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  1. Are you joking? Why don’t you become a Sikh before marrying this girl? If you don’t want to become a Sikh then the only option would be to marry her before a statue of some devi/devta you believe in. I doubt if she is a true Sikh anyway!
  2. Be thankful to them! Who fed you when you were a baby? Who bought you clothes, shoes and books or paid for your piano, tennis or even rugby lessons? How can you be so ungrateful for everything your parents did for you? You are a wretched little moaner and all you ever do is nothing but moan, moan, moan and moan some more with no stopping! Open your eyes and see how much you already owe them before you start judging them for giving you money? Well, you can always give it to some unfortunate needy Sikh children if you don’t want to keep it. Besides, nothing lasts forever!
  3. Says who? Honestly, your posts are not all that funny anymore!
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