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  1. thanks.....gulab jaman land is beautiful........so so much sugar!! But its location is kept a secret, only those who do bhagati can discover it :P

  2. i find it really rude the way all the rest have had a good laugh and joke about things and had to wait until page 3 of the thread for Sikhroots Ji to actually talk some sence.. I honestly didnt think the sangat on here even had minds to think of things as horrible as that.. Vaheguru..
  3. Veerji.. i dont mean to be rude.. but no relationship was even spken about with me :o are you sure you have the correct person?? Fateh Ji..
  4. very well said Mehtab Singh Ji.. :goodpost:
  5. Thank you Harsimran penji.. Was a big help Fateh Ji..
  6. I mean i wanted the panjabi written in english to the above..??
  7. Veerji.. sorry but i cant really read panjabi much.. do you know where i could get the english to the panjabi?? many thanks.. kirtan Fateh Ji
  8. u know wt its been pretty much the same here too.... had like 3 inches of snow this tuesday and now its like tempreture in teens here .... but no matter wht i still love the snow :D... tryin to enjoy it the most before the spring :D... how about at ur end?

  9. hehe.. its sssooo cold here in Uk..

    but yh Im ok.. just been trying to enjoy the snow. :)

    how you been??

  10. so far so good i guess..... jus another day but i guess a cold one out here..... hope its not too cold out there in england

  11. Im fine thank you..

    hows things at your end??

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