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  1. We are not responsible for all the evil that you see around you! Women are also responsible for much of this evil. Why do they allow themselves to be exploited by men and carry out their weird fantasies? Women are also to blame. Men make movies women act out their immoral wayward and far fetched fantasies for only few dollars! On the whole men and women are both the perpetrators or executors of all evil we see around us. They are both culprits, though men more, because the world we live in has always been male dominated!
  2. I will never put women on pedestal ‘cos I know what they are all about. They are a cunning and conniving lot. When they see me in the langar hall they deliberately give me less food to make me feel insecure. I mean, why single me out? I have never done anything wrong to them! I am kind, helpful and very good looking! Why be so mean to me? They fail to realise that I might easily be married to one of their daughters! I know it’s a crazy thing to say. I know what can get up to. I will never go near a pregnant s*d in case she blames it on me! Having said this, men can also be silly s*ds! They use women because they are easily manipulated, this is how they get exploited and then everyone feels sorry for them. I think they just don’t know how to look after themselves!
  3. Homosexuality has always existed but it was hidden away and not seen on the surface like we do it nowadays. Normal people were not affected but now it’s everywhere and even children are taught about it at schools. Parents that don’t agree with this are not very happy about the exposure their children receive these days.
  4. Well, you know, we men are as bad as them. Men don’t only say things to justify it but also work towards it to normalise it by depicting it in movies, dramas, books and publicising it in highly sensational manner when some famous people commit such kinds of acts behind their spouses or partners! It’s is incredibly disgusting.
  5. KaAm has always been the main reason for both scenarios!
  6. I think women will only cheat if the husband is a two-timer so to teach him a lesson. She will cheat only, if the husband’s an alcoholic and doesn’t give any shopping money for groceries or bills. Also if he is a criminal locked up in a prison and she has had enough with waiting for him. In any case, if the wife cheats it’s only because she has no choice, whereas men do it all the time to prove their manliness to impress other men of their latest conquest. Some men find it very hard to be loyal to one woman. They feel trapped and bored in a marriage and they cheat. Man is said to be a typical polygamous creature by nature whereas women are not, simply because they look after their offsprings because of their utter helplessness at birth. They need to be around them whereas man doesn’t. Women are the home-makers while man is a hunter and gatherer. He doesn’t only hunt or gather wealth for food but also things for his personal pleasures for his spare time.
  7. Because I am always hearing this from the women where I work and even when I was at school, the kids will be missing school because they had to deal with the upheaval at home due to this. They would cry and sob about what their dads did and the fact their parents will either separate or divorce because of cheating or absent dads. They hated moving schools or places and starting new somewhere else. It was sad really.
  8. But why do you say women cheat more then men? I am always hearing women complaining about their boyfriends or husbands cheating on them. I have even heard some teenagers claiming their parents divorced because their dads cheated on their moms. Even if you think women cheat more than men, then they must be doing it to take revenge from what the men have done to them for ages. Well, I might be wrong. Another thing is that the men go and get half their age girls to marry them after divorce .. especially from Philippines or Thiland.
  9. I had another look at the video and noticed they are still dressed and not naked. Perhaps, they were they just cuddling each other to keep warm and nothing more. Otherwise why are they still clothed? I bet his line of defence is going to be she came on to him. After all, it’s still a man’s world, and they can do whatever they like and still get away with it. Men have always cheated with their wives, this is nothing new. Women just had to put up with it especially when they are financially dependent on them. Men willl always be men and always do what they are good at doing which is cheating and exploiting women. I mean, most crimes related to *e* are committed by men because they can’t control themselves and what about grooming? Who is responsible for grooming young girls? It’s men, isn’t it? I am shocked to see nothing has changed, men still exploit women.
  10. Another shocking and disgusting thing happening all over the world. Don’t know what to say or think about fhis filth.
  11. Shocking! Foolish woman and the nephew! It’s a well known fact that a man can never be faithful to any woman, let alone his wife. What about his children, what are they going to make of all this? His wife should either kick him out altogether or cheat on him for revenge! But I doubt if she ever will, because men always get away with it. That’s why they cheat again and again. He is a right <banned word filter activated>. No wonder people don’t get married these days, because they can’t stay faithful, they like sleeping around and cheating. It’s the same trend everywhere ....... all over fhe world. Shocking people.
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