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  1. ssinghuk


    Have a listen to this fantastic description of the importance of Nitnaym bania / the pitfalls of missing your Nitnaym.
  2. ssinghuk

    Is amritvela necessary

    Here's a mind dump of my thoughts as fast I can get them out as I should be doing something else when I write this post!!! (i.e. work!!) The importance of AmritVela can't be under estimated There wont be any "progression" without it Progression only comes from Guru's grace but Guru jee is looking for your effort That said executive orders/Nadar/glances of grace from Maharaj can waiver all situations but to depend on this should be frowned upon as Maharaj wants effort I heard in a katha once that a person who bows before the Guru, physically or mentally, during Amritvela wont have to bow/seek the help of others The ultimate way to get up at AmritVela is have to a huge amount of Prem for Maharaaj However, sustaining Prem and therefore AmritVela in my experience is very hard and depends on your circumstances - e.g. where you are in your journey, your environment, your habits/lifestyle/the company you have etc the day before AmritVela plays a big part on whether you'll wake up and get up at AmritVela e.g. watching Game of Thrones at 10pm the night before will have an impact!! How hungry are you for it? I would try to avoid the question of is AmritVela a requirement. Try your best to "do" AmritVela in whatever way you can. Don't be lazy but don't beat yourself up about it either as it could hamper motivation. Ultimately Maharaj knows your situation.
  3. Please think through this very carefully. Marriage will change your life. You will be spending the rest of your life with this person so you need to think wisely! The criteria you have shown in your post about your future to be husband (handsomeness) is shallow to be blunt! You post reveals that your to be household has thought this marriage through already as your mother in law has laid down the rules already. Take a dip into the rich heritage that you WILL BE LEAVING BEHIND when you enter your boyfriend's household. There was a time when every Hindu family would raise their first born son as a Sikh. Apologies if this post sounds harsh but the OP has asked for advice. Sometimes I am suspicious of these types of posts debating whether they are genuine! I've made the assumption that this one is.
  4. ssinghuk

    Bhai Jagraj Singh has passed away.

    Waheguroo, lost for words. I remember Bhai Sahib at one of the first Sikhi Camps I attended back in the early 2000s. He was soo inspirational. I can't even begin to imagine what his children must be feeling at this moment. May Maharaaj bless him, his family and the BoS team to continue the priceless sewa initiated.
  5. Have a listen to a few interviews of prominent kathaavichaks such as Giani Pinderpal Singh, Giani Kulwant Singh and Bhai Vishal Singh. You'll notice the same qualities of which is the essence of Sikhi - humility, a lot of bhagtee and sangat/bakshish from Sants. Here's one for Giani Vishal Singh
  6. Reminds of sakhi that Giani Kulwant Singh frequently narrates. A pair of Singhs once did matha teyk at Darbar Sahib. After doing so, they went to a Mahapurkh who asked where have you been to which they replied we have just done mata teyk at Darbar Sahib. The Mahapurkh then remarked I hope you haven't left your mathaa there!
  7. Spot on, we have to responsible as others users have pointed out above.
  8. Thanks for the heads up! I'll stay away from that one. I've been a lot of the Alton Tower ones like oblivion etc and was secretly quite concerned about my Dastar at the time but went ok. I think if you wear a kenyan style Dastar then it might be worth using parna/Tha Tha like Singhbj Singh showed above. Quickly tie it on when your waiting for the ride to begin.
  9. ssinghuk

    Washing kesh - need help

    Excellent and commendable effort Singh Sahib! I wouldn't advise reading from a Gutka with your hair open even if they are covered. You could do simran whilst the water evaporates from your kes infront of a heater. Then tie them and be ready to start your 5 bania. Or tie your kes wet in a parna whilst you do 5 bania and open after. If you know any of your nitnaym off by heart then you could dry your hair whilst reading off by heart - you'd still need to have your head covered Point is that we should have extra satkar when reciting Gurbani from a tangible source. Think incrementally, if you are already doing your nitnaym without fail then start doing daily kesee isnaan. If not then maybe concentrate on doing your nitnaym without fail before committing to kesee isnaan. Don't be too hard on yourself but dont but lazy either! One step towards SatGuroo and they'll many step towards you.
  10. Thats great! Commitment is a value needed for achieving! The outcome is in SatGuru's hand. Dhan Bhai Gurdaas Jee has said one step taken from the Sikh towards the Guru, and the Guru comes a hundred thousand steps closer to the Sikh.
  11. Preet, R78, you have to learn to crawl before you can walk. Nevertheless, what you both imply is what we should aim for. People drowning in Maya, such as myself, are given techniques, frameworks from Saadhoo Sant that give us something to work towards. 125,000 jaaps / 40 day routines / 11 day routines are all there to help you achieve the next step.
  12. ssinghuk

    The Nearer The Church, The Farther From God

    The following salok comes to mind: http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=211 mÚ 3 ] ma 3 || Third Mehla: gur sBw eyv n pweIAY nw nyVY nw dUir ] gur sabhaa eaev n paaeeai naa naerrai naa dhoor || The Society of the Guru is not obtained like this, by trying to be near or far away. nwnk siqguru qW imlY jw mnu rhY hdUir ]2] naanak sathigur thaa(n) milai jaa man rehai hadhoor ||2|| O Nanak, you shall meet the True Guru, if your mind remains in His Presence. ||2|| Prithi Chand, Dir Mal, Gangu Brahmn et al were all "near" the Guru.....
  13. ssinghuk

    Whats Wrong With Punjab Roads! So Many Accidents!

    Few relevant points as to why Punjab roads are so "bad": No one (the majority) follows any of the driving rules No one (the majority) knows the rules Are there any rules? No enforcement of rules/where there is it will be over the top - e.g. a battering! Alcohol/Drug abuse by drivers Too many construction projects going on without hardly any provision of diversione.g. in the UK if there is a major road closed they'll be yellow signs showing the driver which way to go for diverted traffic Root causes are probably the same as most other issues - corruption - in this case the government organisation responsible for upkeep of roads is probably giving contracts out based on nepotism
  14. ssinghuk

    Sikhs Tv Channels

    Although I agree with most of the sentiments covered over the last posts regarding our Sikh Channels, I think we should take a step back and be thankful for the good they have created i.e. a lot of people have turned to Sikhi from watching the channels, we have more awareness regarding utter injustice we've faced since and before 1984, current issues that occur are instantly communicated quickly etc etc. Like other areas, the channels and even other media need to meet regularly to build consensus and strategies on parchar, awareness of current issues and worthy causes. At the moment... well... read the above posts!

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