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  1. Why is no one responding to my messages and request to delete the following thread ?
  2. Dear mods, Can you delete the following thread ? it was originally posted by me as gupt. I dont want to be doxxed plus for personal & legal reasons. Thanks
  3. just reading this hurts me, i feel sad for the husband. Please curb these thoughts right away, nip them in the bud, if you dwell on them they will take a larger form and then things will g out of hand. listen to jac singh , he is on point with this one. and cut all contact with him, even if you try to be just friends , it still wont be same. your mind is playing tricks, beware! you have made a vow ! dont break it please. i hope you are just a troll and not actually a real person.
  4. Dear MODS, My thread is still up under gupt. Pls delete it.
  5. I didn't know how else to come across to Mods. Since I will be involved in legal action probably, can you please the other thread entirely. Thanks to gupt users for their personal experiences and to other users for their invaluable advice and support.
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