where shaving and shaping their beards whilst wearing tiny turbans became the norm and being Sabat Soorat was considered backward. Some also abandoned their motherland and replaced it by calling a African imperial colony their home. Some of them also built the first Gurdwaras exclusively to serve and be run by certain surnames. Some of their children are also championing the LGBT movement in the UK and dress like fudoos. I could go on all day but that would make me become you.
  4. It was and always has been those who are alpha that followed that line of work or gang culture. I have never seen anyone who wears skinny jeans and speaks the Queens English engage in that lifestyle. I have also never seen a Punjabi Shaheri Bhapa, Kenyan Tharkhan, Delhi and Bombay da Bhapa stand strong with any Morcha for Sikhi or Punjab. Note that I did not mention Punjabi Tharkhan Sikhs or Majbi Sikhs, because they have given there fair share of heads. It’s your struggles and the people you look up to that make you Alpha not the latter that follows ie mindless violence and the crime. Sometimes if channelled for the right reasons this can be a positive.
  5. Maybe because Jats are the only remaining group who are still actively alpha amongst the Sikh community. We could also ask why are Jats the only group to aggressively take on Delhi in the protests. You can’t knock a group of people who still possess the hot blood needed to take risks.
  6. It’s not my hang up! Remember I did not upload this post. I am just expressing my views which may or may not be right. The person that posted this post is obviously toying with the idea of using Cannabis and is looking for justification from random research which is probably carried out by a stoner. Believe me I have met many stoners that surround themselves with other stoners and go down the path of ‘confirmation bias’ and convince themselves of what they are doing is righteous. Somewhere down the line Dharam is being dragged into justifying the use. If this was so mainstream and and had no controversy attached to it, there wouldn’t even be a need justify or convince others to embrace the use. Again as someone said earlier ‘each to their own’.
  7. It was all going well until you narrowed it down to just about ‘feeling good’. I think all I can say to finish my participation in this is Nashe are bad whether it’s ‘herbal or pharma’. Nothing good comes out of temporary highs and dependency. Searching for loopholes that make someone feel justified in their actions for making themselves feel good is equally bad. If someone really wants to feel good then be a man do it off your own back use whatever is available to you. Stop discrediting Nihung Singhs and don’t narrow down the use of Shaheedi Degh to an aid for just feeling good.
  8. I agree you could kill 2 birds with one ‘stoner’. Your word not mine but I think it was a typo or perhaps it was divine intervention lol. No I’m just messing. I agree that medical use of Cannabis could have some positive uses but it’s the recreational and ritual use that I am against. Regarding pharma and side affects, you could probably find the same list of risk on the small print of ‘Paracetamol’, but I’m sure that this doesn’t pose a problem with the vast majority of people who have used it. I agree with use holistic natural remedies over the use of medicine produced in labs but one thing that should cross ones mind when taking medicine is that ‘what ailments am I trying to cure?’. I think the path of pushing Cannabis is blurry as you have stoners who just want to get high or people who genuinely want to make use of it's medicinal benefits. I am not sure that the young Singhs that are pulled towards Shaheedi Deg are doing it for the right reasons. I’m particularly talking about western Nihung Singhs who I feel are more style over substance.
  9. Bro I think eradicating hunger and homelessness has nothing to do with this topic especially when title for this topic is ‘Cannabis vs Alcohol’. You do not need to Einstein to figure out what elements of Cannabis the poster is trying to compare.
  10. We live in the 21st Century! Nihung Singhs bana is made from cotton as it always was. Nihung Singhs to this day do not use hemp for dietary needs. Nihung Singhs do not live in houses made from hemp. Marijuana also carries the risk of triggering one the worst diseases ‘schizophrenia’ losing your mind. This disease is no good for any Tyar bey Tyar Singh. The biggest ninda is when you make rituals out practices that were a part of our glorious warriors day to day life. Indulging in these practices when one not living the life of Nihung Singh is ninda.
  11. I have personally never seen any young Nihung Singh excel from using Cannabis but you can’t take my personal encounters and discount anybody’s medical findings regarding the use. The same should apply to you when you make claims about your encounter with schizophrenia. The fact is that Cannabis does have a link to psychosis and schizophrenia and this is backed up by research. Regarding modern pharma and negative affects, this is too deep to even converse on. I do know that when Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj was injured from a wound inflicted by a dagger, a European Surgeon was given the task to tend the wound. For that time you could say that this was the use of modern medical practice. I also know that Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj also possessed modern weapons. This tells us that our Guru was in favour of modern warfare as well as modern medical practices. So my question to you is why are you afraid of modern medicine and why are you on the path to making a ritual of preserving something that was used for specific scenarios of the time.
