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  1. I was reading something on the internet and came across this article and thought it may be of some interest to everyone here regarding their perspective on the impact of brutalities of colonisation upon India and its people. Here is the link:- https://www.myindiamyglory.com/2019/03/10/atrocities-on-indian-women-and-india-by-british-during-their-rule/ Atrocities on Indian Women and India by British During ... - myIndiamyGlory 10 Mar 2019 — Raped Indian women were forcefully made prostitutes by British Christians. Prostitution houses were se
  2. Singh Sahib Giani Sukhjinder Singh passes away
  3. I was thinking that too. Why would they follow him as if he was god? I wonder if his wife and children knew this was going on!
  4. But do they really gain any Brahmgiyan ever?
  5. I am trying my best but it doesn’t seem to be working. I have tried different times before 6 am, but I still fall asleep.
  6. How long did your experience last? When I say I fall asleep, I am ashamed to say this, but I can actually hear myself snoring! I feel really very bad after this and sometimes I just want to give up but I can’t do that. May be I am not meant to wake up at amrit wale, I don’t know. I have warm ishnaan and do my banies first and then Simran. To be honest, I don’t even know when I fall asleep!
  7. This explains why Sikhs don’t do tantra mantra or kundalini yoga. Why do people do kundalini yoga anyways? Isn’t naam simran enough? What is it that they are looking for?
  8. Brother, is it quite common for people to fall asleep when doing naam simran? If so, does it mean, we haven’t done any progress in our abhiyas? What becomes of people like us that fall asleep while remembering God at Amritvela? Do we go to hell? Can you pls answer these questions, as I am really anxious to know.
  9. My problem is I fall asleep when doing simran, any help would be most appreciated. I get very upset when this happens. I feel like I have wasted my time.
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