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  1. Every Sikh would be angry, but protests would take place in India, not in the west. At least here, people realize the importance of free speech, and although they would get angry, the most that would happen is maybe a petition or a small protest
  2. singher23

    pagh came off

    It is proper manners to apologize, and I would be mad if he didn't, but not to the point where I would get into an argument. If he does it again on purpose that's when you mess him up
  3. I didn't know Sant Ji had visited San Fransisco haha. But these are pretty cool
  4. singher23

    pagh came off

    Are you serious? If he and you both know it was an accident, then there is no real need to apologize, much less "drop him" (assuming that means the same thing in UK as it does here). Anyway you should have expected that i you are playing rugby in pagh. Next time tie a patka with a scrum cap on top
  5. For what it's worth, this is how I feel. In the end, it doesn't matter whether the universe was created 6000 years ago or 14 billion, whether man was created in one day or over billions. All that matters is that whatever happened, it happened because that is the way Waheguru meant it to happen *when I say doesn't matter I mean in terms of religion. Obviously science matters and it is worthwhile to know how these things happen. I am a science major after all
  6. The fact that they have allowed Sikhs to keep a turban and beard is pretty accommodating. I wish it were like that here
  7. Yeah you are addicted...basically there are two approaches 1. You stop drinking it completely. This is extrememly hard and most likely you will cave in and start drinking again. 2. You ease off. Like if you drank 3 cups a day, for the next 1 week drink 2. Then for the next 2 weeks drink 1. Then drink every other day for a while. Slowly drink less and less until you dont do it anymore. There is no reason to be in a rush to stop. Its tea, not cocaine
  8. You want to look neat? So Guru Nanak Dev ji was unclean because of his beard? Guru Gobind Singh Ji was a dirty, filthy man because of his beard?
  9. Waheguru, thats so sad. So young and they've lost their parents.
  10. What the hell is going on with this thread?? Why are posts getting deleted. Something fishy is going on here. Also, Azuer, I should be reporting you for taking this thread off topic
  11. Waheguru, thanks to all shaheeds in our history who have kept Sikhi alive. Also His t-shirt is awesome
  12. Waheguru, this was soo good to hear. Sikhs aren't just taking this lying down
  13. ^I'm with him Anyway, guns will never ever be banned in America because of history, but even small pushes for fun control will be strongly fought against
  14. Proper speech is whatever society/your community define it as. 50 years from now slang won't be slang anymore. It will be part of everyday usage
  15. In general, I don't think we should be looking at the Maharaja's for advice about Sikhi. Maharaja Ranjit Singh did many things that are not acceptable in Sikhi.
  16. Nothing more fresh than a Singh with Pugh and aviators
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