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  1. Yes, that is is true. We saw few spam posts posted after the forum upgrade. So, we just want to make sure that we don't become victim of anything. Plus we removed the manual membership approval. Once we get used with the upgraded version then we can go back to normal. Meanwhile, Moderators are going to be busy.
  2. Good Topic but refrain posting regarding any meat dish. Humble request to all. ?
  3. A professional online Sikhi based school. Question for parents with young kids: What it would take you to have your child enrolled in the online school on top of their regular school? What level of support do you need to get you and your kid to participate? Does cost matter? Does self-paced course/lesson better than Live programs? Question for general sangat: Should there be any tiers in the program - Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice Should it be Free of Cost or basic cost such as monthly fees to cover running cost? Should it be more focused on those community members who are not in touch with Sikhi (Not going to Gurdwara sahib regularly etc)? Would appreciate views & suggestions on the above ... Gurfateh
  4. We cannot allow Suchi's thread and replies. His posts are now restricted.
  5. The files not showing should be fixed now. There was some problem with the file move so some files didn't end up in the right location.
  6. I can see your profile pic. Could you clear your browser cache? If you are on mobile then try switching between desktop view etc.
  7. We ran out of space again. Probably a bug with the new upgrade or server needs fixing. We are still looking at the cause. But in the meantime, the files were moved to a new location to make space so it might have broken profile pics etc. One more thing to look at ? I guess.
  8. Sewadar


    Born in Sikh family does not make one a Sikh. You become Sikh when you study the dharam, understand the concept and most importantly practicing its pure lifestyle.
  9. WJKK WJKF After long time, we have upgraded our forums to the latest version. Mobile version looks great and added few features. If anyone notice any bugs then please reply post here. Thanks WJKK WJKF
  10. Thank you Bhaenji for not naming the person. This was the reason why we cannot allow anything to be posted here without any credible proof and i hope you understands that.
  11. Most of the people you mentioned choose to post without membership and some of them do post frequently. You cannot ban anyone who does not have any user id.
  12. Anyone wants to start the project? Bring up the strong idea/proposal and we will help with the cost.
  13. We check IP origination when they register. System is good to flag VPN usage and India IP origination.
  14. Gurfateh Sangat ji, We see large number of new membership trying to join our forums and we are not approving those new members who are coming from India. Some of them are non-punjabi names or email ids and we are rejecting all those memberships for the past few weeks. We do not know if they are genuine or some troll for anti-farmers group. For the past 5 years or so, we approve members manually; which is a daunting process but we want the quality in. With recent anti-humanity GOI and their goons trying to use good platforms to spread their agenda or propaganda. For that possible reasons, we are not approving anyone joining our forum from India. If you are genuine person who wants to join the forum then please email us sikhsangat@live.com Stay in Chardikala
  15. He requested his account to be deleted few days ago.
  16. Sewadar


    Dear Guest guest, You got the definition of Sehajdhari wrong. From various sources: Sehajdhari Sikhs (literally "slow adopter") is a person who has chosen the path of Sikhism, but has not yet become an Amritdhari. A sehajdhari believes in all the tenets of Sikhism and the teachings of the Sikh Gurus but may or may not adorn the five symbols of the Sikh faith.This is not to be confused with the term Mona Sikhs. “A person cannot claim to be a Sehajdhari Sikh by trimming/cutting his/her hair, beard or eyebrows in any manner.” – SGPC Expert Panel Report Sikh Rahit Maryada makes no mention of the term Sehajdhari Sikh. Section 4. (Chapter X). (Article XVI)(i) of the Sikh Rahit Maryada, which is applicable to all Sikhs (including Sahajdharis) makes it mandatory to keep the Kesh of his children intact. Living in consonance with Guru’s Tenets……..A Sikh should, in no way, harbour any antipathy to the hair of the head with which his child is born. He should add the suffix “Singh” to the name of his son. A Sikh should keep the hair of his sons and daughters intact.(p.24) For More detailed answer: Read here. Note: Due to sensitivity nature of this topic, we will not open this thread for public discussion.
  17. Dear Guest Lazy, Khalsa traditions as per our Sikh history is to keep our body as clean as possible. Guru Sahib jee gave Kanga as our kakkar to keep our kesh neat and tidy. As per Khalsa lifestyle traidition is to wake up early Amritvela which is 3 hrs prior to Sunrise. Take bath that includes both body and hair/kesh before doing the Nitnem and Naam Abhyaas. If you are not following the Sikh Khalsa Rehat then you can start washing your hairs more often and comb at least twice a day. As from our old thread 11 years ago - It is compulsory to wash the hair every day when you have your Ishnaan in the morning. Most people use just water on a daily basis, and use shampoo every 4+ days. Some people oil their Kesh every day.
  18. Understand your frustration and how it seems to be uncontrollable for you. Going on moderation back and forth etc.. Maybe time to focus more on posting/replying on positive side rather than spending whole time fighting with others (same goes to other side folks). We wish you chardikala future ahead Akalifauj ji.
  19. After getting 7 reports, we decided to deactivate PureStudent profile.
  20. Glad to see members response. We can go with the route of us maintaining the forum in technicality and financially and having the younger generation to run it. But how do we find such youth member(s) who can run the forum and keep it aligned with panthic standpoint? Any suggestions
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