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  1. Khalsa Aid have a program to help those shaheed parivaars http://www.youtube.com/user/KhalsaAid?feature=watch
  2. Again...I can't make sense of what you want to say? Should he write in Arabic or your Pakistan's elite language of Urdu so you understand better? How come hindus are 20-100 times stronger? lol.. The odds at Chamkaur Sahib against Muslims were greater than those in 1984 Islam and Sikhism never came across in any strategic conflict....and you should thank Allah for that... Oh? Why? Because Islam would attempt to eradicate Sikhs off the face of the Earth the way the Islam tried to do so many times before? Muslims couldn’t manage it in 1947 despite the horrific losses we suffered, so what makes you think you’ll destroy the Sikh Panth in the future? You will never achieve your dream! Otherwise, who knows, there would not have been a 'Sikh' sangat forum on internet... We are truly grateful to cowardly Hindu’s that converted to Islam because of Aurangzeb letting us survive!?!? LOL Why would I imply that Sikhs are weak? There is nothing to "imply" but just facts. You can guys can live in your own fantasize world. In real world, Sikhs are a non-existent entity in global historical narrative. hahahaha ... Oh and Punjabi Muslims greatly influence the world by being the base of global terror, huh? LOL Yeah "secretly" but yet you know it...lol.. I suppose you conveniently forgot that the punishment Prophet Muhammad ordered for leaving the cult of Islam is death. Islam is spreading Mashallah and it has been for last 14th centuries..and will continue to do so by Allah's will... How great is that? Terrorism, grooming, sex slaves, love jihad conversions, domestic violence against women all increase in tandem with the spread of the cult throughout the world. - More Muslims died during partition than Sikhs/Hindus combined. False lie above but yeah its true that when the Sikhs responded to Islamic ethnic cleansing being attempted in Doaba and Majha, the Sikhs fought back despite the Muslims being more numerous. It still doesn’t change the fact that Punjabi Muslims killed off 25% of the Sikh population in Pakistan in 1947. Would you be happy if 25% of Pakistani’s were killed off by jihadi’s against you like American drones? - Most Sikhs migrated to E. Punjab and left Pakistan after partition by their own will... Yes 75% of Sikhs in Pakistan left due to the 25% of Sikhs there being brutally killed by Pakistan. Imagine if 25% of Punjabi Muslims were killed off today by American drones. Would u scramble to leave Pakistan yourself then? Then why do you like the very Muslims that enslaved your ancestors to fight against your own people in 1947? You said how Muslims somehow 'lost' to Hindus. Answer my question about how do you think am I on the 'losing side' by being a Muslim? You’ve already answered by avoiding a reply to the fact that at age 54 Muhammad had sex with a 9year old child called Aisha. You can’t defend that. You don’t have the cajones to condemn it. Clearly you’re on the losing side! You believe in Islam because your Hindu ancestors were forced to believe in it by the power of the sword. Go worship your ten gurus. Sikhs worship none other than one God alone. It’s Muslims who worship Muhammad and who are actually Muhammadans. Sharia Law proves that. Muhammad practised slavery+pedophilia despite both being immoral. Yeah..just like they have 'stopped' Islam for past 1400 years...oh wait...LOL! That was when people were illiterate. Do you think educated Muslims will tolerate pedophilia and sex slavery as glorified by Muhammad and the Quran? Somehow I don’t think so! No. Islam has been growing since the day it was born Mashallah.. and it will continue to grow Inshallah...while losers like you will keep on crying... If you don’t condemn a 54 year old man for having sex with a 9year old child called Aisha, what makes you think that your children won’t be brave enough to reject that kind of immorality? And I don't go around insulting my fellow punjabis' faith and mocking them. Of course you do. You insult Sikhi all the time but you do it with a sense of Muslim supremacy whilst pretending to be a peaceful dawah jihadist on the surface lol. Who told you that I take Islam zealously? Ok we all feel better now. At least we now know you don’t even truly believe in a pedophile and slaveowner as much as it seemed. Islam. Spread by sword? Yes. Primarily? No. Islam was overwhelmingly spread by the sword So what if Muslims are militarily weaker? Military conquests for spreading one faith are history now... How sad that is for Islam, as it was easier to force subjugated peoples like your ancestors into Islam in old times. Indians had no chance against Pakistan Really? Tell everyone more about this! Indians always faced humiliation when faced Pakistanis on Western Front Do tell us non-Indians how Pakistanis humiliated another country when they lost all those wars? But I do agree, Sikhs saved india Sikhs believe in one God and fighting for humanity. Muslims believe in Muhammad and fighting for to reach paradise where 72 light skinned virgins and young boys of perpetual freshness await. Big difference. But back to the OP, why exactly is it that you refuse to condemn 54 year old men who have sex with 9year old little girls as being evil? Please don’t run away from condemning such an evil and immoral act.
