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  1. Ahhh I can see where your getting this from, but not this time, also, this baba ji, has literally met Maharaj ji, he has memorized the entire Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and all banis in it, he does veechar of it, but with a whole new level He goes to France India Germany Italy surrey Brampton Indianapolis, and England, those are what I can r,ember, he does veechar in all those countries, Here is a link to a photo of him https://www.google.ca/search?q=baba+ji+bulandluri&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=VYrjUbaiFoaqiQK1-4C4Bg&biw=768&bih=928&sei=WYrjUcK0I4OnigLB44DQCA The first 3 are him See, he doesn't do Gurbani veechar with A gutka sahib I front of him, he has IT ALL MEMORIZED He is building a university in India in bulandpur pind He has a huge gurdwara called bulandpuri sahib and has a barshi every year there, I fly to India every year it is so peaceful there He has done so much bhagti, but is quite unpopular He is from Nawa Nanaksar Thath, Bulandpuri And is the most peaceful human ever Also, his bachan come straight from Maharaj ji, too He is so...amazing You must see him, he is currently in Surrey BC, till Aug. 11 then he's going back to India for 1 month to work on university there, Ji, as I live in surrey, I go to his bachans every day, and it is amazing, I have felt Maharaj ji touch my soul in his bachans, he often does Dhaar Naal shabed in his bachans, it is simply amazing. He has..met Maharaj ji That's it He's not like one of the other babas who read straight from gurbani right infront of them I remember one day, the day he arrived here, we all went to his house all sangat to welcome him to surrey, he went for a walk. It start edit raiimg very hard, they had to call the singhs to go looking for him since he forgot his umbrella, then, right when he came back, stepped out of the van, all he could do is laugh, and laugh. I hope you can start doing his sangat too, the countless souls he has connected I can write and write about him all night and day, but I can't say too much, you must do his sangat yourself ALSO Anybody who needs the address of the gurdwara he is in, just MSG me,
  2. Waheguru Say it was planned for ur mom to have cancer and die in 5 years, well, thanks to you reading that gurbani, maybe Maharaj ji said not to give her cancer and to let her live for 20 more years...never say gurbani didnt hep you ji, never say that.
  3. Actually, I think that is wrong. Infanct, at the gurdwara I go to there is a sadhoo who has done much simran, he has met the beloved, he does his Bachan, it is amazing, if you want the address, he's in surrey right now I can tell you, but in his sangat probably 95% of it is Amrit dharee, so they know about Sikhi etc, and the Baba Ji (Sangat calls him baba ji) and every year before he leaves, he gives all sangat who don't have them a packt of the 11 gurus swaroop to hang I'm there houses, probably out of the 500ish sangat he gets in surrey, 450 have swaroop in there house, including me, He says we should dedicate 1 room in our house just for Maharaj ji, and hang his swaroop there, and do all put nitnem, gurbani etc, there. I totally agree Also, where from Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji did you find out "Pictures don't mean anything" Ji do you mind telling me where from? Where does it say this, as I have never heard of it. Also, if you can show me this in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji I will be greatly sorry for troubling you for having to find it, I am sorry for troubling you, but those are my points as too why we should and why some of us do.
  4. Ji,I was just pointing out that putting the gurus swaroop on the wall would make an even bigger difference, no need for useless krodh (Anger) Putting up Maharaj Jo's swaroop isn't doing anything bad ji.
  5. MAKE SURE URGENT Hang up the 11 gurus swaroop (Photos) on the wall! They will protect you even more!!!
  6. No respect. Prepare sikhs, we are in the midst of a huge assimilation Please, don't change.
  7. ......... Guys, why even bothe with these guys, not like they can ever agree on something, we are just wasting our time screwing around with gay sikh. He will never listen. He is stuck I'm lust anger attachment (The 5 Evils or "Haumai"
  8. It Just a test guys,don't If your tempted to change religions , PLZ don't do it. As Maharaj Ji is just testing you...don't fail the test
  9. Ji, yes, you can get bhagti and kamaaee even without it. BUT One CANNOT meet the beloved without Simran (Naam) You need SIMRAN to do everything, to meet him The first step is simran And simran cannot have an effect on you without taking Amrit. Plain and simple. One cannot even feel Maharaj ji"s TRUE love without Amrit and Simran Also, of course! The beloved Maharaj ji Will Certainly forgive you of any non purpose sin It is stated that "It is only breaking your Amrit if you do it purposely" Accidentally forget to wear Kirpan? Accidently drop Kanga on ground? Just do a true ardaas from your heart and he will 100% forgive you! Just make sure not to PURPOSLEY throw Kirpan on the ground and PURPOSLEY eat somebody's jooth (Leftovers) just by saying "Whatever who cares" then that is a sin You may even ask the Panj Piaree at the Amrit Sanchar
  10. ManravK

    Punjabi Talk.

    Got kicked out? Lol. But yes, I'm sure just by googling How to speak punjabi, You will get thousands of websites
  11. Ji, I'm only a youth, (amritdhari) so I don't have a lot of info on 1984, but I know the basics, now, my question is, is somebody gonna DO something about 1984, or is it just gonna forever be remembered, we need justice people, it can't stay like this, now, I'm only a teenager and so I can't take this issue into my own hands, but if I was older, and maybe had a group I would certainly bring up the topic to the Indian Government, WE NEED JUSTICE, So my question is, does this meeting mean they will confront India on 1984?
  12. I totally agree with isingh1699 we are framed, I live I'm surrey, there are quite a lot of sikh enemies here, or "Haters" A true, Amrit Shari sikh would never do this, I 110% agree with isingh1699
  13. These guys, get me so sick. Here we are, reading gurbani nitnem etc, doing kamaaee There they are, raping girls stuck In the 5 evils (Haumai). Lust and anger have taken over there lives, I sometimes feel bad for them. Though sometimes I also feel they deserve this punishment, they have let the 5 evils take over much too much, even your regular atheist wouldn't do this.
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