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  1. Some Mahapurash use to request a sea "burial", i.e. releasing the body to the elements and allowing wildlife in the water to devour it. I'm not sure whether that's still happening.
  2. That's the trick. Publicly, sell the belief that it's all a load of bull, yet privately practice its rituals and derive the benefits. Why do you think atheism as a belief system has gained traction so emphatically? Sure, there's the valid idea that religion has been used as a front for many ungodly acts that people are no longer prepared to tolerate, but on the other hand a sincere and heartfelt practice of religion and spirituality is perhaps the most accessible protection from the dark arts and perhaps gaining insight into life beyond the perception of our physical senses. Demean, undermine, and strip away that last barrier of spiritual protection (and potential means of spiritual insight) from people, and therefore the human spirit is susceptible to all forms of mass deceptions that operate on the unseen level but which eventually manifest on the physical plane. That's my theory.
  3. The British intelligence services were founded by a select Oxbridge elite who practiced a brand of Occultism that derived its teachings from a brand of black magic that specialised in child sex abuse and child sacrifice. It's no longer a great unfathomable mystery to me regarding what exactly these British sickos are doing behind closed doors.
  4. This is something I've been researching for the past few months as there's so much in this area that intrigues me yet doesn't add up IMO. My preliminary findings (based on teachings from various schools and philosophies from as far back as before aniquity that recognise karma and the metaphysical laws) so far seem to be pointing to a few... uncomfortably dodgy facts. I hope it's just a case of a misunderstanding on my part or it's another part of the dark veil of evil that covers this earth to demoralise those who believe in God.
  5. The one who took Amrit has an uphill struggle to merge with God based everything he or she does after becoming Gursikh, so I'd suggest the idea that future peeriya being granted an automatic pass through zero effort of their own is the kind of tall-tale that's sold to gullible Sikhs back home to induce them into joining the ranks of the baptised. Also, I suppose it's important to define the definition of 'save' in this context.
  6. That's what it seems to me. Spot-on. I'm guessing he found himself on the astral plane - and he saw what we'd term as abnormal - things that are only seen on that plane of existence. As you say, he had no frame of reference beyond his western mindset at the time, and he ran with 'lizard people'.
  7. If only Icke hadn't come to prominence with the Son of God / lizard people schtick. That's tainted him. All the relatively recent socio-cultural and political "predictions" he made 15 or 20 years ago are bearing fruit. I'm certain he had some form of immense spiritual awakening back in the day, and his mind and senses processed it as him being a part of the Divine, but the way he phrased it made it seem like he was nuts.
  8. I'm amazed at how the downsides of this practice have rarely, if ever, been approached for discussion in the wide open. It's obvious why any negativity surrounding this issue is minimised. I don't think it's entirely a Muslim issue, though.
  9. Their original post was a checklist of clich├ęs and identifiers of the contemporary sheep who've deluded themselves into thinking drinking the Kool-aid was necessary. 1. "I did something that some people disagree with. How dare you notice my behaviour." A classic tell boldly expressed by those who have a past that obviously irks their conscience. 2. "It's [insert the current year]" as if that's an argument. When it's 2119 and marrying animals will be all the rage, people who don't participate in that nonsense will be castigated for not moving with the times. 3. The classic shaming tactic; the icing on the cake. "You must be a deranged, sexually charged maniac for having morals that I discarded a very long time ago. How dare you, bigot!"
  10. Nah, not from the Midlands but occasionally pass through for various reasons. I'm just generally mistrustful of any place that is meant to be for a so-called higher purpose but actually on closer inspection money seems to be the overriding factor in everything. Behind the PR and the pakandh it's business as usual.
  11. The best and most effective way to ensure an art or specialist knowledge is limited in circulation among a tiny elite is to covet its proliferation or hide it behind unattainable barriers that are only surpassed by wealth. I'm not suggesting time and effort of a teacher's knowledge should not be rewarded, but as I said previously, we are, Sikh or not, generally in a world where only those with the resources are able to access these arts regardless of the talent of the student. A kid with mediocre skills who'll never develop beyond adequacy will be welcomed with open arms by a teacher because his parents can afford to splash out on the best tuition, whereas a potential savant will never proceed beyond promising innate potential because the child hails from an impoverished background where luxuries such as musical tuition are a pipe dream. Our community being one driven by materialism and superficiality -- the arts being no exception -- means the ustaads see currency signs before they see much else. It's a truth I've seen with my own eyes.
  12. Yeah, small talk was probably the wrong phrase. Gossip / chugliyan that is deemed to be unworthy / nonsensical for anyone with aspirations of cleaning up their karms. Apparently, nindya is frowned upon across the various Eastern mystical paths. It's supposed to be one of the worst things a person can do in that particular sphere of action. It's a sign of a lesser developed soul.
  13. I'm glad someone finally got the reference. I wasn't saying that nonsense for my health.
  14. Nah, just had to grow up quickly. My 40s are still a while away, lol.
  15. My mum was telling me a few months back that she works with Sikh women of her generation (born and raised in India yet came over in the 80s; that would make them age-wise late 50s / early 60s), boast about going to the pub with their husbands. I thought she was trolling me, but apparently it's true. I was incredulous but it's supposedly quite a common thing. Berrah begaya jananiya da. If the mothers carry on in that manner then the daughters are obviously going to take it to the next level.
