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  1. gyaan of dasam bani and historical knowledge is increasing. We are slowly increasing towards this unity...
  2. there was a time when panth was united under budha dal and tarna dal by Nawab Kapur Singh, when we had a Raaj.. Unfortunately, with the help of goray, committees and jathas got created and joined with outsiders to the Sarbat Khalsa, like Phulkian Misl, to take over gurdwaras and create disunity.
  3. So you followed Sarbloh Bibeck and drank water from Well?
  4. Evidence was that Baba Budha ji was first commander of Guru Hargobind ji's akal Sena, and the dal was hence named after Baba Budha ji, therefore Baba Budha Dal and Budha Dal. Read up more about history of Guru Hargobind and listen to katha such as Suraj Prakash. "EDUCATE" ?
  5. yo, most of those men look nothing like Kisaans. Could have at least dressed the part for this main photo! At least Deep Sidhu started dressing in a supportive manner!
  6. Guru Nanak also had teachers teaching languages when Guru ji was young, so how many Gurus does that add to your list????? Are you really not able to differentiate ishtdev-Guru from vidiya-Gurus/ustads/adiyapaks etc...? he was more controversial when there was less knowledge about Nihang Singhs and Dasam bani as well as lack of knowledge of historical granths such as Suraj Prakash as well as other historical sources. Now that the gyaan knowledge is spreading and colonial sects and SGPC as less influential in pushing their brands of sikhi, the controversy should be much less.
  7. oh yeh so Sonia Deol she got married and moved to Canada. so what has she been doing now?+
  8. for many youth, they may not consider themselves sikhs but they definitely have some anti-gurmatt views, whether they are aware or not! Shouldn't be controversial at all, cutting kesh is still manmatt, however innocent.. this mythology is from ancient times, way before there were any hindus. So in some ways we do share some mythology and history with modern hindus. The mistake people make is to call this mythology and history as exclusively hindu, whereas this is not true! no, I think khulasa referred to sehajdharis, who were still meant to to be keshdharis! Also many hindus back then were keshdharis
  9. it is not egotistical to use one's own judgement to try and improve another person ?? Especially if they are sheeple or have bad judgement. Without judgement how will we get a khalsa raaj? In bani, I don't think it applies to all judgement, however would be helpful to post some tuks.
  10. doesn't matter about hostility or not, the fact is there is shanka being taught about Benthii Chaupai Sahib for around a century, none of the sampradaiye practise this, and Chaupai Sahib was never read like this in 19th century. end of the day, we should listen to pracharaks who don't do shanka of bani like Gurwinder Singh Nangli, and not listen as much to those who do, regardless of their feelings and aims. Gurmatt is more about Guru and less about listening to personalities deviating for their own reasons! The raagmala argument goes deeper. However the argument for Chaupai Sahib is a load of nonsense and mischief.
  11. we can't judge people? I am sure it is the actual lack of judgement that is causing families to go to destruction. Stern judgment from elders is what today's people need to stop being so weak and sheepish!
  12. yeh in Reading Berkshie, I know a family where the boy refused to wear a pagh and do Anand Karaj. I guuess they just did the court marriage (civil ceremony) and then there was a party!
  13. yes but they give good panthik information on radio. Would be good if there was a different solution, or an alternative platform. In Canada and USA there are punjabi radio stations which do not ask for these kinds of donations/ direct debits / standing orders!
  14. how about Singhs start practising puraatan anand viyaa ceremonies and monas can do Anand Karaj, that sounds fun lolz
  15. instead panth supports pracharaks that do beadbi and shanka of Chaupai Sahib, such as Gurmat Bibek youtube channel which is on the Sikh videos - intermediate on the forum banner above. Gurwinder Singh nangli would never do this cutting of Kabyo Baach Benti Chaupai, he is from sampradaiye which would never do such a thing! so-called panthik people are corrupt. I think he has even done prachar of this shanka and beadbi groups do of Benti Chaupai Sahib bani!
  16. he is still keshdhari, keeping kesh is still seen as important to keep by any sikh by the Guru sahibs. Just read some bachans of Guru Gobind Singh.
  17. I actually heard about this in katha, might be in Suraj Prakash. Then I did some Googling.
  18. Biography of Guru Arjan Dev (1563 – 1606 A.D.) | RitiRiwaz
  19. I mean I can discuss this with you with gurmatt and rehit, however meat discussion is not allowed on this forum, especially if it is a pro-meat or pro jhatka discussion.
  20. we just need to start demanding jhatka, like sikh regiments used to get during colonial times.
  21. halal was always forceed on non-muslims, even before th Guru jis' times in Bharat/India. there's a story of one of Guru Gobind Singh's sikhs getting kidnapped and having his kesh cut and force fed halal.
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