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  1. The gurus were definitely not Akal Purakh themselves...where does it ever say that they were? If that was true than Sikhs not worship them?
  2. Waheguru Ji is the same as Guru Granth Sahib Ji? Where did u get this from. If that was true, then the 10 guru must have also been the same as Waheguru Ji. Then why did we not worship them? Because they explicitly told us they were not Akal Purakh. Wahegurus Jot is found in each of the Gurus, but don't say they are the same, because they are not
  3. hello, has anyone used either sikhstuff.com or gosikh.com to buy anything lately? I want to buy some mal mal for my dhamala, but I've heard some bad things about sikhstuff, namely that they take forever to ship, they dont respond to inquiries, etc. But gosikh only sells mal mal at a max of 8 meters, whereas at sikhstuff, you get 10 meters for better value any advice would be much appreciated.
  4. if they never see the kakkars...then they can't ask you to remove them
  5. ^i thought there was 4 elements. What is the difference between air and sky?
  6. I'm sure there are several good ones, but no one knows that they are Sikhs because they all just cut their hair. The same goes for all areas of life. Go on a list of famous Sikhs on wikipedia. There are some extremely well known people, but like 80% of them are moneh
  7. Growing up in the US I was also confused as to who he really was. Some People in gurdwara loved him and others were. Ambivalent. What you have to know is history is written by the victors, and, as much as I hate to admit it, India won in the 80's. After reading mug about him and listening to his speeches, it instantly became clear to me that Bhindranwale Ji ea a great man, doing great things for Sikhi. Yes, he made some controversial decisions by staying in the Akal Takht, but everything he did he did for Sikhi. Operation Blue Star wasn't really an operation against Bhinranwale as the government wants u to believe. They entered Darbar Sahib not to kill a man, but to crush the very spirit of Sikhi. They have made Bhindranwale into a monster to justify it. Did you know he ate langar on the roof of a building every day, with clear space around him, where a sniper could have easily taken him out? Bhindranwale was a great man. Do some reading on Sikhi from independent sources and you will see
  8. Get a thin Kara and put a sweatband on it. Keep your kirpan under your shirt or get a small pocket sewn Into your shorts and put it in there. Kachera I don't see what the problem is with them...nor with a kanga
  9. Hey, how deep does this law go? I'm goin to India soon by way of Paris, and I won't be forced to remove my dastaar will I?
  10. Did I say it was ok to sit with your back toward Sri Guru Granth Sahib? Read my first post, where I explicitly agreed with you in this matter. Sachseeker pointed out the Sakhi, and you said, Sikhs are spreading misinformation, which I took to mean that you disagreed with this Sakhi/ thought it was false. I was debating THAT
  11. Veerji/bhenji please forgive me if I misunderstood. You said that "educated Sikhs were spreading misinformation" Sachseeker said that no matter where u sit your back is towards God. I thought for some reason you were disagreeing with this, I'm very sorry that I had misread. Also, Beginner, did I say that Mecca was greater? Guru Nanak Ji used Mecca to support his claim, not me.
  12. ^^i agree with you that in a Darbar that no one should have their back to guru Granth sahib. But why are u saying that that guy is saying that that guy is spreading misinformation in Sikhi? Are u saying that Guru Nanak dev Ji was wrong? I was once in Harmindar sahib and one man was sitting on the parkima with his feet towards Harmindar sahib, and another person got really angry at him. Didn't Guru Nanak Ji fight against this very thing? What is your argument against that?
  13. Umm...I think you can take it off, because u are not inside Harmindar sahib, then just retie it. I've seen other people take it off. Then just dry hair as best u can with a towel and put it back on
  14. 1. Go to Darbar Sahib 2. Take off clothes to go into Sarover(except kachchhera lol) 3. Open Jura 4. Do kesh ishmaan 5. Dry hair Chaupai sahib 1. Wake up early around 3-4 2. Go to Harmindar Sahib 3. Wait until Chaupai Sahib starts 4. Do Chaupai Sahib It's all quite easy
  15. Will you guys be selling mal-mal cloth for dhamalas? I Live in US so it's hard to find them online for a good price because of shipping. Hoping yours will be cheaper!
  16. This needs to end. Alkali Dal doesn't have the right to call themselves "Akali". They are an embarrassment to Sikhi. Badal needs to go, and he needs to go now. It wouldn't surprise me if some of the congress people are secretly backing him...he seems intent on destroying Sikhi from within
  17. This is actually sort of embarrassing. These Singhs are harming themselves, their body-temple, where Maharaj resides, for some money. This is not what Sikhi is about at all. These guys have another video up of them on India's got Talent of them doing Gatka, which is actually quite good. But this...what is this?
  18. I agree, Sikhs should start martial arts again. Whatever it may be, mma, taw Kwan do, Kali, etc. anything that will allow us to protect our dharam. Additionally, we need to start re-tying dhamalas. The Patiala style dastaar is too easy to take off. How are Sikhs going to defend themselves when they can't even keep a turban on their head when the time comes to fight?
  19. Sat Sri Akal, I am the original poster, deleted my account by mistake. Thanks for your reply veerji
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