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  1. mate when i had porn addiction problems u laughed in face but infact u have it urself why be two faced
  2. lol always bringing up the pangtia from gurbani
  3. vjkk vjkf iam a amritdhari singh age 17 and i have ADHD i have alot o people especially punjabis giving me greif but guru sahibh gived u strength please personal message me for any advice also mods please approve this post
  4. theese guys are great they know what they saying
  5. in original amrit sanchar all singhs had naamdhir in amrit ceremony its now be lost dues to rss and taksaal and jhatka practicing nangs original 5 ks as set by guru gobind singh kanga KESKI kachera kirpan kara also mool mantar is read up to jaap and raagmala is the bani of kanjars also known as bhetis
  6. I met this nihang singh once and he said he rmbers me from his past life
  7. jathasingh1978


    Firstly eveyone he I not answering u properly listernine is a mouthwash if I'm correct the achol usnt the same achol people used to get drunk it's the same achol u used in hand whipes and gel ideally next time buy a in alcoholic moth wash to be safe be in my view of course u don't need to do pest people are just being extreame irs like saying I swore by mistake today or i accident was rude to some I need to have pesh. If u still feel guilty just do area as to.mahraj or ask and older singh ok no need for pest for stuff like mouthwash
  8. sahi gal veerji ur right i tired that today and it worked ive had a successful day in not watching it today thank u alot
  9. vaheguru bro i hope guru does kirpa on both of us bro i feel for u too ill do ardas for u bro pls do ardaas for me too
  10. satbachan jee vaheguru katia rog maha sukh paia vin sai paap gavia naam deea naam deaa ur right bro i need to have more faith in waheguroo then the disease will be cured
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