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  1. Sant Naranjan Singh jee ex Shromani Kathakar has written a few books. So far I have read Ardaas kalaa and Jeevan Jugat, both of these are available in English and Gurmukhi too. And if like me, you’ve experienced blows to your faith or slowly started falling in your gursikhi Jeevan, these books are guaranteed to restore your sikhi! Out of all the books I have read, nothing comes close to Sant Naranjan Singh jee, and on top of that, each statement is backed up by Gurbaanee ??
  2. Wash sarbloh normally w kosa pani and fairy liquid and scrub until the rust is gone and he Sarbloh gets that shiny silvery look. Then dry them properly with a towel or kitchen roll. If they still rust or need storing for a longer period of time then rub a little bit of oil into the Sarbloh with a tissue ??
  3. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਾਖਾਲਸਾਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕੀਫਤਹਿ On Saturday 7th October there will be an Akhand Keertan Darbar and Amrith Sanchaar Smagam taking place at Singh Sabha Cross Rds Coventry. Program is as follows: Saturday 7th October: Akhand Keertan: 6-12 Amrit Sanchaar: Starting 8pm til late Kakkars will be provided as seva by AKJ UK
  4. If you haven't learnt the vidhiya of saas giraas already it is highly recommended you go to an Amrith Sanchaar and learn (AKJ happen to be the only ones who keep this maryada alive) Secondly, it would be wise to remove this post and pose the question directly to Guroo sahib and take a hukam, once others find out about your spiritual advances it will stop your progression altogether, and it will take a very high amount of bhagthee to break past this boundary again. Thirdly, if the only thing you can feel is the sound of simran, then this is an extremely good sign. Don't be scared and have bharosaa in mahraaj. Guroo sahib says dhun meh dhyaan, dhyaan meh jaaniaa!
  5. Ask yourself one question when posting to this forum: if you needed to do peshi in front of the panj pyaareh tomorrow would you rather do in front of; a) 5 jyot vigaasi, naam rassiye Singhneea b) 5 Singh's who have no discipline, just about do nitnem, care more about worldly happenings than looking after their own bhagthee. ?
  6. 22nd July (TOMORROW) @ baba Deep Singh's gurdwara, Holyhead rd, Handsworth. The Amrith Sanchaar will take place in Khalsa house at 7pm. Kakkars will be provided **Remember that panj Singh are never bound by any jatha
  7. How is such a topic about elections related to Saadh Sangath and Sikhi, the purpose of the creation of such a website?
  8. Democracy is a system proven to fail. Guroo Gobind Singh jee has already given us the perfect method to manage a society and that is through the system of panj rehatvaan gursikhs to be our form of government.
  9. Nothing wrong with listening jeeo; however make sure your surthee is focused on the nitnem and not something else Bhai sahib. If it becomes background noise then maybe you should re-evaluate the reasons why you're doing nitnem ??
