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  1. This is a good question, i wish i knew the answer to this. Let me know when you find out
  2. wow omgg as i was reading this i was like wowww does sikhi really say this stuff wtheck!! lol but thank god you said the last part
  3. Any links on how to speak punjabi? i can read and write...Just cant speak cause i can't make sentences correctly lol.
  4. This is a good question... i always wonder this to myself too haha.
  5. Amazing. Wish we could have things like this in California !
  6. Lol...no dumalla singh in the list either haha...:|
  7. Thats rude bro...Obviously if you can say that, you don't understand the desi parent mentallity.
  8. Well, If you've chosen your answer yet, and if tying a dastar is your answer, this will help you on your path
  9. Do you think you guys could get me one of these ? http://www.singhshashtar.com/galary.aspx?2 Item number 379. Except, good quality haha.
  10. These are two great gursikhs....I remember when i was first going into Sikhi, seeing and talking to them just inspired me more to become a Sikh and take amrit...These two will both be in my ardas. I hope she's recovering by now. I did see her at a local Reinsbhaee though so thats a sign!
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