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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-47067863
  2. To live in the world like a lotus flower. . Whilst immeresed in children and worldly life you have an attraction toward your true father God, Akaal Purkh
  3. Countries that are against Sikhs and wish to make them into sheep have now adopted a new strategy of disenchantment towards the genuine Sikh Sangat members by subduing them and having lots of accounts where they do confusion parchaar and make it look like Knowledge...thus confusing those persons who are genuinely reading message boards to try and gain some knowledge of their religion
  4. Because AV is the start of the day...you'd want to start your day with the right avastha, thus eliminating depression anxiety stress violence lust
  5. Sorry 4th Guru...my brain wiring is messed now that its been two consecutive days of sleeping only 3 hrs
  6. I think you are confusing humility with being naive
  7. Humility is the protection fence that guards your spiritual wealth. None of the 5 special virtues should be limited. Look at Sri Chand he is the son of Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji himself. Now 5th Guru of Sri Chands fathers religious institutions meets Sri Chand, but gets his long beard and cleans Sri Chands feet. If someone tries to exploit your humbleness then you should be aware and have caution. THE FAULT ISNT IN HUMILITY IF YOU CHOOSE TO BE PUSHED AROUND
  8. You believe that ego and humility are linked. That ego cannot be rid off. You believe that a humble being is a doormat ie. someone who is too humble and peaceful that he can be led astray. You think that ego is a necessity and a certain amount healthy. Here are quotations from Gurbani that criticize your thinking 1. Ego and humility are not linked. If one rises the other dies off. Infact they are actually against each other. As you become humble, ego dies...as you become egoistic, humbleness dies. 2. To rid oneself of the ego is one of life's prime objectives. Gurbani states that A) to kill the ego results in killing of the mind. Without this how can God be obtained. B) Ego is against Naam and both cannot abide in the mind. 3. Being humble doesn't result in being a doormat. Gurbani states: Gursikh is humble inside but wise as well. In Japji Sahib it states a Gursikh never dies or gets defrauded. 4. Brahmgiani mahapurkh have no ego. In Asa Ki // there is a question "how does the ego die"...kith sanjam eh jaye In another shabad of Sri Guru Granth Sahib its written that ego is a disease that is unhealthy. Ego is never a good thing in Sikh philosophy, even a little bit for prorecreation, bir ras etc. This has always been a false arguement that the 5 evils can never be eliminated but rather should be controlled and tamed
  9. Below is information into the structure of Agriculture land
  10. You have an account on SS you GOI Agent and yet you have no understanding of the basics. You ask me to share the basics...this implies you dont even know the basics
  11. Why would you want to be used and abused for UK material gain such as in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen etc...you want to be a soldier then be a soldier the type Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Maharaj was. Do you know how many white british army personnel are upset with being used by Jeremy Hunt for personal and political gain
  12. The most important chapter of the Sri Guru Granth...namely Japji talks about free will vs determinism extensively. Humans have free will and thus create karma. To remain within Gods divine laws and command brings end to free will as the egoist mind is replaced by the the divine consciousness that perceived a human being to be a tool of God
  13. True say but the problem atm is that any Gurdwara does what the pardan likes. There needs to be some unification on policy. Like the above incident if the pardan comes along and says the cops can stay in the Gurdwara then SY would have looked stupid
  14. Problem is that the UK Gurdwaras need a central management committee
  15. Cops issue a statement about this https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/police-sikh-temple-walsall-community-15424637 I HOPE SIKH YOUTH CAN ASWELL
  16. FOLLOWING THE JAGGI JOHAL CASE AND ARRESTS IN BIRMINGHAM IN A DESPICABLE MANNER SIKHS IN THE UK ASK POLICE TO STOP RECRUITING INSIDE GURDWARAS https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/watch-west-midlands-police-officers-15416251
  17. Let's not forget the struggle to wear a turban in the UK.
  18. The facts are that the British annexed Maharajah Ranjit Singhs kingdom. They tried to destroy Sikhism with agents like Teja Singh Besuria. Committed mass murder such as Jallianwala Bhag. In 1948 split Punjab into two thus losing Gurdwaras in Pakistan Then were involved in 1984 by Thatchers meetings and training indian soldiers Recently we have Jaggi Johal who has not been supported properly by the British Embassy In the UK Sikhs houses were searched anti terrorism laws and treated in the most disgusting ways. Now the UK has a shortage of soldiers and wants foreigners to join
  19. All those that died in WW1 and WW2 and those that suffered and lost family just because royal family's and politics
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