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  1. happy birthday veerji

  2. sorry about the other post, server is madd laggy... keep gettin sql errors. anyways
  3. coming out of witness protection program to bring you the following message: happy birthday. good day.
  4. but instead he ended up in cancun for spring break 2006
  5. my kind of gursikhs go to a rave... and cough cough ny rangers cough cough
  6. no, nd not for belly dancer, either.. just so i can sit out in the driveway and do Kirtan while yall rave inside.. i get bored at little parties quite easily just be careful what you say guys.. dont go overboard 140762[/snapback] teraroop11 is a bore... i say we pick her up and drop her off at the gurudwara while we go back to the rave.... ill bring turntables and my big trance/techno collection.
  7. self invite for me cause im cool. im bringing glow sticks so we can rave.
  8. http://gagandeep.com/v1/gallery/
  9. namdharis arent sikhs, they can do whatever they want. just read it during the day.
  10. shell silverstien... the giving tree mad good book... remeber hearing it in second grade
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