  12. Could you elaborate what bimaari is that you are trying to medicate? Also can you reference where it is written that hemp and marijuana are a ‘gift from god’. I’d also like to ask if the benefits can out way risks of triggering schizophrenia and also what is there a need for it, if it carries a social stigma when you can easily get your hands on modern pharmaceutical medicine which can cure or treat ailments. Also understand that I am not knocking you for promoting its use, but I just want understand what it is within Jhatka meat and Cannabis that so many young Singhs are searching for? What does one lack in day to day functioning if you refrain from these. Also does one become a better Sikh for using it. Also does a Nihung Singh that refrains from meat and cannabis no longer become a Nihung Singh if he refrains from these.
  13. You should rephrase your heading and conduct research regarding Alcohol/Cannabis vs Milk/Water? The findings would better illustrate the benefits of day to day life between people who use and do not use.
  14. As per my understanding which might be incorrect, I always thought the wood used is from dead branches as they are dry and cured perfect for firewood. The trees are still living as whole living trees are not felled. Even if they are alive and dead branches from the trees are used, then they are still gathering kamai later for their liberation. The same could be applied to the ingredients used for the preparation of Langar.
  15. Bro if you remember the 80’s you will have picture in your mind where everyone was pretty much Monah. I remember men being carried out blind drunk out of weddings all the time. I must admit there was more ‘bhaichara’ amongst people, but boy they were shameless when It came down to drinking culture. Now fast forward to present time you see less people getting blind drunk at weddings but admittedly women are now drinking in the open. You also se so many Dumala wearing Singhs and Singhnia which never seen 30 years back. All is not lost, if anything we are moving forward positively. Chardikala vich rehna sikh!
  16. Really good art! So much symbolism going on in the composition. I like that the baaj is being given water out of a sarbloh utensil. I can also see that Guru Sahib is dressed in regal attire yet sitting crossed legged to symbolise humility and close to hand is Guru Sahibs Shastar. Bhagti and Shakti both working in harmony. Also I can also see the historical relic the ‘Ganga Sagar’ in the composition. Art doesn’t necessarily lead to idol worship and can be used powerfully in portraying history.
  17. The true reality of what happened in the ‘Eighties’ has only surfaced in the last decade and that’s once perpetrators have started to blow the whistle. There was a very small element of Kharku’s that joined the Khalistan Movement to create a separate state. Most were pushed into the movement because of personal loss and first hand treatment by the security forces. The truth is civilian Singhs were being hunted and joined the movement to fight against the state murder squads. Khalistan movement was born from the state sponsored genocide. The Kharkus had full support from villagers in the early stages but the security forces targeted ordinary villagers via torture, extortion ,rape and murder and soon the support turned to resentment for the Kharkus. All of this documented interviews and biographies from the state machinery that was involved. Times are somewhat different now as communication channels are much better in the world and diaspora Sikhs are in a much stronger position than the eighties. Nobody wants a violent separation and it doesn’t need to be either but for this to happen we have stay disciplined and stay united. We have proved to the wider world what a powerful asset Sikhs are to the world community and all we need to do now is make sure our voices are heard in the right places.
  18. The destination is the most important and to be honest if they want to assist then so be it. To be honest I don’t think there in any position to do anything as they are broke and fighting for their own survival. No difference in human rights violations and corruption than all other South Asian so called democracies. If anything the region needs a new ‘Nation’ that could be a shining beacon to shame other countries to lift their game. We could easily fill that void and maybe that what the plan is!
  19. Being a ‘Mona’ is not a ethnicity neither is it genetic, on the contrary having unshorn hair is part of our DNA. We can’t lump a group based upon their hairstyles together and tar them with the same brush. To be honest if your a ‘fudhoo’ you will think and behave like one whether you have unshorn or shorn hair. Those same people that laugh at beards are the same people who helped beard care product start-ups become multi-millionaires when long beards became the must have fashion style. Wake up and look at the real world around you, not just the virtual one. People are becoming aligned with Sikhi whether it’s subconsciously or consciously. People around the world are becoming vegetarians and vegans, youngsters are moving away from alcohol/drugs, women are embracing natural beauty, women are becoming empowered, men are shunning the clean shaven look, people are concerned about their environment and people are becoming spiritual. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? And meanwhile we are still pushing and passing the same arguments!
