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  1. The quote is not Gurbani according to Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti: http://www.tribuneindia.com/2008/20080707/punjab1.htm Scroll down to article headed 'Sikh museum to have...'
  2. Wtfaahh is it with this guy and bible??!! Monster paneer, congratulations veerji! Love your name too!
  3. The panth has and always will be in chardikala. Accept Maharajs paana and everything will seem sweet. 'The world is a drama, staged in a dream. In a moment, the play is played out'.
  4. LOL'in at 'disco and film tuned' The number of times ive heard kirtan and straight away my manns thinkin damn which bollywud films this frm
  5. So i say chill. Maharaj has big plans for us
  6. Sikhs are doing very well in pakistan with the exception of khyber & peshawar but then the muslims there aren't doing too good either at the hands of the extremists. Pakistani govs given us more rights than the indian gov has. Anand Karaj act, a whole district created from sheikpura and named Nankana Sahib, state funded schools, colleges and now a university in the name of Guru Nanak Dev ji maharaj. List goes on n on. Question is, would hindu india gov have done all this for us had we sided with pakistan during partition? Ermmm no! We sided with congress in 1947 and we're still paying the price.
  7. Probably not but does it matter?
  8. A field of tobacco
  9. Contact the manufacturer direct. Explain that the label says it does not contain egg but online a few websites say it does. Veer go with what your conscience is saying. If you feel guilt in consuming the product, stop taking it. Simple. Also protein shakes :s im not keen on. Eat tofu day and night, soya milk and lots of it, anyyyything and everything with chickpeas and lentils in it. Those shakes contain so much cr*p. stick to the real foods and you'll know what they contain.
  10. Actually muslims have 1000 prophets before the final. And christians also believe in moses who came before jesus...
  11. If they're attempting to 'sell' Guru Sahib on the net, yes thats beadbi 100%. Guru Sahib saroops are only available from SGPC. All other 'distributers' are in violation of Akal Takht hukum
  12. Lol huddersfield sikh community are a complete 100% shamble. From a 'Sikh leisure centre and public bar' owned, run and right oposite the Gurdwara to the Mandir/varsity club stop offs on Nagar Kirtans. Welcome to hudds
  13. She was born in england, why doesnt she deserve to live here? Coz shes black? Lol just some random case of 1 black woman who finally lost th plot against the 1000's of white racist cases. No biggy.
  14. Amritdharis should only consume food prepared by amritdharis. Why? Coz that way we'l know the food was prepared according to rehat and not joota. E.g. If you eat out at a restaurant, bhind the scenes we dont know if they wash their hands, if they cook meat products and veg with same utensils, whether they taste the food for seasoning with the same cooking spoon etc... Whereas with an amritdhari, we know they wouldn't do this. Ur family- as long as you know they prepare the food according to rehat its fine. Or learn how to cook veerji. Its a great skill to have, fun too. You've just got to ensure your food is not joota. If your chips have been fried in the same oil as fish/chicken then they're not consumable. If your travelling- again do your best to ensure your foods not joota. Eat from vegy eat outs...errm buy the ingredients and cook yourself. Also agree with the post above. Its not about not eating someones food coz theyre not of the same status or religion. I wouldnt eat food prepared at my muslim friends house coz 'joot' is not even in their vocab! So unles im towering over him whilst he cooks for me, i just wouldnt take that chance. Doesnt mean ive got something against him. I consider my muslim mates my brothers n sisters.
  15. What? Singh and Singhnia are in total segregation at Darbar Sahib?! Lol Haha supervision! Maybe a little less super hero dramas for u veer Theres two ishnaan ghats at darbar sahib right? Are they both for bibiya?
  16. WJKK WJKF wearing boxers under your kachhera is like wearing 2 boxers...whats the point? you'll get used to the 'loose' 'breezy' feeling and the change in material. they're actually pretty comfortable! an amazing invention! nice and comfortable under trousers/jeans too! Vah! Maharaj thought of everything hena dont see why we can't wear trousers/jeans over kacheray...turning up for a job interview in ur kachera...hmmm Veer in punjab men dominate in all fields. just the way the cookie crumbles out there. yeah i think Singh should do ishnaan in the sheltered structures provided like at Shri Darbar Sahib.
  17. True point veerji. Something between english parchaar and teaching our kids punjabi. The Qu'ran is now available free of charge off the internet in numerous languages including Gurmukhi.... Its all about being available and accomodating.
  18. How about you just visit the site and see the info first hand lol? Trying to find a solution of how to get the site banned/this content removed veerji.
  19. **removed** KullyKhalsa, i did, to no avail. The auction continued and ended with a sale. Guptunknown from calgary, please continue to contact this Singh, in person if possible and see whatelse he has going
  20. tofu tofu tofuu!! humus and soya milk! staple diet. add it in everything!
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