  3. The philosophy of Sikhi is Sarbath da Bhalla. Sikhs never attack innocent people. Sikhs protect innocent Muslims, Hindu's and Christians and others as proven time after time. Sikhs have never attacked or destroyed any Hindu or Muslim or Christian place or worship or those belonging to others.
  4. Poodna Ji Sikhs don't use the term "Shaitan" (Satan) like u have done. Your thoughts on this subject match with Islam exactly. Let's be straight here (no pun intended) ... Who is worse two homosexuals who hurt nobody OR slaveowners + pedophiles? Simple question + if you answer the latter, why not focus on threat from the Abrahamic ideology of those who owned slaves.
  5. It's totally unfair and racist that the family are being labelled as Muslims when they bow before Guru Granth Sahib Ji Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj should not be restricted in a racist way to those who have Sikh parents only. Sikhi is for Sarbath da Bhalla so why do some racists not accept this wonderful family as fellow Sikhs? The Quran says that the life of a Muslim is worth more than a non-Muslim > so they have clearly rejected Islam. Devout Muslims bow towards Mecca. This great family by bowing to Guru Granth Sahib are clearly devout Sikhs. Can u explain where i said anything bad about this great family Veerji? (not happy at my earlier posts being deleted) why not let Sangat decide if i was wrong by accepting them as Sikh because of their actions + going to Gurdwara's ... or if the reporter that claimed they could not be Sikh (because their parents had Arabic names) was wrong?
  6. http://www.jakara.org/programs Jakara are doing a good job at fighting the perception by non-Sikhs that most Cali Sikh youth are supposedly doing this or that negative as they have good programs More signatures still needed
  7. Apparently he didn't say anything bad about Dasmay Pathshah but just made an off-cuff remark that as Guru Gobind Singh Ji never went there as our Guru ... then why were Sikhs travelling hundreds of miles and spending so much money that could be better spent in Punjab ... only to expose themselves to getting fleeced by the local dacoits and let local Hindutva government officials that profit out of innocent Sikhs?
  8. What is worse being genetically born a homosexual or consciously being a heterosexual slaveowner + pedophile? Why not live and let live so long as gays don't own or trade in the lives of human beings or have sex with young children.
  9. 99crore on increasing literacy in Punjab and 1crore on a factual documentary (without Sant Ji lookalikes doing weak acting) would be better i think
  10. Sikhs have never attacked any Mandirs or Masjids. But Ranghars and Gandhi's attack our Darbar Sahib with blessing from there Quran and Smriti's
  11. Bhai Mati Das Ji and Bhai Sati Das Ji were brothers who were born pure (casteless) Gursikhs (but there ancestors were originally Brahmin). Bhai Dayala Ji was similarly a castleless Guru ka Sikh and Bhai Mani Singh's brother (and there ancestors were originally Arain Kamboh) Sikhi is anti-caste but people of all different tribes, backgrounds, previous religions have embraced Sikhi and it's good to point out to others that not all Brahmins are Hindu and that not all Arain Kamboh are Muslim. Interestingly there are more Punjabi Muslims from Brahmin caste than there are Hindu Brahmins in Punjab but people think Brahmin must mean Hindu when in terms of Punjabi population it actually doesn't Many ex-Brahmins who rejected caste and accepted belief in only one God became members of Khalsa Panth but were made shaheed by Aurangzeb and the Mughals. As Brahmins who became Sikhs were shunned by Muslim Bhatts/Butts and Hindu Brahmins for being fervent Gursikhs they were very strict in not using their original clan surnames and remained strict in keeping only Singh and Kaur. But as old census figures show there are lakhs of Sikhs with Brahmin ancestry today but they are generally more strict in avoiding gotra use. Same thing with Muslims. Many don't realise that 50% of Guru Nanak's followers were Muslim (alongside our great Sikh Bhai Mardana Ji). Thousands of Muslims also became Khalsay and Bhai Sahib Singh Ji (one of the Pany Piare) was also of Muslim parents and his previous name was Sahib Shah (though other books refer to his previous name as Sahib "Chand")
  12. HAHAHA predictable support of pedophilia by you Pakistani bhaijaan! So presumably you don't even have a problem with 54 year old men having sex with 9 year old little girls? This is why grooming is dominated by people of a certain religion from a certain country you are very proud of!
