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  1. Videos like this must be nightmare fuel for dallysingh101.
  2. https://www.timesnownews.com/mirror-now/in-focus/abduction-conversion-of-pakistani-sikh-woman-victim-sent-to-shelter-home-husband-lodged-in-jail-article-93730693 The Pakistan Police have sent the Sikh girl to a shelter home and her alleged Muslim husband has been lodged in jail, as per The Times of India (TOI) report. This is the latest update I found, not sure what the situation is now.
  3. The necklace seems like the fake costume jewelry women wear at weddings, it's so ugly only a certified retard would think he looks cool in it.
  4. Seriously? Now you fear 84 lakh joon and jamdoot? Come on man, you played with fire, while it was small you had a good time and enjoyed it. Later it got too big, burnt you and now you are wetting and $hitting yourself for fear that your true self and all your kartoots would become public knowledge. I still don't understand how getting spiritual and Sikhi advice from a guy ends up with sex rings and nude pics in your own phone. If this is even true just go to the cops, what do you expect people on this forum to do for you? Leave their lives,families,jobs,pick up a sword and come defend your honor? Your whole story reeks of kanjarkhana.
  5. Danger can come from anywhere but the danger from Pakis should never be underestimated or understated in any way as their capability and organization is much deadlier and has a specific goal to demoralize and destroy our community.
  6. Accurate analysis. I think a group of us on SS should start writing a PDF Manifesto, compile good posts on SS, add and edit it into a good solid read. Should be compact, no holds barred and not bulky as reading is like kryptonite to the majority of our panth. A harsh wake up call for Sikhs worldwide addressing this self destructive altruism and excessive religious pluralism afflicting the panth.
  7. Heads should roll in the British Intelligence community for this betrayal, but most probably nothing would happen as the victim is brown and not anglo.
  8. Just when you thought pendus couldn't get dumber, they prove you wrong.
  9. Disgusting Suls as usual. Still following the path their miserable rotten ancestors set for them. I would not say the girl wasn't scared in the video or imply in any way that it was consensual. That is the usual talking point of the suls and they have already made videos on youtube claiming just that. She seems disoriented and under duress. Who knows what threats have been issued to her. And she could have been give some sedative or Xanax to zombify her, Pak pharmacies sell everything under the sun and suls are experts at drugging girls. KPK is an Islamist and terrorist infested shithole where formal education of the majority takes place in some militant madrasah,and even the Pak Army finds it hard to control. Feels so frustrating that the only thing we can do these days is hold placards and protest but Kudos to the Sikhs who came out and protested knowing the backlash that could take place.
  10. Just offering another viewpoint, Punjab has been a traditional Congress stronghold and now it is controlled by the AAP. Both parties are opponents of BJP and would oppose whatever BJP proposes. Very possible that the majority of the protestors were their supporters who were being told to fight for justice bla,bla,bla while in fact they were just political pawns being used to undermine BJP policies and knowing the simpletons we have in our community, they fell for it hook ,line and sinker. This Act was very beneficial for Sikhs especially those living in war torn and terrorist infested countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan. I guess that movie Lal Singh Chadda perfectly showcases these pathetic bunch of umbrella holders, stupid yet arrogant.
  11. Yes correct. Now she most probably would end up as an old lady with 20 cats.
  12. The prospective bride was lucky. I know a girl, pretty looking who for years rejected rishtay from keshdari boys, truck drivers, office clerks and shes now in her 40s still at home watching hindi serials waiting for her prince charming.
  13. They are very jealous of other Sikhs. If a gora,kala or $ulla neighbour buys a big car,no problem good for him. But God forbid if a Sikh neighbour buys some fancy wheels then their maa marjandi. Then they put a bulls eye on the poor fellows back and start harassing him in so many ways. Even own relatives are not spared. Your weakness would be blown out of proportion in an effort to shame and humiliate you but their many weakness are heavily downplayed or covered up. Never admit any weakness to them or consult them seeking advice or help to overcome a personal issues ,it will 101% be used against you in the future.
  14. Must be trancing some goddess, or some road side spirit trolling the heck out of all of them.
  15. The problem with these "young desires" are they amplify if you indulge in them and then it gets very hard to get rid of them and bad habits are formed once started. I hope your desires do not constitute of Alcohol or any intoxicants as that is a 1 way road to lose your Sikhi and self respect, especially with alcohol, when under its influence you lose inhibition and are more easily manipulated by those who have rotten intentions,it should not be touched whether you're Amritdhari or not,Sikh or not. I wish you all the best. try at least doing Japji Sahib daily, keep Mool mantar and Gurmantar in your mind whenever possible.
  16. PuzzledToo


    Some are Christian converts who could be attending functions of relatives. I notice them not eating Degh but they seem to have no hesitation in having Langgar.
  17. @SinghPunjabSingh https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanjar#:~:text=Kanjar is a hindu tribe,almost all also speak Punjabi. As far as I know the word Kanjar/Kanjari always stood for pimp/prostitute,person of low moral character. Never heard of this Bhai Mardana Ji connection. Can I get a source to look this up? In the Colonial period, Kanjaris were listed under the Criminal Tribes Act, 1871, as a tribe "addicted to the systematic commission of non-bailable offenses." A recent study found that: "A Kanjari hears the music of tabla and ghungroo from the day of her birth and must begin her formal education before her non-Kanjari friends start going to school."
  18. What you're saying is true especially the grooming part. But my post was not directed at issues facing the Sikh community or the media, police, Government. I was talking to MisterrSingh about a certain topic we have discussed before.
  19. For every other issue I support the approach you are suggesting bro. Some issues it's best to avoid the direct approach as we gain nothing and stand to lose a lot.
  20. No ji. Just making small talk with MisterrSingh.
  21. Who am I talking about?
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