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  1. Wow, just wow! <banned word filter activated> is the world coming to. Just read a few posts in this thread. ? Including the quoted one. Fantastic behaviour by the kid though, he should disown his parents for behaviour like that.
  2. It will do us better if we take a more positive attitude rather than picking negatives. Its the first time I've seen something like this. I think its great! It shows unity between different groups of the Sikh panth. Many Mahapurkhs have said that squabbling on a jatha level is frowned upon "up there" and this work looks to fix this. Yes, there are many other great GurSikhs Mahapurkh that have been left out. However, the GurSikhs included in the work are dependent on the sharda of the individual/family who has commissioned the work. If possible, can we name all of the GurSikhs included in the work? The obvious two are Sant Jarnail Singh Jee Bindrawale and Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh. I think Bhai Rama Singh is in the panj pyarey behind Maharaj.
  3. Great thread saadh sangt ji, keep it going! I need a kick up the bum! Been getting up wayy too late. It's Dhan Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji Maharaj's shaheedi divas on Friday. Let's aim to get up at AmritVela on that day at the least. In the UK it's a Bank holiday so it should be easier than usual without any work commitments etc. We have an extra day on the Thursday to practise getting up on the Shaheedi divas.
  4. Simple, the definition of a Sikh is the below shabad. I can barely scrape together a proper amrit vela but once we as Kaum start to embrace and apply the basics of Sikhi then everything else will become organic. As the Great Sant Attar Singh ji Mastuanay once said, - Once we can hear buckets hitting against the sides of wells at 3am across Punjab, we'll know that Khalsa raaj is coming.
  5. @dallysingh101 my two cents. It depends on your relationship with him. One way would be maybe giving him a few hints; comparing what he was before and what he has become. Pointing out the benefits of being in shape on all the different aspects of life - healthy mind and body etc generally leads to a higher chance of success in different fields. You have already pointed the other person you heard of who passed away due to ill health. Alternative just blurt it out "mate, what's gone wrong?". But you can only do that if you are confident that it wont cause unrepairable damage to your relationship.
  6. My opinion on this is that it's relative to your situation; we should try/struggle/fight for adding extra bani though. Once you are comfortable with your 7 bania a lot of jugasoo tend to adding Sri Sukhmani Sahib to their daily routine. Any of the bania that you have mentioned is a bonus as well
  7. Great inspiring post. I'm not sure why say that 2.5 hours excludes the mandatory 7 Bani though. Nit picking from me though! If you can do then kudos to you!
  8. Fantastic response - its a slipppppery slope.
  9. WJKKWJKF The notes were made yonks I just copied and pasted. Here is a link to the playlist. I think the notes I made are from track 34 - Naal Eyanay Dostee. I'm not 100% as the notes were made all the way back in 2016! Regarding kausathee, we fail everyday, but Maharaj picks us up every day. Today is a fitting for your question - its Magee, the chalee muktey. They all failed at one point but the ever forgiving SatGuru still blessed them! ਸਦਾ ਸਦਾ ਇਹੁ ਭੂਲਨਹਾਰੁ ॥ Forever and ever, this person makes mistakes; ਨਾਨਕ ਰਾਖਨਹਾਰੁ ਅਪਾਰੁ ॥੩॥ O Nanak, the Infinite Lord is our Saving Grace. ||3||
  10. @singhsince1981 I think some of the questions you have raised were answered in one of Giani Kulwant Singh Ludhiana wale's katha of Sri Guru Angad Dev Maharaj's bani. You'll find this katha on soundcloud. Here are notes that I made a long time ago after the listening to the mind blowing katha: Guru wants to take away the spiritual "childishness" away and make you stronger spiritually before bestowing naam Doing lots of bhagtee can bring worldly rewards like a desert with sand lots of sand Guru jee has lots of sand at disposal but it wont get you anywhere true treasure is naam Dukh in a sikh's life is sometimes for the purpose of taking the sikh further that dukh will streamline a Sikh's progression example mother normally cares for her son even when in another country the mother is still thinking of her son However, when its comes to a test then the mother will say you will need to prepare for this so eat less otherwise you'll fall asleep in the same way Guru jee will give a Sikh dukh that will keep the Sikh awake Your bhanda/vessel needs to be upright before it Guru ji can pour Amrit Naam into it. sharing your demerits with the Guru is virtuous and is on par with doing bhagtee Sakhi of Rai Kot barosa that he had in Guru jee cow didn't give any milk then on top of this faith faith in vessel that had holes in it Guru kirpa and barosa Fair enought we have lots of katha and keertan available but this can not replace sangat Kahanee - jugat - technique of living life gun sun gun gaa gun vichaar Power of sangat Naal eianaa dostee Guru sianaa sikh eeinaa wiser i.e. when son grows and matures then father gives keys to treasure/estate i.e. worthiness understanding Samajdaar Jogtaa Jayhaa jana teho vartay Example farmer had lots of money didn't know what to do with it chucked it in with cows cows didn't eat it vasta undar vast smavay doojee havo paas naam goes in crap comes out ...nanak sipth vigaas
  11. That site is great to say the least. The little audio that I listened to on it is by Sant Giani Harbhajan Singh Dudkeywale. Well done to the people have created it.
  12. Obviously for economy paying travellers Isnaan wont be possible. However the next best thing is washing hands, feet and face thoroughly. If you are feeling ambitious then you could have a go at combing your kes and retying your dastar in the "spacious" toilet cabin! If Nitnem with Isnaan is standard you don't want to loosen then you could even purchase a ticket that gives you access to a shower! The point is that you should try do whatever you see as, at the very least reasonable, to get your Nitnem done.
  13. Eight to nine months of starvation, driven from their home at the dead of night, their family torn and forced into moving into different directions, the wind, cold and rain, a heavily armed and outnumbering force of Indian forces fast approaching them............ but still Sri Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj insisted that their Nitneym MUST be COMPLETE before they can move on. That's the standard our Pitta has set. Lets try to follow as much as possible.
  14. So here are the one's I know about. 1) Basics of Sikhi 2) Sikhs to Inspire 3) Nanak Naam 4) Bhai Sukha Singh I enjoy all of them but I feel they are aimed at slightly different audiences. Are there any more that I haven't listed.
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