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  1. Simple diets identical from region to region in Punjab. Farmers diets comprising of Lassi, gur (molasses), daal, saag, youghart, bajraa, makkai, seasonal root veg and not forgetting makhan. Sad thing is that this kind of food is only seen at novelty ‘virsaa’ menus at Punjabi Rosoi dhabas, fat shehri’s on nights out dining. Pendu kids are more interested in burgers, pizza and noodles. Big strong Punjabis Sardars are fading fast with ‘lazy skinny short kanjar hairdoos!
  2. The myth of ‘meat based diets’ equating to strong physical forms is something of a modern concept. The Roman Gladiators were the prized MMA fighters of the ancient era and were probably the earliest of the sponsored combatants. These Gladiators were provided with the best training and nutrition and their diets were ‘plant based’. In fact there was a short time when they were forced to eat a meat based diet, but they refused to do so believing they would be weakened due to lack of nutrients. They resorted to going on a hunger strike and refusing to participate in Gladiatorial sports, until
  3. Oh Ok! Koi gal nehin, rab moderatoraan da bhalla kareh.
  4. Good stuff! It’s funny how so many people still allow their taste buds to completely block the facts which are presented to them regarding meat industry. They go to extents such quoting bani to justify their choice of diet. Deep down everyone knows what is the right stance to take on meat, but the weakness to fall to their desires can overpower any rational thought.
  5. I tried replying to a post a few days ago but all the text appeared in red and was not showing up as being posted until quite a while later. Also I got some notifications for few replies to a post I made and I can not view the content of the replies. Not sure what’s going. Maybe the mods have blocked the contents or maybe they put restrictions on my account.
  6. Why am I not able to post or view notifications?
  7. Complete B.S! You really think Neki that haraamda is a reliable source for information? Shinda was released from prison to do a hit on Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, but soiled his pants when he realised he would never be able to escape alive. Only then did Baljeet and Shinda abandon their initial plan and decide to target Surinder Singh Sodhi, through deception by calling him to the Sindhi Hotel. And yes Surinder Singh Sodhi and Shinda were known to each other, this was precisely why Shinda was handpicked to infiltrate the Jatha and assassinate a leading figure. Neki is a RSS Ka
  8. To get a full understanding of the recent events regarding the attack on Nankana Sahib, you need to have look at the ground reality in Pakistan. You have 4 entities at play in Pakistan which are the Government, ISI, Mullas and the Public. The present Government has shown an willingness to accommodate Sikhs in Pakistan and have gone above and beyond of what is expected of them with their hospitality. The ISI has no interest in rocking the boat with Sikhs as there stand is ‘whoever is a enemy of India is a friend of Pakistan’. The Mullas are at war with the Government of Pakistan and a
  9. This is just another stupid move from the Bhamans in Delhi. They are showing the world how intolerant and uneducated they really are. Surely someone would have told them there are Political Asylum Laws, which are already in place that protect people from persecution from the countries they have fled. Political Asylum covers all levels of threat whether that be religious persecution, threat from the state, threat from family disputes or threat from everyday Joe Bloggs. These threats are also applicable to Muslims whether they live in Muslim countries or not. So how on earth are the Muslims
  10. The question I need you to answer is why would you need to open a thread based upon massaging your own ego regarding how far up the ladder you view yourself in the Class system. The reason why I ask this is because surely know this is a Sikh Forum which promotes Sikh values, Panthic Ekta and hopefully brings people closer to Sikhi. So why would you brag about your own social status in a Western system, that does the complete opposite by dividing people and makes them egotistical in the process?
  11. I did so deliberately! Hardship can fall upon anyone, it’s not exclusive to any of the man made classes, I don’t view this as people who need to be labeled or viewed upon as ‘Low’. I refuse to use those words to describe peoples individual circumstances that have led them to seek benefits, being unemployed or ending up on streets. This can happen to anyone at any given time. I don’t associate myself with Hindu caste system or the Western class system. I don’t judge people by their possessions or their ability to articulate their words and I certainly do not belittle people based on th
  12. Excellent post. Brilliantly put together! My personal view based upon my own interactions with people who live up to these man made classes are as follows: Upper Class - People born into a system that generally favours them in all walks of life. They do appreciate people who work hard and generally enjoy breaking free once in while to let off some steam to escape the pressures which they have been groomed for. Their worst traits are generally ingrained into them as they have very little interaction outside their own class. Money isn’t really an issue and neither is the need to fl
  13. We will always be indebted to the Seva that Bhai Surinder Singh Sodhi did for us during the Dharam Yudh Morcha. His Star will always shine and his name will a have a special place when Khalsa Raj will be established in Punjab!
