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  1. They are jealous because they don’t wear anything to make them look regal!! Jealousy destroys everything. Sikh men and women who wear guru’s bana and are sabat soorat with flowing beards and dhumallas are the envy of the world. They are jealous because their souls are not blessed with a human birth in brown Sikh families because of their evil karmas in past lives!
  2. Trying telling the sikh females to keep licenced weapons and learn shastar vidiya... the sexist b****** still believe they live in a man’s world and only men should wear shastar and learn the vidiya, totally brainwashed fat <banned word filter activated> to lazy to learn or lead disciplined lives. Look how obese they become after just one pregnancy and never even try to lose the weight gained. After all, that’s why god gave them huge traps so to eat and eat till they dead and gossip and do nindiya of everyone who walks upright with two legs. They will never learn.
  3. I totally agree with you. Our first responsibility is towards looking after each other as Sikhs. We should be more than willing to help genuine Sikhs with any problems they may face or are facing. There is no doubt about it and the youngster having difficulties with tying a dumalla or keeping his rehat should be our number one priority as Sikhs! The reason I am engaging with the Muslim is purely due to his attitude towards our faith and what we believe in. I would like to see some evidence as to his belief in 72 virgins, paradise after death (jannat) and so on. Can he prove his faith in all these concepts in a scientific laboratory? No, he can’t. So why mock or make fun of our belief in the law of reincarnation? Why ask for evidence? It makes me sick to see guru ke Sikhs doing kesh katal. When you try to teach them why they shouldn’t do it, they will soon find something to say to justify their reasons!
  4. If that’s the case, then do you believe that pigs also have souls and can reincarnate as humans? Do you also believe that humans can reincarnate as animals based on their actions? Clarify your statement above, as there is little or no point making empty or hollow statements like above. Ambiguity leads nowhere but confusion! Educate.
  5. Wrong again. Stop playing the coward and answer his question directly. Stop pandering!! Ask questions if you can’t answer directly without digressing and trying to please him and make him happy! If you can’t answer it admit it that you don’t have enough learning so you are unable to answer, but you will do some research and ask from those that are more learned than you! What “instances” are you referring to? Direct answer would be that it is everything to do with brahmgiyaan awastha and nothing to do with “instances” at all! Are you even a Amrittary Sikh? Humility is the way to go about it!
  6. I am quoting you one more time! I am sure a smart person doesn’t have to be asked twice, because they are smart enough to tackle the question in one go! So, where is your evidence to negate my proposition: that you could also have been that animal in your past life, the one you are forbidden to consume? Don’t shy away now. Answer the question. If you are deeply convinced that your logic is not doomed, then come on, answer the question! Otherwise stop playing the fool like the rest of you , stop wasting my time. Go, find your (that) leg to stand on now! Prove to me that the horse in question was a Sikh in his past life? Prove that you are not a loser and that you have not lost the argument? PS: I knew you were doomed from the beginning with jumbled up logic, judging from your previous posts on miscellaneous threads! My time is very precious, so I wouldn’t be wasting it on a loser like you! So, good luck with your narrow minded draconian views!
  7. You seem ardent enough in your opinions about everything including good souls and bad souls. Can you please do the courtesy to define what a ‘good soul ‘ is ? Are you God? Are you antaryami? Can you tell what I am feeling or about to say? Can you guess what I ask for in my prayers daily? Do you even know if I say my prayers ever? You really need to stop taking everything personally. The hoochies that I see daily @the gurdwaras and everywhere else have matching actions to accompany their outfits! They are tarty beyond description! Define ‘ civilised ways’ then? Crude people don’t behave in civilised ways! They are loud, thick and stupid, egoistical, attention seeking and you can imagine how unsightly they look! It’s due to their crude thinking they dress the way they do, after all, we dress to express our inner selves as well as to give decent and suitable coverage to our physical bodies! We dress to express and cover ourselves from the elements and prying eyes! Women are not objects they are human. Our Gurus assigned equality to both sexes. Men have always carried out their responsibly of being decent women haven’t! They are the ones that impose upon men to treat them like SEX OBJECTS. If men don’t treat them as such they turn WILD! Grow up and take some responsibility and stop moaning! If the Gurus were walking on earth right now, you would be wearing a turban or some other kind of head covering and decent punjabi suit when going for their darshans, unless you belonged to very poor family with no money to afford decent clothes! Don’t ever make the mistake that the Gurus are not watching you, whether you are inside the gurdwara or outside of it! God is omnipresent. So dress decent. Keep your head covered always, and don’t show too much skin. In other words respect yourself and don’t abuse what God has given you. Don’t be gawaars! Gawaar thinking minds act gawaar and express their gawaar inner selves by dressing in gawaar outfits! Also don’t forget, gawaars also eat gawaar food and drink gawaar things! ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!
  8. Do you have any evidence to prove that you were not a p** in your past life then? You present your evidence to negate my statement and I will present mine. It appears to me that you are the one that is so very triggered by my proposition! As I said before, you are not exempt from this worldview of mine! It applies to you too!
  9. @MuslimNeighbour In that case, you agree then why you don’t eat pork? You are not exempt from my worldview! The sooner you understand this the better it would be for your spiritual development! Don’t tell me you don’t understand this either?
  10. Yes, bless the horses! They are man’s best companions, docile and completely harmless. Very loving and loyal animals.
  11. You are pathetic. Why don’t you eat pork? Perhaps you were a p** in your past life, no? You are such an idi**
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