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  1. Santa ke karaj aap khloya, Har kam kravan aaya ram

    Appeal from all sikhsangat

    Hello sir/mam

    Plz visit the panjpyare.com & read all info & also forward to all ur friends

    can u take a print out of this site?

    if u do plz take & put on the notice board in Gurdwara Sahib .

    I am waiting ur response.

    (bharbanssingh.karsewa@gm ail.com)

  2. ehnnnnnnnnnnnn 1stt classssss :TH:
  3. use that link n tell me wats goin on :D i thought that would be wrong n whos the picture of?
  4. hero or person well....lots of people all for different reasons i guess you cant really have "1" can you? lota things people on here share are quite inspiring as in to make me wanna learn more bout religion n go gurdwara THANKZ :TH: and ohh Superman and i think every person in this world cuzz everyones got summit gud in them if u know wat i mean...dont reali know how 2 explainn it :D @ butt hopee u get what i mean n Waheguru
  5. bhai balbir singhhh is awesome man!! RAAG ROCKZ!!!! :D i cud listen 2 it nonstop :D
  6. hehe me too...nahh i reali hope i can do betta than stayin in wolves
  7. does anyone have full ardas written in punjabi? if so please could u send it me??? Pm me if u cud send it ova msn hanx
  8. even if it did take 11 days that would be soo awesome
  9. is it rakhee or rakriaa wala day okay doesnt matter how i spelt it, thing is, is it sikhism? or hinduism? and like is it anywhere written in the ggsj that we sikhs should tie them? because i just thinkin that arent men and women equal sooo jus wondering does it actualli say it anywhere that we should or shouldnt...i dont mean to cause any arugments justt curious :TH: thanks bul chuk maaf =========================== Mod Comment : Topic merged ===========================
  10. hahahaa thats just reallii URGh weirdooooooooooo lol
  11. --Kaur--

    Hai Hai

    hahaha aww man i sooo miss this showw lol and as for the laughin video thats jus plain dodgy.... :D @ im scared ov that one lol
  12. hi, i just wanted to ask does anybody hav the telephone number for ramgharia gurdwara, graham street? iv tried the ones i could find on the net and they dont seem to go thru @ and even tried 118 lol and that ddnt go thru eitha....if anyone could helpp i would much appreciate it :TH: hanxx
  13. bhai manpreet kanpur wale bhai balbir singh amazing raagg bhai harjinder singh n bhai niranjan singh but mostly all kirtan...bcuz all kirtan is amazing :TH: ther jus ma fav kirtaneessss
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