  13. How wonderful that Muhammad's divine plan for Arabic rule over the planet are coming to fruition in your dreams!! LOL
  14. That's the thing bro. There is no ideological comparison between Islam and Sikhi. Islam is for the benefit of Arabs from Mecca and Saudi Arabia. Sikhi is for the benefit of ALL mankind. PakistaniPunjabi can't even retort that Sikhi is for the benefit of Punjabi's as the majority of Punjabi's are actually Muslims!! There is no comparison between where Prophet Muhammad stood morally and where Guru Nanak Dev Ji stood morally. Muhammad owned slaves and the Quran emphasises that a slave is not equal to his master whilst Guru Sahib created the Khalsa Panth as the embodiment of what the equality of all mankind truly means. In terms of truth we all know with which ideology that exists. This debate is purely political now. The Arabs wish to dominate the world. We as a minority who want freedom for all mankind oppose them and need to unite amongst ourselves to fight for the benefit of all humanity. The less Muslims (via peaceful education) who oppose us in that mission the better. The more non-Sikhs who join with the Sikh Panth's battle to ensure a world of peace and tranquility for all humankind the better. Insha'Allah brother PakistaniPunjabi might join us in that mission one day (as this debate is not personal).
  15. Ok Mod Veerji will try to do that. I trust your judgement. Please be wary that he is trying to censor valid criticism of Islam by saying MODS are unfair to him. And please don't let him cry discrimination when we Sikhs do not hate Muslims but only disagree with the ideology that condones terrorism, slavery etc.
  16. 1st paragraph ... of course a man-made cult which brainwashes innocent Muslims that it is from God is ideologically strong at keeping believers mentally trapped within it. Hence the need for Prophet Muhammad to order death as the punishment for those leaving Islam. 2nd paragraph ... it's true that the apartheid of the Ummah concept results in ghetto Islamic industries in which outsiders are excluded such as halal meat etc 3rd paragraph ... it's true Muhammad offered his opinion and shared his lifestyle with Arabs on everything from sex with children, sex with slavegirls, selling human beings for profit, which direction to defecate in and with which hand to wipe one's rear etc 4th paragraph ... Muslim women are only kept away from kaffirs through the fear of honor killings. Even that doesn't hold back a brave and ever growing percentage of innocent women born to Muslim parents who have the courage to leave Islam and marry outside of the Muslim community. Most Muslim women in the Diaspora actually know that non-Muslim males will offer them a better life with greater equality and free them from the Quran's blatant anti-female sexism ... so once Islam's stranglehold of fear upon innocent women born to Muslim parents and forced to stay in the cult weakens, then the floodgates will open for Muslim women to openly leave the man-made religion of Islam. 5th paragraph ... true that the desire for world domination by Muslims will result in higher birth rates and higher population growth in the short term ... but longer term Muslims will always be a global minority and as Islam implodes from within with growing realisation about the kind of man Prophet Muhammad was, long term it's skycraper of falsehood against Allah (swt) will collapse. 6th paragraph ... nobody has anything against innocent Muslims ... but aggressive Muslims who truly believe in the ideology of Muhammad need to be tackled and the method employed by the West to do that is by emphasising that terrorists are a small minority within the global Muslim population and ignoring the significant percentage of hundreds of millions of Muslim males from all over the Muslim world including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq etc who strongly sympathise with the terrorists whilst outwardly claiming Islam to be a religion of peace (for the purpose of "al-taqiyya" = false propaganda) 7th paragraph ... Yes it's lucky that only a small minority of Muslims truly believe in Islam fully and yes if even 1% of Muslims started mobilising towards terrorism in the way that Prophet Muhammad demonstrated that would prevent a formidable challenge to the World's peaceful existence, which could lead to nuclear bombs being dropped on Mecca and Medina etc. 8th paragraph ... The solution is not propping up Islamist regimes with financial aid but educating Muslims about what the Quran itself says and educating Muslims about how Muhammad is the author of the Quran and exposing the evil lifestyle which he practised in which slavery, pedophilia, rape, murder, discrimination all flourished via his direction. Conclusion: Liberating good Muslims from Muhammad's cult is the solution that will lead to a more peaceful world.
