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  1. you forgot the story of 2 singhs who attacked the mughal king with ridhi sidhi to free patshahi 6vi? and how much they were scolded and how angry guru sahib were at them? did you forget the outcome of using ridhi by sahibjaada atal rai sahib ji and we all know how that went
  2. to answer that, i would say "who created gurmukhi" your answer lays in that questions answer
  3. 1st) is eating meat or any kind of animal or living thing wrong ? if it is can u prove it ? not only eating meat but eating anything for the taste of your tongue is bad !! but why kill an animal if you have other food to eat? eating meat is only allowed if you have nothing else to eat 2nd) how do u communicate with dhan shiri guru granth sahib ji ? because they are supposed to give us order *Hukam nama* which we hear every day and there is a meaning written of it but if u ask me most of the time it is an explanation and not an order .... is there a way to talk to waheguru ji ? no sain
  4. not only eating meat but eating anything for the taste of your tongue is bad !! but why kill an animal if you have other food to eat? eating meat is only allowed if you have nothing else to eat
  5. how is pooranmashi out of gurmat ? poranmashi = full moon night its a natural phenomena, open your doors singh
  6. waheguru this is just unbearable someone please inform these morons or do something about it, we cant reach them from india https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=891545304231374
  7. i think to prevent these a branch should be setup in every gurudwara with a total of 3-4 singhs who keep an eye on all of these forums , and answer the confused singhs
  8. i think i have stated my points well enough, cast-ism is not to promote high or low of an individual but to state the area of their origins and bloodline roots. which does turn into genetic defects later down the line,
  9. wahegurujikakhalsawahegurujikifateh Nanakshahi calendar exposed, the truth behind the fiasco and all those lies that have been fed to the Khalsa panth. We have all been given false information. Please watch and share Colonel Surjit Singh Nishan - Sikh scientist Part 1 - 20 mins http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pjYzkQMunU&feature=youtu.be Part 2 - 20 mins http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=0djYJ8sFYuQ Part 3 - 20 mins http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mac0sWeV1v8&feature=youtu.be Baba baljinder singh ji ratwada sahib wale exposing nankshahi calender https
  10. have you seen this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMNaPmmuHCs and this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuW7e1yCVvc there was a survey and over 90% athiests are closet worshipers because they dont like rules also, iw ould personaly smack you hard if you said that in front of me
  11. o balle uncle ji, kya kehne aa nahi samajhna ke u you be wrong but proove puratan singhs wrong o bhaleyo lokon, its not gandh its ganth means guru jod da hai !!!!! shabas e tuhade
  12. if you cut kesh you will loose gurus mohar hence you wont be a sikh anymore sehajdhari means who has kept kesh and will continue to grow it slowly not the modern version people who cut kesh dont follow in any catagory of sikhs you want to be an outcast, why not write a bedawa and give it to guru sahib !! you will officialy be out dhare kesh pahul bin bhekhi moorakh sikh mere darshan nahe te, paapi tyaage chit !!
  13. it will take time for me to find in the gurmukhi version but the english version as translated by WH Mc leod it states Do not marry in same gott - bhai cuapa singh ji , rehatnama
  14. the gott restriction is only for genetics issue and as they are from same family tree, almost related . so yes its a no no however for your satisfaction i will soon post the quote from rehatnama,
  15. it has to do with maryada , why are you so dense !! ofcourse the other reason is genetic problem that might occur
  16. Chaupa Singh's rehatnama, also talk more respectfully about maryada, you lack the sense of respect . sometimes it makes me feel i am talking to a todler
  17. there has to be a thread dedicated to Anti dasam bani traitors with their names and details so sangat can know about these idiots
  18. as per maryada , you cannot marry in same gott also , it could bring genetical defects to your future kids
  19. they also have a bell, which rings after every 30 mins to remind, time of death is near, go and meditate/pray
  20. you better watch what you are saying, farla was given by Guru Gobind Singh ji do you even have any idea who farla dhari are and their jeevan?do you even know how hard is the rehat of farla dhari and how hard it is to obtain a farla!! search it before you spout something again here
  21. nanakshahi calender is stupid, trying to copy gorgian bikrami calender is moe detailed and better
  22. stop missguiding people learn to eradicate your home first and write fateh properly Sabat surat dastar sira - Sri Adi Guru Granth Sahib ji
  23. its true even so called singhniyan in india want singhs who tie their beards
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