  14. The lady who fired the first shot into Bhai Sodhi ran to talk to Sant Ji and presented a fabricated story to the lead up to the murder of Bhai Sodhi. The Singhs in the Jatha interrogated the women until she confessed the entire plan and was killed and her body was disposed of on the highway to send out a message. Shinda the man who fired the remainder of the rounds into Bhai Sodhi, by now had escaped and was making his way to leave Amritsar via a vehicle. A board was placed outside Mehta Chowk Gurdwara with message of ‘within 24 hours the murderers of Bhai Sodhi should be brought to ju
  15. I stand by my view regarding Master Tara Singh! Read ‘Betrayal of the Sikh Nation’ by author Ram Singh. This view is not just something that came about post Partition. I remember reading somewhere, the same view was held with many prominent Sikhs of the time where they questioned Master Tara Singhs authenticity of even being a Sikh by challenging him to eat ‘Beef’ to prove he was not a Hindu. He declined to eat it.
  16. He was a stooge! Hindu convert to Sikhi who was planted to make sure the demand for a Sikh country was quickly abandoned once the British dismissed it as not practical. He was also one the figures who turned away Dr Ambedkars call for Dalits to convert to Sikhi, before he eventually decided to move towards Buddhism. These could be seen as mistakes by the Sikhs but many including me view them as deliberate attempts to weaken Sikhs.
  17. They see the teachings of our Gurus as the biggest threat to their corrupt oppressive Western way of life. From the early days when the British arrived in Hind they were plotting on how they would dismantle the Sikh Empire. When they annexed the Sikh Kingdom they were hell bent on destroying our religious institutions. In 1947 they deliberately partitioned the Punjab and made sure the Sikh were trapped as weakened minorities in the newly formed India and Pakistan. In 1984 the British Government provided assistance to India to destroy the will of Sikhs by attacking the Akal Takht and elimin
  18. What else is expected from this level of Besharampuna! I mean you have age restrictions together with bouncers keeping an eye on people getting too tipsy in nightclubs, but this doesn’t apply to Punjabi wedding receptions. Alcohol flows freely, children are welcome, music is blasted, drugs are taken in toilets, under aged drinking takes place and the dance floor resembles a Nightclub that is modelled on the ‘Blue Oyster Club’. Tacky to the next level!
  19. The vast majority of the world eats a ‘meat’ based diet and that goes for the majority of faiths too. Their actions are a far contrast to what ‘Lions’ do, more in line with ‘dog’s really. Diet has nothing to do with being like ‘Lions and Hawks’.
  20. We can preserve and make copies of the scripture, but we are losing the battle with cloning our people from the past. For now 35 years have passed and we still have not been able to identify a leader who can steer us towards our destination.
  21. It all starts to make sense now with the destruction of Bhagat Ravi Das Mandhir, Gyan Godhri and Kar Seva Babeh destroying historical buildings etc. Also note that whilst the destruction of minority historical religious places is being carried out, there has not been any construction of Hindu Mandirs. This is something you would have expected on top of the agenda for an Hindu Fundamentalist organisation.
  22. Well noted! During the 80’s Indira Ghandi pushed for depopulation of India via mass forced sterilisations in camps on the streets. This could be seen as a testing phase for things to come in the future.
  23. At one point the Mafia were controlling Bollywood and Bal Thakre also had a lot of influence in the Industry. Recent decisions taken by Film and Arts associations over banning Artists such as Mika Singh from working in Bollywood, beacuse doing performances in Pakistan suggest that BJP/RSS are controlling the Industry.
  24. With the RSS having their tentacles in almost all Indian institutions whether it be religious, political, media, education, film, music etc etc. Why have they pushed for the complete failure of their fundamental preservation of Indian culture. Bollywood has become a westernised wh0re, music is moving towards western beat and promotion of promiscuous behaviour, ancient culture has been replaced again by a new foreign degenerative western culture. This is replicated in all the States inside India including Punjab. I have been aware of Secret Societies such as the Masons and the larger Il
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