  17. The life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad has everything to do with Islam. Hence Islam has the Hadiths and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. Edited
  18. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/10065046/Pakistani-community-must-tackle-grooming-gangs-justice-minister-insists.html Pakistani community must tackle grooming gangs, justice minister insists The Pakistani community in Britain must urgently address the problem of gangs systematically grooming and abusing young white girls, justice minister Damian Green has said. Damian Green, MP Minister of State for Police and Criminal Justice, in his office at the Home Office Photo: ANDREW CROWLEY By Martin Evans, Crime Correspondent 10:00PM BST 17 May 2013 Just days after seven Asian men (from Pakistan and Afghanistan) were convicted of carrying out crimes of “medieval” depravity against girls as young as 11, in Oxford, Mr Green said it was time to dismiss any vestiges of political correctness around the issue. The Oxford scandal was the fifth such case since 2010 with gangs of Pakistani men being convicted of similar grooming outrages in Rochdale, Derby, Rotherham and Shropshire. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Mr Green, who is the minister for police and criminal justice, said he was setting up a Home Office led group to help tackle the problem of sexual violence against children. But he said it was also up to Pakistani community leaders to make it absolutely clear that such behaviour was “100 per cent unacceptable”. In the Oxford case, six girls were targeted by a gang mainly of Pakistani heritage who showered them with gifts and attention before subjecting them to acts of appalling sexual violence.
  19. What exactly is there to dissect about standard Pakistani propaganda? To all non-Muslims reading articles like these it's transparent + easy to see through as just the wishful thinking of Muslims. The simple fact is that in counter-response to all Muslim propaganda ... no Muslims can ever justify the Prophet ... Muhammad's slave trading in the lives of innocent human beings for profit Muhammad's widescale slave ownership where a supposed "man of God" and supposed "eternal role model for mankind" owned human beings himself and profited from those innocent human beings misery Muhammad's sale of innocent women and children into slavery purely for the sake of enriching his own wealth Muhammad's brutal murder of opponents particularly those who called him out on his blatant falsehoods Muhammad's age at which, when he was in his fifties, he consummated his marriage with 9year old child Aisha Muhammad's authoring of one-off rules for himself in the Quran + making different rules for ordinary Muslims Muhammad (as the perfect and eternal role model for mankind) telling Muslims they can freely have sex with their slavegirls (even if the slaves are married and even if the Muslims already have four wives) Muhammad's ordering death as the punishment for free-thinking people daring to leave his man-made religion Muhammad making the pilgrimage to Mecca obligatry for all Muslims in order to enrich his own wealth Muhammad's authoring in the Quran that 20% of all profits gained by theft + murder of non-Muslims should go to him personally (+ having the cheek to claim that Allah said it as a guidance to Arabs in Mecca of that time) Muhammad claiming that he flew on a horse called al-Buraq from Mecca to Jerusalem as if it was a helicopter You know you can't justify the evil of Prophet Muhammad's life or his man-made religion of his Islam + his false claim that he did not author the Quran ... so why fight your natural desire to leave Islam that you try to conquer by posting in support of Islam to convince yourself?
  20. Sikhs don't do revenge on innocents. We are meant to try to learn from the example of protecting the right of innocents to there religious beliefs as set by Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji. "Also the alleged attack on the Hindu temple shows clean shaven people with hats on CCTV, so can't be 'Sikh Fanatics' that some like to call Sikhs in our community." Totally bro. U'd think if overseas GOI agents were going to attack a mandir why would they get a shave at the barber's and read the Indian Youth Congress magazine before doing such a fake attack. Who knows at worse this could be done by General Brar's grandsons on behalf of GOI congress(i) operatives in order to diss the Sikh Panth
  21. I totally agree with u Veerji. And this sandhu dude has admitted he is not even Sikh so we can't even say he has an inferiority complex. I think he only used the sandhu handle because the GOI agent behind Justice Khalra Ji's murder was called sandhu. Sikhs in general have nothing to feel inferior about. We just have to guard ourselves against feeling superior as that would be against Gurmat.
  22. Islam is like a skyscaper built on foundations of sand. It looks big and mighty to Muslims dreaming of world domination now. But when Allah (swt) decides he has had enough of Islam associating its Arabic Empire with Allah's great name it will topple in a flash. Islam's success was built off the back of murder, rape, slavery, pedophilia, discrimination and conversion by the sword. That worked really well up till now but now the more good+innocent Muslims get educated on what is written in the Quran (supposedly by God but actually by Prophet Muhammad) the more educated decent Muslims themselves will reject Islam as a man-made religion invented by an Arab man in Mecca 14 centuries ago and suitable for that time and place only but with no relavance to the modern world. The day that Muslims become a minority in Muslim countries will definitely happen just like it did in Europe and when that day comes the world will be a whole lot more peaceful place.
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