  20. I understand and share your frustration and I’m don’t think it is always wrong to shame someone to wake them up. ‘I also agee with everything that Sant Ji has said’ The present situation is that Punjab and its youth have been in slumber for the best part of 3 decades now and finally people are waking to the States plans to eliminate their culture, religion and livelihoods. Those people are asking questions and re-evaluating their positions within the state. No doubt Sikhi is going to answer many of their questions and many will become Kesadhari as direct result to recent events. The backdrop is very similar to the 80’s, Sant Ji was seeing a generation that was in slumber and needed waking up. Sant had the personality to insult them at the same time embrace them as their children. He was like a father looking after his children and him scolding his children to do the right thing can never be questioned. Fast forward to present times. We have the same backdrop and we have the same hunger to take on the State but we do not have a Leader on the level of Sant Ji. We have some personalities that are coming forward and no doubt many have been planted and many will doubted. If we shoot down all the potential Leaders such as Deep Sidhu and Lakha Sidhana, then we are in danger of deterring any future Leadership that could prove to be the only voice that looks after Sikh interests . Only time will tell but we need to give people a chance and we need to stay united. Lastly I’d like to add Sant Ji also said ‘that our people should not engage in a bharaa Marroo Jangh’. Let’s not fight between ourselves.
  21. Would your viewpoint change about ‘Deep Sidhu’ if he were to become kesadhari? Also who’s to say that he isn’t going too, the same goes for all moneh too. I look at it in two ways, the first being that some are fortunate and blessed to have been Kesadhari from birth and remained throughout. The second being that some have been moneh from day one and have grown spiritually and the kesh have blossomed as a result. Similar to a tree that has blossomed externally when fully matured a little later. Yes Kesh are very important to a Sikh but you can’t measure someone’s spirit by that alone. Let the ones who are not blessed with Kesh to blossom when they are ready. Don’t push them away!
  22. As long their agenda includes creating a Sikh homeland pretty quick pronto and providing us with the biggest ‘Scud’ filled with cow dung so that we can spiritually cleanse our neighbour then ‘I’m in!’
  23. Listen bro! Bibi Khalaras video is an opinion not fact. The opinion of many at the beginning of the morch was one of being ‘suspicious’. These are just feelings and emotions. Photos of Deep Sidhu with Sunny Deol and BJP leaders is nothing new or too alarming to jump to any conclusions. If yo follow politics you would would know that after ‘Vinod Khanna’ passed the seat for Gurdaspur became vacant. BJP needed a new candidate and Gurdaspur always did well with a celebrity political candidate so Sunny Deol was offered the ticket. Deep Sidhu being a close personal friend of the Deols at the time helped Sunny Deol for his election campaign. The photos with Modi and Amit Shah were obviously going to surface as it was part of the campaign. Had Sunny Deol been given a Congress ticket then photos would have had Captain Amrinder, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. These Photos wouldn’t even exist if Sunny Deol was not given the BJP ticket.
  24. All the information is out there! Deep Sidhu has personally expressed his version of the events and also credible personalities that were present at the red fort have given their account of the day. You also need to understand the events leading up to the parade towards the Red Fort especially what happened night before. The Kissan leaders knew exactly what the sentiments of the Youth were but chose to bury their heads in the sand and completely ignored the requests that were made to calm the situation. Lakha and Deep were called to the stage to intervene calm the situation as no comrades were to be seen. Had it not been for them the Youth were ready to march towards Delhi right there and then. Don’t you think it was premature for Rajewal to single out Deep Sidhu without a complete investigation into the matter. The truth is the Comrades Sh4t themselves and shifted the blame to avoid charges on themselves as they were the ones who were completely responsible for not directing, calming and leading the youth the night before. What was the need for such quick blame before knowing the facts. Weak leadership is the cause for this and usual traits of old men alienating the youth is at play here.
  25. Why are you making this into a issue about their hair. We all know the importance of keeping your Kesh but we also know that it has no relevance when one sells his soul.
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