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    In my opinion to be successful in anything you need a mix of qualities. Self discipline is a must, self motivation is a must and then the correct methodology is must. In one of the may perspectives in life, I learnt the hard way by wasting a lot of time. However, having said that, material gain in SatGuru's teachings is like collecting sand. There is an abundance of this at his feet. If you want to come on to the path of Sikhi then taking a out an amount of time on a daily basis is a must.
  2. This is great on so many levels! When was it found? Which Gurdwara Sahib? You wrote: "This is the Gurdwara Sahib where Baba Natha Singh Jee stayed for the rest of his life and did Gurmat Parchar." but no image was included. The Sri Dasam Granth found here, how does it compare to others from the same period and the one's we see printed today? I would assume it will have many Bania in there than today as a "standardisation" was done in the late 1800s.
  3. Search this forum for Suleman the ghost on this forum and on Google. This will give you more insight into this type of thing.
  4. This sounds more like a Shaheed Singh rather than a ghost.
  5. The OP It's fantastic that you are building an Amrit vela! You were tested, and you did your best! Learn from any perceived mistakes Don't worry about whether "it" counted. Ultimately we should aim to do bhagtee/simran/sewa/gurmat related actions without any expectation of reward and with devotion both of these are key devotion/love without expectation of reward both don't come easily and are not easy to sustain but sticking rigorously to whatever you have heard from PatShah will surely help with this Sadhu dee Sangat / Gurmukha dee Sangat will help in this Ardas will help in this My opinion on reading Gurbani from electronic devices The level of respect/worship/reverence towards Gurbani should always as much as possible as outlined by @GuestSingh. However, the following will have an impact on how much you can do Tangible Gurbani - in paper format or something that you can touch must be revered/worshipped/give your head as much as possible Intangible Gurbani on your phones - memorized! these mediums will inevitably contain non Gurmat related content I'm of the opinion that Gurbani on our phones/electrical devices is only Gurbani when it's displayed on the screen. When reading from the device then full protocol as stated by @GuestSingh. should be used. When Gurbani isn't visible on the screen, it's just a digital format i.e. it's not tangible and shouldn't be kept in a rumalla sahib or given respect. Your Bhagtee can be categorized in the following way Formal Your nitnaym - whatever you have promised PatShah to do on a daily basis - for Amritdharis this is there 7 bania, Gurmanter and Mool Mantar jaap the more cleanliness the better e.g. thats why Kesee Isnaan is recommended. the same time and place attention to pronunciation Informal gaps in your daily schedule - e.g. on the school/college/work commute / lunchtimes etc the more effort you put into getting the formal right, the less effort you'll have to put into the informal
  6. To the OP It seems as if you have already made up your mind. IF is this is NOT the case THEN Search youtube for Giani Sher Singh and watch his videos on this subject I don't think any of the answers here will do justice to the response you are looking for. I maybe wrong but that's my opinion.
  7. It's an age-old problem. "Balancing" contentment with drive and ambition / having realistic expectations but then trying to push yourself to do better. Does it seem like the young lady was lacking on the appreciation and contentment side of things which led her to take her own life?
  8. Thanks sooo much for this bhai sahib! I first saw the unedited version of the above youtube video a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned it to quite a few others who then wanted a link to the video. When I came back to find the thread on here / sikhawareness forum I couldn't find it!!
  9. It's devastating just reading your situation. My thoughts are with you and hope the outcome will be positive. The only advice I can offer is to surrender/collapse at SatGuru's charan. Surrender/collapse at a BrahmGiani's charan. Have full faith, the outcome is in their hands.
  10. ssinghuk


    Have a listen to this fantastic description of the importance of Nitnaym bania / the pitfalls of missing your Nitnaym.
  11. Here's a mind dump of my thoughts as fast I can get them out as I should be doing something else when I write this post!!! (i.e. work!!) The importance of AmritVela can't be under estimated There wont be any "progression" without it Progression only comes from Guru's grace but Guru jee is looking for your effort That said executive orders/Nadar/glances of grace from Maharaj can waiver all situations but to depend on this should be frowned upon as Maharaj wants effort I heard in a katha once that a person who bows before the Guru, physically or mentally, during Amritvela wont have to bow/seek the help of others The ultimate way to get up at AmritVela is have to a huge amount of Prem for Maharaaj However, sustaining Prem and therefore AmritVela in my experience is very hard and depends on your circumstances - e.g. where you are in your journey, your environment, your habits/lifestyle/the company you have etc the day before AmritVela plays a big part on whether you'll wake up and get up at AmritVela e.g. watching Game of Thrones at 10pm the night before will have an impact!! How hungry are you for it? I would try to avoid the question of is AmritVela a requirement. Try your best to "do" AmritVela in whatever way you can. Don't be lazy but don't beat yourself up about it either as it could hamper motivation. Ultimately Maharaj knows your situation.
  12. Please think through this very carefully. Marriage will change your life. You will be spending the rest of your life with this person so you need to think wisely! The criteria you have shown in your post about your future to be husband (handsomeness) is shallow to be blunt! You post reveals that your to be household has thought this marriage through already as your mother in law has laid down the rules already. Take a dip into the rich heritage that you WILL BE LEAVING BEHIND when you enter your boyfriend's household. There was a time when every Hindu family would raise their first born son as a Sikh. Apologies if this post sounds harsh but the OP has asked for advice. Sometimes I am suspicious of these types of posts debating whether they are genuine! I've made the assumption that this one is.
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