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  1. muscleman

    Your Favorite Forum Members

    harsharan000 simran345 dalsingh (where is dalsingh by the way?) chatanga as well as Kira I forgot to mention N30Singh. N30Singh and dalsingh are the most favorites.
  2. muscleman

    Why is there suffering in Sikhi?

    I truly wish I could help you by providing a perfect answer but I can’t.
  3. muscleman

    Christians becoming Sikh

    Listen to this Bani very, very carefully. LEARN IT AND MEMORIZE IT. The whole world needs redemption.
  4. muscleman

    The Fake Sant Businessman

    Obviously they survived on lots of nuts plus dry fruits. Did you know almonds are extremely high protein food? Moreover, their diet was free from pesticides and preservatives in those days. They were very lucky.
  5. muscleman

    The Fake Sant Businessman

    Our bodies can only endure spiritual sadhnas as long as they remain fit and healthy. Unless you are physically fit and healthy your body will not be able to sustain lengthy - long lasting samadhies; without this we will never attain mukti. Healthy body is important when we are walking the path of spirituality, for self-realisation. Don’t follow the sheep on this forum, follow the LIONS with all your heart and soul. LEARN IT, KNOW IT.
  6. muscleman

    Christians becoming Sikh

    Why are you so fixated on white sikhs? White sikhs are also souls that deserve some kind of redemption, don’t you agree? The message of dhann dhann Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is not only meant for a minority group comprising dirty looking savages, only fit enough to inhabit wild, dense jungles of the world; the likes of which crowd our Gurugars these days! The great message is meant for the entire human race. You really need to embrace the essential message of the Guru and rise above narrow mindedness and welcome all to sikhi! Grow up and be brave and accept the TRUTH.
  7. muscleman

    The Fake Sant Businessman

    So, now, you are burning with jealousy because he is making money? If he thinks that’s the only way he can bring people to feel god then let him be. What’s the point in wasting your energy on feeling jealous? He is killing two birds with one stone, earning money and reminding people of God.
  8. muscleman

    The Fake Sant Businessman

    So, you think, you have a God given gift to judge all and sundry! Your post is full of propoganda BS rhetoric.
  9. They are all Moslems! Why are you totally bent on playing the dumb today? Usually you are as bright as a button, what’s wrong with you today? Haven’t you had your oats as in (strictly) porridge, yet?
  10. The reason they are far too protective is because they are too scared their children will tell on them about all the evils that exist in their families!! The minute the children leave home for univesities their actions speak loud and clear, indicative of RUBBISH PUNJAABI families they originate from. In fact, universities end up bearing the burden of civilising these mannerless uncouth ankle-biters. They have to be force fed with manners and other good things that need to be taught.

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