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  1. Something that I found regarding the 125000 paatth:
  2. At the end of Brahm Kavach, we read the last line of dohra goes "paatth sava laakh havan kar jeet jung tab hog". At a basic level, it seems like it means "when you do 1,25,000 paatths of Brahm Kavach along with the Havan, you shall be victorious in the battlefield". There are videos of Nihangs doing just this. But I've heard as per SGGS ji, Havan is not in line with Gurmat. Why do Nihung Singh light the fire? Someone please reply and dispell my doubt. Thankyou. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh
  3. While I agree and don't like the fact that the Indian establishment treats Sikhs as cannon fodder and we should excel in other fields too, but we should still recognize the bravery of our fellow Sikhs who lost their lives. This article briefly talks about the testimony of Indian soldiers, who described the fight of the youngest slain soldier, Gurtej Singh (22), and how he fought the Chinese valiantly, killing 12 of them. https://theeasternlink.com/the-supreme-hero-of-galwan/
  4. Why is it that most people criticizing Indian urban Sikhs are the ones that don't even live in India? You won't have to face the consequences so it's easy for you to say all this stuff sitting on the other side of the globe, living a decent life. Things are not much better in rural Punjab either btw. Most of the Sikh youth cuts hair, assumes English sounding names and dreams of abandoning Punjab instead of improving it. Their lineages too, may some day criticise native Indian Sikhs instead of contributing positively to the cause. You can't just point out the shortcomings. Solutions are what we should be focusing on instead of pointing fingers amount ourselves.
  5. Bhatt Kirat ji di bani..ang 1406 utey.
  6. Bro I wasn't implying anything just genuinely asking. I'm here to learn as well. I was agreeing with you.
  7. https://m.timesofindia.com/city/jaipur/injured-alwar-jawan-recovering-family-heaves-sigh-of-relief/amp_articleshow/76453709.cms
  8. In case you can't read Hindi, the article says that soldier Surender Singh, used his Kirpan to defend himself and other Indian soldiers who were without weapons by attacking the Chinese. Apparently he was badly wounded and regained consciousness after more than 12 hours in hospital. Those seeking ban on kirpans after the Nihung incident a couple months back should read this.
  9. It does make sense. Was the Sikh community as a whole, prosperous at the time?
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