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  1. I just came something, maybe somebody out there has more information. Back in the 80's Sant Jarnail Singh sent Bapu Surat Singh home and said " I will call you for when it is time" In the 80's Bapu was arrested but never started a protest until this year.
  2. sober for 3 years now. used to drink 3 to 4 times a week. Do not why but was sicked of it and apirl 3, 2011
  3. i could be wrong, but i heard all the singhs involved in Operation blue star, did ardas for return to earth in particapte in creation of Khalsitan.
  4. I think General Subeg Singh is one of the best. All the other generals mentioned here had unlimited supplies, men, weapons and food. In 1984, General Subeg Singh had nothing and either killed or injuried 33,000+. He arranged all the defenses and the as***le Brar took a tour of the temple to determine defenses before launching operation blue star. In my opinion, he is the best.
  5. I heard some state of heads in Delhi ( under the British rule) sent high ranking sikh army officers to try to talk some sense into Baldev Singh and accept Sikh empire boundries prior to 1848. And the british envisioned three country, India, Pakistan and old sikh empire. Churchill did say "without sikhs the war might have been lost", and the british were pushing for the three countries.
  6. chardikala taking on 125,000 (enemy) is too much for normal people too
  7. this is a trap, WE MUST KEEP SPREADING THE NEWS ABOUT THE SIKH RIOTS, we got there attention, if they want to talk, send them to Mr. Mann in Punjab to sort out the transfer of power. CONTINUE TO BOBCOTT PRODUCTS MADE IN INDIA.
  8. unknown to most people, the sikh army defeated the british army in the second war and the they were in full retreat. After running for seven miles the traitors of the sikh empire stopped the retreat as the sikh army had ran out of supplies which the traitors had cut off. Hitlier quoted "with sikh amry I could rule the world"
  9. or money from the GOI? I watched the first ten minutes of this docu, should be renamed to "1984 GOI story "
  10. people like me are too thick to learn gurmat, have tried. thank god to mpeg
  11. one year f sukhmani saihb paath followed by addarass will work too.
  12. jatwal


    Nostradmus in one of his prophecy mentions a man in a blue turban will wage war. We have all see photos of this great man, has anybody else figured it out?
  13. no elected head of state, that is work India is not working. yes to everything else.
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