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  1. The key is to keep moving and doing your daily activities as much as the pain allows, bed rest simply makes it worse and it won't heal. Pain killers (to stop the spasm and tightening), activity, stretches,etc are what will help. A hot water bottle can help loosen it up. GP will advise this too i'm sure.
  2. Can you get married in a Takht? Or an Itihaasak Gurdwara such as Anandpur Sahib?
  3. yh, as in all the pictures the horse is vivid blue. Similar to how Shiva is painted blue, thought that may have something to do with it but I guess it may be coincidence?? yh, as in all the pictures the horse is vivid blue. Similar to how Shiva is painted blue, thought that may have something to do with it but I guess it may be coincidence??
  4. i ordered from them and it's very good service, just i would reccommend you get the right size (as i ordered to big) and get the engraving in english, as most likely beadbi will happen if it's got Gurbani on it.
  5. i used to think that too, but for the standard person remembering God 24/7 is very difficult to start off with. I'm not there, but can certainly say it's more achievable by carrying these Jaaps of 125,000,etc. As at first they are just a goal, a number, but it sort of forces you to stick to the Jaap and carry out a certain number a day for example. This Jaap then develops, as it says in JapJi Sahib, 'Gaveeai Suneeai Man Rakheeai Bhau'. We must sing/recite first. Whether that be all day singing Kirtan or all day doing a sava lakh jaap. I personally see it as a tool to make things easier. Sorry for any mistakes.
  6. has anyone found that they're voice gets used to it? and it goes away with practice sort of?
  7. does this also have to do with foods being 'garam' too, which foods tend to be garam and which aren't. what happens if you eat too much garam stuff.
  8. Could someone please post up some examples of foods that are rajo/tamo/sato gun in nature?
  9. Is there also a Kara of Baba Deep Singh Ji's with the entire Chaupai Sahib engraved on it?
  10. http://www.sikhee.com/audio/Kirtan/Bhai%20Avtar%20Singh/A-G/gaiye%20gun%20gopal%20kirpa%20nidh%20%28kanra%2C%20chartal%29.mp3
  11. Haha, just got one other than the one that's been posted. Aparrently there's many types of ghosts, like has been mentioned. you got the 'weak' ones and the 'strong' ones, and the strong ones take the form of Pirs, and you can control them if you want to, but it's certainly not recomended. One Singh had many Pir ghosts under his control, but then for some reason he made a mistake in his Rehat, and for that small thing the Pirs turned against him. They would beat him, scare him,etc, the only place he would be safe from them was in Guru Ji's Darbar. So the Singh went to Baba Thakur Singh Ji and Baba Ji did an Ardas, then Singh then looked out side of the Darbar and Khalsa Fauja on horses,etc, went charging past and the Pirs didn't bother the Singh anymore. Apologies for any mistakes.
  12. Personally, I've found it to be true. On a general note, i've heard that ghosts only bother those that meditate on God,etc, as they want them to help them.
  13. This Singh started falling asleep in bed, when he saw black figure walk across the room and hands with sharp nails run over his face. they then held him down by his shoulders and he couldn't breathe, the Singh just about managed to say Waheguru and instantly the ghost went. I have also heard that Laavan Da Paath done daily, is specifically for getting rid of ghosts.
  14. Apologies but i could not find a full english translation of Sri Charitropakyan there?
  15. Does anyone know whether this site will be back online? It had a full english translation of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji, inc. Charitropakhyan. Or does anyone have a full english translation of charitropakhyan, as i started to read them but it got taken down.
  16. This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 333 gauVI ] gourree || Gauree: pwpu puMnu duie bYl ibswhy pvnu pUjI prgwisE ] paap pu(n)n dhue bail bisaahae pavan poojee paragaasiou || With both sin and virtue, the ox of the body is purchased; the air of the breath is the capital which has appeared. iqRsnw gUix BrI Gt BIqir ien ibiD tWf ibswihE ]1] thrisanaa goon bharee ghatt bheethar ein bidhh ttaa(n)dd bisaahiou ||1|| The bag on its back is filled with desire; this is how we purchase the herd. ||1|| AYsw nwieku rwmu hmwrw ] aisaa naaeik raam hamaaraa || My Lord is such a wealthy merchant! sgl sMswru kIE bnjwrw ]1] rhwau ] sagal sa(n)saar keeou banajaaraa ||1|| rehaao || He has made the whole world his peddler. ||1||Pause|| kwmu kĀ®oDu duie Bey jgwqI mn qrMg btvwrw ] kaam krodhh dhue bheae jagaathee man thara(n)g battavaaraa || Sexual desire and anger are the tax-collectors, and the waves of the mind are the highway robbers. pMc qqu imil dwnu inbyrih tWfw auqirE pwrw ]2] pa(n)ch thath mil dhaan nibaerehi ttaa(n)ddaa outhariou paaraa ||2|| The five elements join together and divide up their loot. This is how our herd is disposed of! ||2|| khq kbIru sunhu ry sMqhu Ab AYsI bin AweI ] kehath kabeer sunahu rae sa(n)thahu ab aisee ban aaee || Says Kabeer, listen, O Saints: This is the state of affairs now! GwtI cFq bYlu ieku Qwkw clo goin iCtkweI ]3]5]49] ghaattee chadtath bail eik thhaakaa chalo gon shhittakaaee ||3||5||49|| Going uphill, the ox has grown weary; throwing off his load, he continues on his journey. ||3||5||49|| Could someone please explain this Shabad, in particular the last line. Presumably the ox is the person, but in what context does the last line apply to?
  17. Are we allowed to do paath after Kirtan Sohila? Some people say that it should be the last Bani of the day but what about doing simran or singing Kirtan,etc?
  18. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Reality-of-Bhindiwale/258649694210937 This group has recieve hundreds of likes in a very short amount of time, not good.
  19. It's not in print anymore, so pretty much impossible. I have a pdf of the Sri Raag section which i can email to you if you want, i think only a very few people have hard copies, Bhai Baldeep Singh is the only one i know of. Probably someone decent contacts will enable you to get one but finding them is difficult.
  20. He is also and extremely good Kirtani that recently toured with Bhai Niranjan Singh Ji Jawaddi Kala Wale
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