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  1. Simran Ji stay strong and your strength in battling through to now as you have done is inspirational and humbling. All Sangat here are doing Ardas for your health.
  2. Given what happened in Delhi on 15th August 2013 isn't it about time we the SikhSangat family get the show on the road regarding fundraising for the PURE program?
  3. Sardar Kartar Singh Jhabbar was a great Gursikh. Only the enemies of the Panth who wanted the Hindu Mahants to retain control of Sri Harmandir Sahib hated him. Sardar Kartar Singh Jhabbar did not pierce Dasam Bani. But yes he did pierce and throw Triya Charitar out as a response to Hindu Mahants reading it and placing it alongside Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. GPS u can openly call him a b*st*rd on a Sikh forum and proudly support the Hindu Mahants of that time. But the majority of the Sikh Panth will always regard Sardar Kartar Singh Jhabbar as a Khalsa and legendary hero of the Panth from that era.
  4. Yes Veerji, Moti Ram Mehra Ji was a great Guru da Sikh and his offspring were also Sikh but now some (Hindu) frauds are claiming Baba Moti Ram Mehra Ji as their ancestor purely becuase the name "seems" Hindu to them. The enemies of Sikhs use the same evil tricks with respect to Bhai Mardana Ji the first Sikh in our Panth. And Shaheed Bhai Kirpa Singh Ji is wrongly labelled Pandit even after shaheedi as dushts assume once a Brahmin always a Brahmin when Khalsa Panth rejects biraderi.
  5. Can any technical expert brothers and sisters help ADMIN Veerji with this?
  6. You're absolutely correct Khalsa Ji. We need conscription of youth to do seva in poor countries to teach them how lucky we are, what Sikhi stands for and why it's important. 100% true Kaur Ji I humbly suggest to you bro that it's this sneering elitist attitude of yours which pushes such youth away. The consequences of your attitude can clearly be seen. Absolutely right Veerji. Children follow where parents lead. Thus where parents fail we as a Sangat need to provide as positive an influence/mentoring as we can. Not so Veerji. The overwhelming majority of Sikh-Muslim marriages in Canada are between a male Sikh and a female ex-Muslim who rejects the sexual discrimination of Islam. Only in Ontario are Pakistani levels beginning to grow to the levels where they can try emulate their Muslim grooming + love jihad tactics as employed in the UK.
  7. You hit the nail on the head Dalbir Singh Veerji. This is what our enemies laughed about when they tossed up Sikh babies on to spears in Pakistan in 1947 and when they set fire to Sikhs in 1984 with kerosene supplied by Congress. That this was pur so-called karmic punishment for past misdeeds. No Sikh should believe this lie. Veerji absolutely agreed, no true Sikh will kill or rape others. But we must also be careful to reject the lie that those innocent victims of genocide, rape and disability suffer as a result of their previous misdeeds in previous lives as this is a pure Hindutva lie propagagted by Manu Smriti (primarily to assist in the oppression of dalits and women). Gurmat is wholly based upon truth and reason. Gurbani cannot be separated from reason. Thus we shouldn't speculate unduly about that which we are unsure about. God alone knows everything as pyare Veer Bijla Singh Ji rightly said. So why not let us entrust all justice to Akal Purakh rather than by the lies propagated by Manu Smriti.
  8. Dalbir Singh Veerji from my understanding all Gurswevaks, though perhaps Hindu and Muslim and Jain originally, were Guru de Sikh ultimately. For example Baba Moti Ram Mehra was a Guru da Sikh but enemies of our Qaum have transformed his pavithar memory into being thought of as a Hindu Kashyap Rajput. The truth is Moti Ram Mehra Ji was a Guru da Sikh who fought for the Khalsa Panth but suddenly a bunch of crooks are trying to claim Baba as their ancestor. I totally agree with the direction of your point Satbachan Veerji but just to remind readers of the Sikh vision of (Kesdhari) Bhagat Sain Ji that we hold (in contrast to our enemies later portraits of Bhagat Sain Ji) http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://www.amritsar.com/images/gallery/sain.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.amritsar.com/cgi-bin/Gallery/picture.pl?day%3D30%26month%3D6%26year%3D2005&h=553&w=553&sz=43&tbnid=c_4N4LGBfMOyXM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=90&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dbhagat%2Bsain%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=bhagat+sain&usg=__BxwhFiF7dMoslJbDmQEajZZDtgE=&docid=UQiylAwWpg5IhM&sa=X&ei=FTMMUvilJOO-0QWO84GYCw&ved=0CD4Q9QEwBQ&dur=4623 The great thing about this thread is that the overwhelming majority of the Panth welcome + respect our sehajdhari brothers + sisters to participate more within + on behalf of the Panth in contrast to a small but vocal minority of haters amongst us who want to see the Sikh Panth's population made as small + powerless as possible.
