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  1. https://www.wuwm.com/podcast/lake-effect-segments/2012-08-07/expert-sikhs-have-long-been-targets-of-discrimination-violence?_amp=true Sikhs have a rich history in and contributed greatly to the Milwaukee area - as they have had around the country. But several sources have told us over the last couple of days that Sikhs have long been targets of discrimination and even violence, very much like the shootings at the Oak Creek temple. And while police maintain that they do not yet know of a motive behind Sunday's violence, it is hard for many in the community not to feel targeted once again. Trinity College professor of South Asian History Vijay Prashad says Sikhs have dealt with racism and ignorance about their faith since they came to this country, particularly since 9/11. Prashad is the author of the book Uncle Swami: South Asians in America Today and recently wrote an opinion editorial on Sikhs in the United States called "The Sense of White Supremacy" at CounterPunch.com. He joins Lake Effect's Stephanie Lecci on the phone from Connecticut, and gives us first a brief history of Sikhs in the States. ??
  2. To be proud of your caste is not a Sikhi thing. Guru Ji says not to feel proud of your caste and do not discriminate others not on the same caste as yourself. We are all born according to our karmas therefore it’s wrong to feel proud of yourself and your caste or to look down on others because they are higher or lower caste than yours. Sikhs are not allowed to practice caste discrimination in most areas of their lives!
  3. But you failed to keep strong pehra on your obnoxious mind replete with obnoxious thoughts and words that got expressed by your obnoxious tongue! You are nothing but a backward undeveloped munchkin showing off your fake beliefs and zero faith! Fake people like you should ask those vazurags to teach you how to speak in a respectful manner! ?
  4. Baba Budha Sahib Ji also did the tilak on our Guru Sahiban Ji’s foreheads on their Gadhi Divas. EDUCATE.
  5. 100 % spot on! Any chance of re-uniting again since their departure and 1984?
  6. He was referring to your stinking foul language implying that if you can use language of those with ‘bodi or bodies’ then you can’t be what you claim to be. In other words, you are fake, therefore you should remove your bana and be who you really are and that is a foul mouth individual who is neither here nor there! He was implying that you are weak, as weak as those that have a bodi unable to fight back with those that were convert them into another religion particularly during the days of the raj. Guru Ji gave them Amrit and beard and kesh to fight against the unrighteousness like powerful lions and not like powerless ones with bodies!! So, what are you? A fake with a bodi or two or what?
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