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  1. Go and see a counseller immediately. It's very important. Many say they can deal with problems alone but we're very fortunate to have counsellers and psychiatrists who can talk us through things and professionally help us to heal. Alot of Sikhs fall and rise again and you probably don't hear about it. Don't beat yourself up about it, the past is the past. Ask for forgiveness and u are forgiven, He loves us unconditionally and just because we may not recognize His presence, he is always right here, staring us straight in the face, 24/7. He hears Every prayer we make whether loud or quiet. Admit your shortcomings and give up your stress(fears). Relax, breathe, go for a walk in nature, go for a swim, a massage and de-stress. But most importantly Go and see a COUNSELLER.
  2. He sat for many ages in the silence and discovered who He is. Ie Truth Then He created this Khel out if Pure Unconditional Love for us without any expectation of return, for us to discover what He did in a fraction of the time. The Gurus went further in this as per His Will, serving us GGSJi, the gyan of Truth that they discovered and earned through experience, on a plate. They made it as easy as possible for us.
  3. I agree with most of what you're saying but they're not forcing people to change religions etc. They're just speaking the Truth Fearlessly. No matter what the cost, we're always meant to speak the Truth. Sikhs we're tortured because of their unwillingness to lie and their loyalty to God. When it comes to forcing or pressuring someone that's not right, that's intolerance. You can call someone a fool when they're a fool without doing it in anger and without needing anything from anyone. Whether we practice Truth or not makes no different to God, He's already winning. And the losers lose as He Wills it.
  4. Everyone's free to do what they want. The Gurus never Stopped anyone or pushed anyone to believe anything. They respected everyone's choice to believe what they chose. They just taught. All u can do is teach. U never push anyone to do or believe anything, that's completely contrary to the Gurus teachings of religious tolerance.
  5. Guru Granth Sahib Ji teaches us to become One with Truth, as the Gurus did. Guru Nanak Ji disappeared for 3 days and came back with the gyan, no Hindu no Muslim, only One. He did Bhagti for this gyan. Anyone can become a Brahmgyani or Sant, Hes given us all the gyan and the ever present Truth for the taking- the Gurus made it so much easier for us, giving us the gift of the gyan they learned, all they ask is we accept and apply it 100%. It's supposed to be easy. We Naam turns mortals into angels. Good Karam is earned, through good deeds n Bhagti.
  6. U don't need to say it out loud. Just remember that he hears every prayer you say whether loud, quieter or silent. I say His name in my head and remember the gyan I've been taught (also simran).
  7. Hopefully something is done. The UK is full of Lawyers and educated folk. Maybe people who know the law well could form a group and share and use their knowledge. If not done already. Maybe lawyers who use Sikh Sangat. This is why I wanted to become a Lawyer, to fight for Human Rights. Unfortunately I never fulfilled this dream.
  8. Lust is an illusion. 5 theives are maya/ not real. When you love your spouse and you make love, it cancels out lust. Indulging in maya(in this case lust) is just you trying to deviate from your true self. Find your centre and understand your true nature. Were meant to find peace and contentment in our true selves instead of running around delused like a crazy person.
  9. India is far from majestic. So much rubbish happens there, the government is corrupt, poverty everywhere, garbage littered everywhere. Insane how governments who are elected to maintain a country and put it in its best shape get away with this stuff.
  10. Religions have been at each other's throats for thousands of years. It's nothing new. Sikhi isn't a religion, it's Truth. Guru Nanak said there's no Hindu and No Muslim (meaning no religion), Only One which is Truth. So just accept it and focus on your own life and path, let the fools be fools
  11. This is about 100% surrender. There's no point in 90 or even 99%surrender as maya seeps through the cracks in our bhagti. Full surrender is key.
  12. Nice quote and very true. Naam is Truth. Meditating on Truth is remembering it(Simran) and practicing it in action. It's 24/7, you apply and practice it in daily life. It's silences your mind(the thieves) so that we just Be. A lot of people mediate and some achieve the silence. And many practice good deeds, some don't slander others, don't hurt others, don't practice maya lust, anger etc. Not just brown people, but many people of many races from different countries. Some accept Him as All, as Nirboah and Nirvair.
  13. Hearing and speaking the Truth brings about a beautiful energy. They're probably looking at you in wonderment. This used to happen on the trains to and from work, people staring as you meditate and pray. It's good for people to see someone meditatively absorbed in peace in noisy places and when peoples minds can be filled with endless noise and chatter.
  14. Nothing to be scared of. He's staring you right in the face. Everything, good and bad is just His Darshan. If you respect Him, and bow to Him in your heart in truth recognition, seeing each Darshan, even in waking life in the forms of your parents, friends, family members, as Him, you won't fear shite. Believe me. It's just a khel. Talk to Him, he hears every prayer you make to him whether loud or quiet.
  15. Nice post. OP I used to have nightmares regularly and when I started naam Jaap back in the day it got so bad and I had such horrific stuff happen which I won't talk about because it's not important. What's important, and the lessons you're being given is that a Bhagat(loving devotee) shouldnt be scared of anything. One story I Will tell is of the day I conquered my fears of these spirits. I jumped out of my body and sensed a demon coming up the stairs in my house. I was terrified thinking i'd die, then I felt a wave of calm, I laughed, sat on the floor and said, 'Oh God I know it's just you dressed up as a demon', as it came to the top of the stairs. Then the white light came and I came back to my body alert. Truth is a psychology. It's remembering the gyan of gurbani, in meditation, sleep and your daily life. The remembrance of gyan, as I did in the story above, is So Powerful that it vibrates u at a frequency where that stuff can't get to you. Because you're no longer bound to the illusion of Fear and imagery. Fear doesn't actually exist. It's All just Him. Truth remembrance 24/7, apply(remember) and act on gurbani throughout your daily life (this is also Naam/Truth simran(remembrance)). Do Good deeds, kill the theives, don't slander or hurt others, Instead teach them to be good souls, and you lead by example. And work hard and exercise. And also meditate from 12:30am, a powerful time to go deep within.
  16. Yeh but this is a khel designed by Him for us to discover Truth. When fools go against good souls like the Gurus, theyve made bad choices and done wrong, they've not only deviated from truth, but they've tried to harm those who practice it. He makes us victorious, preserves our honour. Because we the khalsa belong to Him, and all victory belongs to Him because we are One, He works through us.
  17. Whats the update? It's been ages, can't believe he's not out yet. Shows how much regard the UK Government has for Sikhs. Considering how many there are there. Can this be taken to the UN? Human rights, though I'm sure this must already have been done of possible.
  18. I really liked that, so heartfelt
  19. Live and let live. Being spiritually accepting is being accepting that people choose to live in different ways. Focus on your own life and silence your theives.
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