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  1. ^The King of Attitude has returned!
  2. haha wow really? Didn't expect that to actually happen. Sweet
  3. Mods bring back West London Singh! Btw how's your thesis going?
  4. Buddhism is something that I wouldn't even really consider a religion, as there is no concept of God at all. it is more of a way of life. In my opinion, Being a Sikh has Buddhism included in it
  5. Just an interesting point, except for the bible there is no evidence at all to suggest Jews were ever in Egypt
  6. Man why are you being so aggressive. I had my doubts too but kept them in. There's no use starting a long <banned word filter activated> argument thread that will end in people getting banned like Auzer's thread did
  7. No one claimed that this was Kirtan (which by the way is not specific to Sikhs, it is a general term) and I don't think anyone does think it is Gurbani Kirtan. They're just singing some songs
  8. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sang Gurbani. Don't see anyone complaining about him
  9. please do not try to equate Sikhi with Islam. Not nearly the same. Not to mention that this "dress code" is not similar at all
  10. Anand Karaj cannot take place between Sikh and non-Sikh. Perhaps he knows this and this is the reason. But you need to talk to him about this, nothing we say will matter much, it is what he says that is important
  11. Man saying that he asked questions like Guru Nanak Dev Ji is not the same as putting himself equal to him
  12. Make sure your friend is first of all doing Kirtan Sohila before sleeping before trying akhand paaths and stuff. Gotta do the basics before going to the top
  13. well veerji I don't want to sound higher than thou, or for you to take this the wrong way, but if you get so annoyed by his questions maybe they are best answered by someone else who isn't so irritated by him
  14. Man everyone is really hard on this AjeetSingh guy. He's just asking questions and trying to find a path for himself.
  15. hahaha man if you are so hungry just eat some more. Honestly though, keep your portions the same, but split them into 5-6 meals instead of 3 or whatever you have right now. Dieting shouldn't make you hungry, you should always feel full. Being hungry means that you aren't eating enough, and your body will go into "starvation mode" and you will start accumulating fat, which I am sure you don't want. KhalistanGunMan gave great advice. Eat more, train more, and get big. Also, doesn't this belong in the health/fitness section?
  16. I'm not going to say whether I agree or disagree with you...but another "solution" as you put it is diet. Hormonal Imbalances are often linked to poor diets
  17. States that are not secular inherently are intolerant of other peoples. Show me one religious state that had complete religious tolerance of all its different religions. I am pro-Khalistan, but the only way it will be a stable country is if it is a secular democracy
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