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  1. IF they are just going INSIDE mandir then nothing wrong. but obviously they are probably worshipping idols which isn't the way for nirguna pooja. We respect sarguna, but don't do pooja of this sort. The only chandi pooja we do is practising pf sword in sri bhagauti. to worship in standing idol form is useless for us.
  2. I have no problem in judging amrit dharis who don't bother with doing shastar abiyaas on purpose.
  3. In this case, I was talking about how there were still Princely states when India has been independent for a while. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_princely_states_of_British_India_(by_region)
  4. in the case of indian parliament, absolutely. But remember, there we had monarchies as opposed to a monarchy. Or how about a mixed system, democracy and monarchy as well? The way it was before India did the act for disabling the monarchies.
  5. Judging is important. IT is the lack of judging which has got our panth in a lot of trouble.
  6. Going off topic a bit. But if this applied to indian states then the answer would be because democracy has failed over there.
  7. naam japo, kirat karo, wand ke chakko. As long as you're not obsessed with working, and not obsessed with money (these obsessions are actually a problem in many sikh families), then I have no objections.
  8. I wish Khalsa fauj could go there and join with the Yazidis and destroy the ISIS terrorists there.
  9. I wonder about this school. Do they teach gurmat sangeet at this school or just silly harmonium? That's what they taught at Guru Nanak School Hayes, unsure if this still is true. I would love to start a fund for this also.
  10. ok, men will now start wearing a mask over their face, followed bye a full veil covering the whole body. then we cannot smell the perfumes. This perfumes give me hayfever and ithcy eyecs, men's perfumes too
  11. incidentally I was reading this thread and there was a discussion on use of sukhnidaan on the last 2 pages. anyway I think it is nonsense that we serve firangh cha tea in gurdwara yet speak negatively of traditional bhang based drinks. Then there's the hypocrisy of using chini (refined sugar) in langar and even prashad. IS amrit dhari following rehat when they use chini, drink firanghi cha and coffee, and eat carb-loaded foods? Please take this question 100% seriously, it's no joke neither sarcasm, especially in the context of putting down traditional sukhnidaan maryada practised by Singhs who actually bother with following bana maryada and dasam bani and also carrying shastar hukam of Guru Sahib. I think those who put Nihangs practising sukhnidaan down are hardly even able to do a 3rd of that!
  12. no not saying that at all. Would actually be good if everyone learnt stuff then just limiting it to amrit dhari Singhs. A good influence overall.
  13. hey you forgot about sikh Philosophy which seems to be used more by american sikhs. I would not say sikhsangat is a success, and some topics are still not allowed which are part of maryada of Gursikh. Also I haven't seen much success from any of these forums in promoting issues effecting British sikhs such as turban hatred from other sikhs and relatives, keeping proper rehit like training with shastar and martial arts, and I am sure this forum at least is not designed for discussing halal meat being served in schools and workplaces etc. The fact that there is no forum which caters for the whole sangat is a big problem. Reddit is ok, but facebooker and instagrammer pendoos aren't going to touch Reddit when they are busy posting shraabi and nangi photos are they?
  14. How about Dalip Singh's descendents? lol
  15. How about a sikh prime minister, or get a sikh into cabinet? Would be useful if the indian act could be repealed which stopped monarchies in India.
  16. Barbers, Or Nais have other functions these days besides cutting hairs. They might be involved in matrimonial match-making stuff for example. I need to add about sehajdhari sikhs, and it will become controversial for many on this forum. Firstly, there are many sehajdhari sikhs that have existed from the times of various sikh Gurus. But many of these civilian sikhs and samprdaiye have kind of been disowned by Singh Sabha lehar. Some of the samprdaiye which include sehajdhari sampradaiye have been mentioned in the Anandpur Resolution to be brought back into the panth. At the moment, most of these sampradaiye are even less visible than the Namdharis. I think Nirmalas have some visibility in the visibly panth. But also Udasis also had large roles, especially when the Singhs had been out fighting before the british Raaj. I am unsure where Sewapanthis fit in besides Bhai Khanaiya's system of helping people with first Aid and stuff. Then it gets more controversial, there's civilian sikhs who call themselves Nanakpanths, such as sikhs who were in Sindh before partition; are there some in Bihar as well? I am pretty sure most of these sehajdhari sikhs, especially the sampradaiye are doing more in preserving bani and paat, and also principles of sikhi at least from Guru Nanak. Compared to these, the monas are just drunk or drugged up, the only thing they might have is the name Singh in their name which tries to connect with the panth. The proper sehajdhari sikhs were involved in spreading and preserving sikhi before the angrej arrived, with the sampradaiye being connected to Guru Sahibs in one way or another, but all 3 of the ones I mentioned being blessed or even started by Dasam Patshah. With these sehajdharis, the amridhari Singhs would have been more active in martial rehat. The panth kept in-tune, in balance, like this. However, since the panth is now unbalanced, there's a lot of juggling stuff going on. With martial rehat and bani and keertan and seva. We have become more jack-of-all-trade sikhs than being good at following maryada. I mean calling these sikhs as hindus isn't helping. If 'our' moneh could even be sikhs like that then our panth would be so enriched! At he moment it seems some sehajdhari sikhs are called hindu-punjabis because they don't happen to use the name Singh in their name. Throwing around the hindu term isn't going to help, especially if we recognise what the Firanghi did to divide the panth into something unrecognisable.
  17. Those who follow kachherra rehat, they probably wouldn't wear anything over their kachherra. I have heard something called a half-stop is allowed if it is called. Those who follow strict rehat will not wear pyjama or trousers over their kaccherra. But then their Singhnis will wear something over the kaccherra. I mean proper rehit for Singhs is to wear kacchera so obviously this applies in gurdwara as well. Really your knees should be covered.
  18. I think the jatha segregation should not limit sikh gurdwaras and community groups from organising Khalsa rehit activities. I mentioned Nihang dals as they do still have a type of active Khalsa lifestyle. This is better than those that believe maryada is just doing daily nitnem and fiddling about with harmoniums to create sounds that we are now calling keertan. Not to mention amrit dharis that say they are vegetarians but eat countless harmful foods containing sugars and carbohydrates giving them diabetes, what kind of gurmat is that???
  19. A solution is, if amrit-dharis followed rehit, IF, then, only then more people might want to be Singhs. When I say rehit, I don't mean just the paper rehit maryada people have now. I mean following the active lifestyle rehit like in the rehitnaamas, rehit that has been followed since Guru Hargobind. Doing things like learning archery, shooting, horse-riding etc Follow Gurus hukam of learning shastar everyday, and also learn martial arts. (See Nihang Singh dals for example) Instead of being people that religiously follow football and cricket matches, they would be involved in these activities. Then they would be an actual "practising" amrit dhari, as opposed to someone who took amrit just to do paat, which any sehajdhari or "mona" can actually do! Can gurdwaras and sikh associations organise such activities? Organising kabaddi tournaments isn't really going to make sangat proper amrit dharis. However, organising kabaddi and wrestling training for sangat to be involved in would help! WE absolutely should not act like the disarmed sikhs of colonial times. Instead of becoming like the naamdharis who put the kirpaan symbol in the kanga, we should get out of this colonial compromise of not following martial rehit and get back to actually being Singhs. Can the community do this?
  20. People getting in fights or upset because of cricket matches need to find something better to do, actually the same for football matches as well (applies to a lot of uk punjabi sikh families!)
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