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  1. They eat flesh of all dead animals because they are walking, talking, blood -sucking, egoistic, greedy evil vampires of the kalyuga. They have no interest in Sikhi or the Sikh Gurus. They are all totally loopy and a danger to us genuine Sikhs! We love everything about Sikhi and no one dare ape us! We are the true Sikhs! The present day rakshash/vampires are full of poisonous vibes with god given gift to bad mouth everyone/anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path! Sikhi teaches love, forgiveness and compassion. We mustn’t hate anyone. We must love everyone. I have come across numerous goofy Sikhs who misinterpret the Gurbani to justify their huge appetites for flesh, alcohol, tobacco and lust. I am still not over the shock I feel towards their ignorance and lack of respect/regard towards Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji! Shame on them! They are all going to be punished in hell.
  2. I looked just like him once! Does he use olive oil for his mustachioes anyone?
  3. Well, well, well. What have we here? Last time I opened my beak to utter a few euphonious english sentences to a bunch of nice people gathered at some function, a very tall, unusually good looking human being stood up and commented I speak like the British Royalty. I am not quite certain what this cute person meant! Before I could say anything the person started kowtowing execessively in my direction as I walked past him, when I turned back to look again if I was still being kowtowed at, I was quite impressed to observe that this person proceeded to lick the very ground I had just walked on, a few seconds earlier. So, I am still wondering if anyone can throw some light on this situation and tell me which class I belong to. I have two PhDs in "How to Deal with hoity-toity, la-di-da sounding fancypants of the world" plus one MSc in "The Principles of dysfunctional kooky spooky pinheads" too . I also have few more (additional) educational qualifications but the forum is not capacious enough for them.
  4. Knowledge is power. Numbers can easily be bought or converted to other religions without firm knowledge.
  5. Doesn’t matter how much money they allocate towards spending to convert, people will only convert if they seriously want to. This has to come from within of each single person willing to convert or listen.
  6. All religions lead to the same one God. This world has seen Jewish saints, Christian saints, Sufi saints, hindu saints, sikh saints, Buddhist saints the list is never ending. They have all arrived at Truth and achieved elevated exalted states. Sikhism is NOT the only religion through which Ik Onkaar can be experienced. 99 per cent of those self proclaimed Sikhs don’t even know what it means to be a Sikh. I come from a Sikh family and regret the fact that my elders not only failed to explain sikhi to me but also failed to teach me Panjabi language just because they felt too ashamed to be associated with the language or the religion. They were brainwashed into believing that Hindi is a more sophisticated language and the culture it belongs to is also highly polished and socially facilitating! No, I don’t believe Sikhism is the only religion that leads to God. People have reached, experienced and seen God before the origins of Sikhism. Sarmad, Ana -al- Haq, Rabia are a good examples of souls merging with ligh or God. Great sikh scholars like Sant Maskeen singh Ji and many others never say Sikhism is the only way ever in their discourses. I can’t be bothered with editing this post. If you see any errors just ignore them.
  7. Care to elaborate? We have 4 doors. All faiths are respected equally. The Darbar Sahib was constructed way before the British arrived at the golden shores of the Gurdwara.
  8. AND you think sikhs are poor little innocent angels at the mercy of all and sundry. Do you even have a clue what is happening here in Panjab or near my city of Chandigarh? Drugs, Corruption, Muggings, farmers committing suicides, girls mimicking western patterns of sleeping around and boys playing little toy boys for the rich ugly middle aged two timing bitches <banned word filter activated> cheating their equally unscrupulous husbands behind their backs! Panjab the land of Sikhi is a place where wives are doing dhandha to put food on the tables while their husbands drink and indulge in all kinds of sinister activities like taking drugs and paying for you <banned word filter activated>. Shocking. I am looking to go abroad away from this mess caused by the so called ‘sikhs’ of Panjab.
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