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  1. As most of you are probably aware of the recent protests against Gurdas Maan in Canada and now spreading to the Punjab. All of this because of Gurdas Maans controversial support of BJP’s vision for India to become a Hindi speaking nation. People are feeling betrayed, as for years Gurdas Maan was seen to be pushing for Punjabiat through his songs and accumulated vast wealth in the process, although some of us were already aware of the negative influence of his songs on the youth of Punjab. His association with KPS Gill (the butcher) is well known but this has not tarnished his Demi-God
  2. This has already been covered with the response I posted earlier about the use of Afeem (Opium) during the late 80’s to early 90’s. Those Singhs are also Shaheeds now. This does not endorse the use of Narcotics in war. Personal choice for the situation at the time. Also remember not all Shaheeds have reached Brahm-Gyani status and to expect them all to have highest Jeevan is not right.
  3. Yeh me too! Afroman for the ‘Jathedar of the Bhangi Dal’. This guy definitely has no deficiencies of Exogenous Cannabinoids.
  4. I don’t see how you see this practice as a part of our ancestral history. What I chose to do independently outside of Sikhi cannot be associated with Sikhi practices. Similar as to how dietary influence is largely down to the landscape and culture of the region you belong to. The same is for narcotics which are largely taken due to cultural influence and availability to the region. Just because I eat potato chips in England this does not mean my future generations should adopt this, and somehow associate this with my religious identity. Your cultural practices can be altered, discarded and
  5. 100 or so years from now, historical observations from the late 80’s and early 90’s armed resistance of Khalistan Guerrilla Fighters is going to be examined and debated upon. They will find some of the Guerrilla fighters used Afeem (Opium) to help them stay alert and fight fatigue during the harsh times when they were being hunted or carrying out missions. Examining this through the present we can say that by no means was ‘Afeem’ a part of their Rehit Marayada, or were they encouraged or given exemption by the Jathedar of Akal Takhat to do so. They did this because they simply chose to do
  6. Correct! This was well planned to cause maximum destruction. Captain was used to bait Khalsa Aid by calling NRI NGO’s out as Khalistanis. They are trying to intimidate Sikh NGO’s from doing any relief work or anything that benefits the people of Punjab. This is what you call cruelty to the next level. This act should be treated as a war crime against the Punjab and Captain, Modi, Shah and Bhagwat should be dragged before the UN.
  7. Simranjit Singh Maan also has the same family background. His maternal grandfather (Naana) presented the keys of Harmandir Sahib to the British. Simranjit Singh Maan also shares the same in-laws as Captain Arminder, they are Saandus. To understands how this game has played out in the hands of these families, you need to look back at the creation of India and Pakistan. Freedom was not won through a war with the British Empire, the British Empire decided to abandon their campaign in India/Pak and handed over the administration to the families which were most loyal to the crown (sellouts/
  8. The Badal Family too! The 1923 Jaito Morcha against the removal of the then Sikh rulers by the British. Parkash Singh Badal's paternal and maternal grandfathers tried to poison the langar at Abul Khurana village during that time at the orders of the British. The Badals received 400 acres from the British for this act as an reward for their loyalty.
  9. Reading and listening is the starting point, so it plays a massive part in ones life. Repeating this daily will at some point start to sink in and understanding will naturally come with this. I once heard Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale say that even if you do not understand the Mool Mantar, keep listening and recite it and at some point you will start understanding more clearly.
  10. And this ‘Captain 5 Bellies Patiala’ has the audacity to point fingers at NRI’s for being anti-Indian! This haraam daa jhotaa has treacherous blood running through his humongous blubber. They all do Badal, Majitha and clan especially! These families have betrayed Sikhs, they sided with the British to derail Indian Independence, yet they have presented themselves as being Patriotic Indians. You can’t make this sh!t up!
  11. Khalistan Zindabad! The job of these Punjab Aristocratic dogs is to discredit any Sikh/Panthic organisation by lumping them to the name Khalistani. The Indian/Brahmins have carefully placed puppets in Punjab who’s sole purpose is to stall any progress in Punjab and to shut down any rightful discussion about Self Autonomy. The word ‘Khalistan’ has been high jacked by the Brahmins and is used as a weapon for character assassination. They own the media and have brainwashed the Indians in to believing, ‘Khalistan’ is the boogeyman. They have presented this viewpoint to the world and have
  12. The people of Punjab are ready! This act of aggression from the Brahmin Government is going create more resentment than any parcahar would otherwise have done. The Brahmins have just started the breaking up of their homeland with their own bare hands.
