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  1. Do you think they ment to kill him? I mean you would of thought they would of killed him with the knife not run him over. Plus how did he get medical aid. Didn't they check if he was dead? Plus one of them looks like he made a deal with the police. All seems rushed and they may have panicked.
  2. Yes very true but I feel that's changing slightly. You get the "Barmy Army" with the Laddish behaviour and boozing. With winning the world cup more people are interested in it.
  3. There's a lot more emphasis on football compared to cricket from my experience.The KFF tournaments were very popular when I was growing up. Good memories going around the country with your team mates.
  4. Maybe a week ago I searched something similar and one of those dawah/islamic channels or whatever had a video with Guru Nanak Dev Ji in the title and thumbnail. Out of curiosity I clicked and only watched like 30 sec. It was a long video so I went straight to the comments and there was a comment of how a ex Sikh now Muslim explaining "contradictions" of Sikhi. Comment didn't really make sense tbh.
  5. No you're not over worrying. Time should be spent preparing for College. There's a big jump between the amount of independent study required. A lot of responsibility is with the student. If he's not listening to you, what about asking either Dad, an elder sibling/cousin/friend whose been through that transition or another relative. Especially someone his age as they can highlight the problems he'll face when in college. Problems that will force him to grow. Try to get him establish a regular sleeping routine for him. If he doesn't do any exercise, try to get him out of the house moving about as that will help with sleep. Go for a jog with friends as an example. With regards to the gaming, emphasis to him balance. Its ok to play games when he's done x,y,z not the other way round. Games now can be very addictive so it he may find it hard to immediately quit. Slowly reduce the gaming time. From 4hrs to 2 for example. Or split the sessions.
  6. I heard/read somewhere that the falling feeling is to do with sleep stages. A book I wanted to borrow from the libary before lockdown was Why we sleep by Matthew Walker. A highly rated book about sleep.
  7. Lucky Number Slevin's a good film with Bruce Willis + Morgan Freeman. District 9 + Elysium are pretty good too.
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