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  1. Wjkk Wjkf, Just a quick question which might seem quite trivial, but is it okay to start you're nitnem in the shower, or is it only done after the body has been cleaned ? Wjkk Wjkf,
  2. "Doesn't you're head get all itchy under there ?" "How do you get all you're hair under there ?" "Does you're head start throbbing ?"
  3. what about the kids ? what religion are they going to follow ? what about the in laws and extended family ? thats drama just waiting to happen
  4. JoDi

    Dastar -asap

    Wjkk Wjkf, Don't tie your juri too tight, otherwise you're going to loose a lot of hair. I tie my jura really really loose and tie a patka so it flattens it even more. Its kind of long from the back and I tie the knot under the material not on top so that way I can adjust the shape in case my hair moved back. Then I take the rest of the material thats hanging, twist it like a ponytail and tuck it under the knot. I'm not sure if that made sense, if it did I hope it helps. Wjkk Wjkf
  5. the last one is awesome the couple can cook together and talk about their day, upcoming plans and before you know it, dinner is done and together can wash dishes, one person washes while the other dries aww
  6. JoDi


    From what I understand, we as Sikhs meditate on every strand of hair and our dasam duar has great spiritual significance (third eye .. not too sure) but when we tie a dastaar all that energy gets focused on your dasam duar, especially when doing simran and it's pretty crazy :cool: can anybody confirm ? BEAUTIFUL
  7. JoDi


    duuuude it sounds like u need some sangat, i agree with the above u need to distance yourself from her, give her and yourself some space to think i know it may be hard at first because it has become a routine to talk to her but you should cononcentrate on school, sangat, bani and most importantly Guru Sahib the fact that she's with someone else and telling you that you're perfect for her makes things shady you deserve much more, someone u can grow with and help your sikhi, not bring it down right now it doesnt sounds like its worth it too much unnecessary drama ask her what she wan
  8. that jus makes me sad what the hell is happening to punjab and india ?!?
  9. it doesnt really matter try tying it over your ears if you feel that it hurts or isnt comfortable, jus tie with your ears out =)
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