  10. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਾਖਾਲਸਾਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕੀਫਤਹਿ Ardaas! Do Ardaas to mahraaj and explain how the last few months have proven that we're nothing without Guroo jees support; Ardaasan are your personal conversation time with Guroo sahib and take a hukamnama to see their response. Ask for a strong amrithvelaa and nitnem routine again and again and set alarms to help you wake up and sleep on time; one thing that helps many students is sleeping between 10 and 11 waking up early, around 1-half past 1 in the morning and going back to sleep around 4 and then waking up again at around 7:30 as you get around 7-8 hours sleep just in two separate naps, and you can nap in the evening if required aswell Attend Sangath regularly and attend keertan Darbars and listen to katha whenever you have time. Bhai Sukha Singh jee UK is highly recommended as his katha is easy to understand and become absorbed in, both in English and Panjabi
  11. AjaipalSingh


    Firstly, listening or reading Sukhmani Sahib's are key to bring shanti in your life; also, science has proven tunda ishnaan relieves depression as well as keeps us awake jee. Sukh meh bau Sangee bheh, dukh meh sang na koe In that pangthee, Guroo Tegh Bahadur jee explains how people are always with you during good times, drawn to the atmosphere around you, taking what they can, yet when it gets rough, they all leave you on your own. This pangthee can be used to teach so many different lessons; the first being don't get attached to anybody! So no relationships, boyfriends girlfriends etc; nowadays this is what stops most of us from progressing in our own Jeevans. Secondly, go to keertan Darbars, listen to katha, spend as much time with mahraaj as possible; however don't waste your time in mahraajs house talking in the langar hall, or listening to useless chatter. The less one talks, the better. Many Gurmukhs will never hang around a gurdwara, and leave if they're not in guroos Darbar, ideally we should all have this mentality as it naturally avoids getting roped into bad Sangath. Its natural to feel our lives are getting worse after taking Amrith or after doing more simran/seva/paath. It's all part of the test, the panj chor that live inside you don't want to see you progress in your Sikhi so they'll do literally anything to stop you, whether it's make you upset/depressed, give you back pains so you can't sit in chounkra, weaken your memory so it's more difficult to memorise baanee and so on. However these efforts to knock you down are nearly always short lived, so continue with the good deeds you're already doing and do even more if you can handle it, soon enough your mann realises that these good habits like simran at amrithvelaa and sukhmanee sahib every day are here to stay, and you begin to feel the positive energy that it has on you. Just withstand the test of time
  12. From the age of around 11 please teach your children to learn rehraas sahib kantt! The baanee is very simply written and easy to remember especially for a young mind other baaneea involve chaupai sahib, 6 pauree Anand sahib, Basant Kee Vaar key shabads are also good to teach naujawan alongside the meanings e.g. Jo tho prem khelan kaa chaao ... theraa keeaa meetaa laagae ... deh naam santokheeaa ... prabh pass Jan kee ardaas ... sajjan sachaa paatshaah ...
  13. If all my points have been answered then I have nothing more to say, close off this topic and let the reader decide for themselves rather than having you forcefeed your own opinions to them. As for the keski kakkar subject, that's another topic for another day; and chances are somebody's already started that thread. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਾਖਾਲਸਾਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕੀਫਤਹਿ
  14. Firstly baba, I have nowhere to run because I don't run from anybody; what kind of a Sardar runs away ?. And Guroo sahib tells us themselves that they feel pain. Guroo sahib feels pain when we distort the meanings of gurbaanee. Guroo sahib cries when we slander one another. Guroo sahib screams when we forget our rehat and adopt lazy manmukh like habits. Look at how many times in the last year saroops of Guroo sahib have become shaheed and been torn and burnt; all because you and I are too scared to give our own blood, so Guroo sahib stands in the way of the bullet for us, the ungrateful proud sikhs we've become. Btw, somebody making a gandhi video has nothing to do with the avasthaa of panj Sikh. You seem to love bringing up these videos about gays in multiple posts; I'm getting the vibe that you're somewhat jealous of this guy ? (When Guroo sahib gives you a direct hukam to slander and judge another person, then go nuts, as for now, forget about others doing whatever kam they decide to do and build up your kamayee. You're wasting your jawani bruv)
  15. Having Guroo sahib place their hand on your head doesn't make you perfect that's why jee. Everyone in any jathebandee is capable of committing a kurehat and we all fall. Some fall harder than others. Yeah naam can be revealed to you by Guroo sahib but it's only a very lucky few who can keep aath pehar simran going on in their hearts from that moment onward; it takes some of us lifetimes to work up to that level hunna. I also know of many youth today that claim to be akali nihangs and vidvaans of taksaal, I could probably name up to 30, who are twice as young as the guy you're on about and are doing gandhi kam twice as bad as that; sort them out aswell if you're going to take on that role of exposing these people, so don't be a hypocrite just because you hate one jatha; and don't harbour hate for such people whether they're bujjar kurehati or not. Gurmukhs get to a stage in their jeevan where upon having someone's darshan, they can read all of their karams and all of their thoughts, past present and future; yet the thing that makes them Gurmukh is that even by knowing the deepest darkest parts of ones soul, the Gurmukh will still never hesitate to show hat person pyaar and do their seva!
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