  13. Sikhi will not die! The faith was not created by ordinary souls. People are fully aware of their fate in India, but still have horrific memories of the years that followed 1984. When the time comes for making a decision for the futures of Punjab, their anguish will pour out far stronger than water that was released from Bhakra. You can only antagonise someone for so long until they hit a breaking point.
  14. So what’s the solution? Something that very few people on this forum are brave enough to whisper! Keep living your lives as slaves and make sure you never talk about what has been happening to Guru Nanaks Sikhi from the very beginning to this day. Time to pick your side!
  15. Simple answer ‘YES’ If the act of terror is committed to suppress a community based on the religious lines and to further ones own religious agenda, then ‘yes’ I would attach their religious identity to ‘terrorist’. So ‘Hindu Terrorist’ is the only term that should be used to describe the RSS/BJP Hindu fascists that are pushing for a Hindutva state where minorities are killed and oppressed in the persuit of a Hindu Nationalist State. Stop bashing minorities and and defending Hindus. Looks like you have sympathy for them!
  16. In the last 2 weeks we have seen Hindu Terrorists put boots on the ground in Kashmir and reduce those inhabitants to living their lives within an open prison, looking at the end of barrel. We have seen the same Facist Regime destroy a 600 year old Bhagat Ravidas Mandir and lastly witnessed the deliberate flooding of Punjab via the Bhakra Dam, to punish the the only state that stood up to the oppression the Indian government has committed. I haven’t seen you start a thread about these issues which are real ones that affect the lives of Sikhs in Punjab. To me the crime that girl has committed
  17. I have been reading some the posts over the last week and all I have seen is the constant squabbling and negative judgemental attitude towards each other. Whether we like like it or not we are a community made up of people from all walks of lives. Our temperaments are different, some hot and some cold. Some of us want to do things for now and some for longer term goals. Some want to take a militant approach and some diplomatic. This is not unique to us this has been the case for all communities trying achieve goals in a struggle. Malcom X’s ideology was different from Martin Luther
  18. Hardly the crime of the century! Definitely not worth starting a debate over. Considering we have professionals, labourers, business people and all types of people representing our community, it’s hardly shocking that we are going have a few criminals amongst us. What’s the big deal?
  19. I’ve been quietly observing this topic for a few a days. All I can make out is some youngsters threw milkshake at a fellow Sikh and now this is being treated like this is an excommunication offence for the leading man of the organisation. C’mon get over it and grow up! Squabbles and bust ups are part of growing, so just dust yourselves off and move on. Quit being snowflakes and grow a thicker skin. Six pages of crying over ‘spilt milk’ (literally).
  20. This forum and countless forums are littered with Hindu RSS Agents. They are infiltrating multiple Sikh platforms whether they be online or in the physical world. Call them out challenge their lies with factual information. If you encounter one in the real world, give them ‘Chittar Parade’ that will make their future generations chant ‘Khalistan Zindabad’ into the 22nd century.
  21. Great step taken by Gurpatwant Singh Pannu to finally revive the Khalistan Independence issue by pushing forward the Punjab Referendum 2020 campaign. Hope this brings peace to this area and ends the killing of so many innocent Sikhs lives. India has to behave now and stop interfering and stop providing moral and military support to the Hindu terrorists.
  22. Fantastic post! The kind of thoughts that should automatically enter every Sikhs mind unless of course they have been infected by ‘Brahminsm’ (ie Mad Cow Disease)!
  23. 1. The Referendum has been organised by ‘Sikhs For Justice’ who are a Human Rights Organisation made up of ‘Lawyers’ based in America. The group is led by Gurpatwant Singh Pannu who ‘Yes’ is a Lawyer, so that answers your question. 2. Politicians can only be selected once the ‘Independent Sikh Homeland’ comes into existence and the formation of any Government are questions that should be answered once this becomes a reality. Remember India prior to Independence never had any Political Candidates, Structure or Experience of running a country, so this question should not arise with Refer
  24. Harry Baweja had a dream from his early days in film making that he wished to make a movie to tell the story of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s ‘Chaar Sahibzade’ to the audience in India and the wider diaspora. He took his project to many Producers but was knocked back by all them and was discouraged from making the movie which they said was too risky to finance. After numerous setbacks Harry Baweja took the project to ‘Ponty Chada’ a well known smuggler in Punjab. Ponty Chada agreed to finance the Movie without hesitation as he felt this would be a great Seva to his Faith and single handily put up
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