  9. Poodna Ji are you understanding the meaning of Rehat? Is Rehat for you just a set of rules to follow in order to get classified as a Sikh and to be employed to keep the population of Sikhs as small as possible as the RSS would like? Or should we understand the Rehat that Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj was talking about - whereby Rehat means living one's life the correct way. Thus, if we keep kes but drink alcohol or call ourselves Sikhs yet hate on others for the genetic disposition they were born into then clearly there is zero merit in us calling ourselves Sikhs. If we believe in biraderi or believe in a rapist as our spiritual teacher then clearly there's not much point in us outwardly claiming to be Sikh. Dasme Pathshah's point was that in order to consider ourselves Sikh we must live the life matching it spiritually and perform the necassary actions for Sarbat Da Bhala to go with that. Thus, the point upon Rehat is not to sehajdhari's but is applicable to Kesdhari's and indeed Amritdhari's too. You define Sehajdhari's as non-Sikhs meaning that "Sikhs" as defined by yourself and the RSS amount to no more than 5% of eastern Punjab's overall population. So presumably I take it that that your opposition to defining sehajdhari's as non-Sikhs stems from a desire to ensure that Sikhs never have Khalsa Raj? As quite clearly without a demographic base upon which to build Khalsa Raj it is highly unlikely to ever take shape. It's nice to know that you considered Shaheed Bhai Satwant Singh ji, Shaheed Bhai Kehar Singh Ji and Bhai Rajoana Ji as non-Sikhs when they put their lives on the line for the Panth. Instead of classifying sehajdhari's as non-Sikhs or worrying about the one in a thousand Sikhs that might be gay wouldn't it be better if we encouraged sehajdhari's to join us in the battle to obliterate drugs, alcohol, biraderi, illiteracy and abortion as five of the main pillars in our modern Dharam Yudh for which we need as many people as possible to stand shoulder to shoulder in fighting against (including yourself and gay Sikhs).
  10. Dalbir Singh Ji this classification of sehajdhari Sikhs as being non-Sikhs by naive elements within our Qaum is pushed by our Panthic dushts. In the next census they want to classify all derawadi influenced Sikhs as non-Sikhs but the longer term aim of our enemies is to classify the 90-95% majority within the Qaum who do not keep kes as non-Sikhs. That would eliminate all the threat that Sikhi poses to Hindutva forces. They know the 1940's Rehat was a massive achievement for Hindutva liars as it excluded crores of Dalits outside of Punjab from joining the Sikh Panth along with Dr Ambedkar. Now Hindutva has set its sights even higher against the Qaum. Their aim is to reduce us to a mere 5% of Punjab's population. We should be sensible enough to counter this and encourage sehajdhari Sikhs to engage more with others and do more seva for the Panth. Even the SGPC could benefit from sehajdhari members who have proved their dedicated seva for the Qaum on a practical level in terms of uplifting people's lives. If we can't treat our own sehajdhari Punjabi Sikhs as integral members of the Panth it bodes ill for how exactly Sikhi is meant to expand outside of Punjab. Lucky Singh Veerji i always benefit from reading your posts and I believe I speak for the whole forum. If Gursikhs like you were lost before you had progressed to becoming Kesdhari or Amritdhari then only the enemies of the Sikh Panth would have benefitted from that. Agree with you completely Veerji and Guru Sahib only advised us to voluntarily keep kesh for our own benefit (not merely to follow rules as our enemies say). Of course Amritdhari Sikhs do need to keep kes as a requisite for the Khalsa Panth. Jonny Veerji i'm truly humbled. I always assumed from your posts that you were Gursikh from day one. So it's inspiring to know that your whole family were ex-sehajdhari's like myself once too. Once people understand Sikhi (at their own pace) devotion to the Truth follows naturally. We need constant new sehajdhari blood for the Khalsa Panth to flourish and encouraging sehajdhari's is the way (rather than discouraging them not to do seva). Kes kattal and monah are loaded terms which perhaps we should steer away from in order to make all feel welcome within the Panth albeit with the realisation that Amritdhari jeevan is the ultimate goal all must try to aim for eventually.
  11. Dalbir Singh Veerji. Everything is part of Hukam at the ultimate level. If the dude survives (injured or unscathed) let us thank God (rather than his so-called actions in a previous life). If he's paralysed then let us focus on blaming that on the shooters rather than the one suffering. If the innocent dies - clearly solely as a result of the evil murderers - then that should mean mukthi and merger with The One.
  12. Excellent post Jashb Veerji. I'm glad you are one of the Sikhs that realise the 100 million Punjabi Muslim population means we should detach ourselves from Punjabi culture completely and attach our loyalty solely to Gurmat. Liaquat Ali Khan (the 1st Prime Minister of Pakistan) and Sajjan Kumar are two of the most famous Jatts I can think of and the Jatts of Haryana are busy ethnically cleansing Sikhs out of Haryana just like their Jatt brothers from Pakistan who brutally killed Sikhs in 1947. Sikhs have no caste and the more we emphasise that the more young Sikh women might actually marry within the community rather than having the perception that they are from the wrong biraderi when Guru Sahib repeatedly emphasised Kul Nash (as opposed to idiotic gotra pride).
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