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  1. The handalis and the kabir panthis did corrupt the original janamsakhi and that is why kavi santokh singh ji created the sri nanak parkash. Mehrban was from the minas who held Guru Nanak DEv Ji in high esteem as you can see in his janam sakhi. They refer the Guru to parmeshwar in a sargun form. The Mehrban, Chartarbhuji and Hari Ji janam sakhis show no degredation to guru nanak dev ji but are degrading to guru arjan dev ji. The handalis were originally sikhs of the third guru but later in the lineage became corrupt.
  2. I have three recordings from Nanaksar That, will put them on gurmatveechar soon
  3. I love that last photo, Sant ji lived such a simple life away from the torment of Maya
  4. There are three avasthas according to Sikhi, Jeevan Mukat, Bedeh Mukat and Keval Mukti
  5. thats great, any more parts, I will rip the audio and put it on gurmat veechar
  6. I have spoken to a number of Kabir Panthis and even the head Mahant does not believe this, this is some radical self proclaimed kabir panthi. Kabir Panthis have a lot of respect for Sikhs but accept they are a seperate faith to them and the only common link is the reverance of Bhagat Ji.
  7. GIani Ji are coming to Englad next month so more recordings will be coming soon
  8. Bhai Mani Singh Ji's Samparda is still running today it has been split into may branches like Baba Deep Singh Ji's Upsamparda. Sant Makhan SIngh Ji is the head of Sato Gali, Sant Gazhab Singh Ji is the head of Sewapanthi Ashram. Sant Surjit Singh Ji used to be at Sewapanthi Ashram but have passed away in the last few years, they were of a very high gurmukh avastha
  9. Its a shame I am working or I would have loved to attend. I know I aske every year and I get no reply but will there be any recordings this year that will go up on the net?
  10. This is a great bit of seva, are recordings being made?
  11. Added yesterday to the site were another 54 mp3s of Katha by Bhai Pinderpal Singh More coming soon
  12. Chanak Raajneeti was written around 2000 years ago Sarkutavali was written by Pandit hardayal who was linked to Guru Amardas Ji's lineage Bhavrasamrit was by Pandit Gulab Singh Nirmala Vichar Mala by Anath Das Udasi Vairag Shatak by Bharthari who was one of the Sidhs who met Sri Guru NanakDev Ji Parbodh Chandar Natak by Pandit Gulab Singh Nirmala Adhiatam Parkash by Pandit Sukhdev Singh Nirmala Birti Parbhakar by Pandit Nischal Das Vichar Sagar by Pandit Nischal Das only three of the granths are by the nirmalas. All apart from Birti Parbhakar can be found in gurmukhi
  13. No they are taught before you start any gurbani, they are your foundation to understanding gurbani, they dont effect the arths but are the foundations fr it. They are your early schooling. It is the same as if you ever wanted to do a degree you need your years of schooling before to understand the details to something like astronominal aeronuticals or quantam gravity physics. The Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the most difficult of any granth as it is easy to read but the meanings are an endless ocean and without the necessary pre education you cant fully comprehend the teachings in either Gurbani or Ithaas.
  14. I will try to get hold of it I will try to get hold of it
  15. Thank you, this is brilliant, do you mind if i put some of these up on gurmatveechar?
  16. The nine granths are Chanaka Raajneeti Sarkutavali Bhavrasamrit Vichar Mala Vairag Shatak Parbodh Chandar Natak Adhiatam Parkash Birti Parbhakar Vichar Sagar These are only taught in Bhindra now all this vidiya has not existed at Mehta since Sant Jarnail Singh Ji stopped teching during the Dharam Yudh Morcha. Thse granths are needed as the basis to understand gurbani then further work can be done by learning the Vedant Paribhasha, Upnishads, Moksh Panth Parkash, Adhyatam Parkash, etc Only after these are studied should you start on the gazals of bhai nand lal and the works of Bhai Gurdas Ji. Giani Harbhajan Singh Ji Dhudhike Wale and Baba Hari Singh Ji Randhawe Wale are possibly the best ustaads at the moment for all these granths as many of the other ustaads have only worked up to vichar sagar and not even heard of the birti parbhakar.
  17. Added a few days ago were around 85 mp3 Kathas by Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowalae More to follow soon
  18. Added recently to the site audio Katha and Keertan by the following; Bhai Avtar Singh Ji Badni Kalan wale Baba Gurdev Singh Ji Nanaksar Wale More to follow soon
  19. Added today, a number of Katha Divans by Sant Lakhbir Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib Wale More to follow soon
  20. Quick post to let the sangat know that Sant Hardev Singh Ji Lulo Wale are currently inLeicester and doing katha at Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara in Leicester
  21. Added over the last few days over 150 MP3s of Katha by Baba Hardev Singh Ji Lulo Wale has been added to the site. More to follow soon
  22. Added today. the Salok Mahalla Nauvan and Sri Raagmala Katha by Sant Hari Singh Ji Randhawe Wale from Singh Sabha Malton. Well worth listening to and it is over two hours long and full of bairaag. Enjoy
  23. Tha Katha from last night is up in MP3 on www.GurmatVeechar.com and is over 2 hours long Added today. the Salok Mahalla Nauvan and Sri Raagmala Katha by Sant Hari Singh Ji Randhawe Wale from Singh Sabha Malton. Well worth listening to and it is over two hours long and full of bairaag. Enjoy
  24. Added overnight are a large number of MP3s of Katha by Giani Jaswant Singh Parwana More to follow soon
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