  16. A Punjabi remake of the Matt Damon espionage trilogy: The Pagh Identity; The Pagh Supremacy, and The Pagh Ultimatum.
  17. I would've had to pull the old blackboard and chalk out to really get into the details of who we are and where we came from, lol. But, yes, they asked me why there's a visible difference in appearance of the people living in the South and the people of the North, etc., and I briefly covered the topic of invasions and trading throughout the centuries prior to Islamic encroachment. Ultimately, there is a sense of a unified Indian archetype in the eyes of such people, and the image they have of that type isn't entirely accurate.
  18. Plus, why are the same social and cultural phenomena occuring in black populations where slavery wasn't an institution? The tiny minority of astute blacks who see through the bull are incredibly unpopular and marginalised by their own people to the point where they are voiceless. The remaining majority revel in their so-called freedom but can't seem to understand they've swapped one plantation for another. Malcolm X died trying to open his people's eyes to these truths.
  19. If by 'white' you're referring to music and film moguls from a particular background and community, then yes I agree. The irony of it is that only a very small percentage of perceptive black people can see the deception being carried out in their name. Believe it or not, most "normal" blacks despise the thug / gangsta culture. We've fallen for this brainwashing if the discussions here are any indication. Most of them aren't coarse / sassy / aggressive / confrontational. You have to ask yourself why this particular image of the black race is pushed the most in the media we consume in the West. There's also the other side of it where there's attempts to emasculate the black male in entertainment. There's a running joke among black actors / entertainers that in order for a black actor to take that next step to stardom, he has to "wear a dress" or basically accept a role where he's either gay or effeminate, or literally wear a dress. Black people hate that nonsense as they feel both extremes reflect badly on them, but for these entertainers they either have to play the criminal or be gay in order to get anywhere in their careers.
  20. The overlooked or sometimes conveniently ignored aspect of their physiology is their diet, i.e. chicken and meat in general. I'm not being funny or stereotyping, but black people LOVE their chicken. Obviously, inhaling chicken all day and sitting on your behind playing video games is going to cause obesity in everyone, black or not, but certain foods coupled with an active lifestyle and perhaps a genetic predisposition to building and retaining muscle better than other races, also plays a factor. Testosterone (in natural) animal products is key. As a lifelong vegetarian I'm content and secure enough in my beliefs to acknowledge this truth.
  21. I've seen too many episodes of Columbo to realise what I'm seeing here is the beginning of a plan to bump off the missus.
  22. He's not going to be able to take veiled digs and passive-aggressive shots at fellow LGBTers on an exclusively gay forum. This place is a good opportunity to exorcise his various frustrations at who he considers to be the root cause of the various problems plaguing his existence, i.e. religiously-inclined straight males, because we've apparently crafted the society and the conditions under which fellows of his ilk are suffering.
  23. As for Ajeet, I'm not one to kick a man when he's down. I still maintain he's a decent guy who's made some poor decisions when faced with the unenviable issues in his life pertaining to his sexuality and related matters. Regardless of the belief that homosexuality is attributable to nature or nurture, the fact is that he IS gay, and I can only imagine the struggle of trying to come to terms with it all while trying to also deal with uniquely cultural and family issues impacted by his turbulent mental state. The daily constant battle going on his mind is probably unbearable for most people. Where I diverge from his point of view is with his decision to seek a wife in order to satisfy the expectations of his parents. I would not have brought a woman into the situation (and I certainly wouldn't have borne an innocent child with that woman). Regardless of the pressure from external parties, I'd have been more than ready to labour under the mental anguish of my issues completely alone before I'd ever drag somebody into my conflicted life under duplicitous circumstances. I could never do that no matter how strong the forces acting upon me. Now that he finds himself in a situation where I sense he feels suffocated and pressured into an ever stressful home life, I worry what he may resort to. Someone of a volatile emotional nature - such as effeminate gay men and shortsighted women - resort to desperate yet ill advised acts in the mistaken belief that they will find a solution to their problems. I can only advise that he doesn't increase the karmic burden on his shoulders in any way. I believe he's incapable of toughening up his state of mind because if it was on the cards it would've happened by how or at least the early stages of the process would've been instigated. Latching onto corrupt, decadent and misleading western ideologies is of no purpose to someone in his situation. He'll never find the answers in what passes for internet-fueled liberalism in this day and age. I wish him the best. I hope God blesses him with a solution to his problems.
  24. To summarise: "I see the various deficencies in myself that are raised during the discussions that people like Misterrsingh contribute to, but I'm so heavily in denial and afraid of the process of change and improvement I'd be forced to undergo that I'd rather pretend the people raising these issues are misinformed and ignorant than confront those issues in myself and become a better person. I'm also envious of people like Misterrsingh but I can't bring myself to admit such a thing because it would reveal various insecurities about my intellect and limited understanding of the world around me."
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