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  1. The opportunity of Sewa is the blessing of Guru Maharaj. The outcomes are determined by Guru Maharaj. Don't think of it as a skank!
  2. The pakhandi baba has said it! We have the power to drop the "caste" in Sikh culture, it's up to us to action that. By sitting silently and accepting the error, we are not solving the problem, we are part of the problem! Of course we are! - You get 'Jinda jatt' this you get jinda jatt that....more like jinda pratt! - We need to speak against all those Gurdwaras that have caste outside the entrances. - Lets start a revival of the cure Sikh faith, and get this show on the road sisters and brothers. Gur Fateh![/b] Speaking against the Gurdwaras with caste signboards will only alienate th
  3. The pakhandi baba has said it! We have the power to drop the "caste" in Sikh culture, it's up to us to action that. By sitting silently and accepting the error, we are not solving the problem, we are part of the problem!
  4. True. The shortcomings we have around us are a direct result of our own shortcomings. Our lack of acceptance of caste/regional driven differences despite our Guru ji’s teachings have today created caste affiliated Gurdwaras. If that’s not a slap in our face then I don’t know what is! We can blame our forefathers but truth is we are still allowing these practices and differences to exist by accepting a Gurdwara as a Ramgharia or Chamar Gurdwara. If our Jagat Guru resides in that Gurdwara than it is our responsibility to look after that Gurdwara regardless of what caste background the committee
  5. What makes a southall g'wara funny then? The committee?
  6. Dhan Guru Dhan Guru Pyaray! Let us do Ardaas that Guru Ji blesses us with the gift of parenthood like the mothers and fathers of great GurSikhs!
  7. More trouble brewing. Maybe in the west we are not understanding the implications of all these incidents. "Nak tay makhi behan nahi deni,Sir the pagdi rehan nahi deni" is a dangerous slogan, reminds me of the hindu mobs in Delhi 1984 saying “kach, kara, kirpan, bhejdo pakistan”. Energies are spent lobbying for Khalistan but the foundations are still weak. It looks like Punjab needs our help now and the global Sikh community has to do what they can to back the right people. For a racist mob to enter Taraan Taran and taunt the Sikh Kaum with such slogans clearly shows how intense the situation i
  8. There are situations when I think we are a long way away from ekta. If it's not castes then it's jathas. If it's not jathas then it is geographical origin. I have heard derogatory statements from our own UK Singhs like "Afghani Sikh Kutti Kaum Ya!" or "Never trust a tarkaan even if he claims to be amritdhari!". I will never understand how we can ever profess to be a Khalsa brotherhood, if we entertain comments/attitudes like that.
  9. Article from R4G blog. http://respect4guruji.blogspot.com/2006/12...ernal-guru.html Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji - The Eternal Guru of the Sikh Faith Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!! Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is often mistakenly referred to as a "book" by many western and even some Punjabi-originating people. For a Sikh, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji represents much more. In 1708 Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the 10th Guru of the Sikh religion, passed the Guruship, or the spiritual succession and leadership of the Sikh religion onto the religion's formally compiled holy scriptures, transfo
  10. Could you please elaborate/explain "avasta".? My interpretation of avaasata is ones spiritual level. As we progress in our Sikhi we are aiming to increase our avaasta. Meeting and interacting with the right Sangat should help us increase our avaasta, thereby complementing our Sikhi and help us further improve our jeevans. From personal experiences the wrong Sangat can profoundly affect your avaasta, something you may only realise once you move away from that Sangat. Sai peyare melloo jenha meleya teha naam cheyat awey.
  11. This is a sad situation. We lack focus on prioritising issues, thats our downfall. Sometimes I do wonder about all the funds we spend on Gurdwara extensions, Nagar Kirtans, Rallys, Conferences. Are we being responsible by spending our money on a big rally in trafalgar square or supporting the families of saheeds and sikh political prisoners?
  12. Sai peyare melloo jenha meleya teha naam cheyat awey. When doing ardaas focus on this and Guru Ji will bless us with sangat. One thing to remember, Sangat is not about numbers or a gang of sikh lads. Sangat is about increasing your avasta.
  13. I am sure it's common to see Guru Ghars use 3 pillows when doing parkash of Maharaj's saroop. Maybe I am wrong.
  14. http://www.panthic.org/news/124/ARTICLE/2944/2006-11-29.html No Remorse for UK Violation of Maryada Wednesday 29th of November 2006 Panthic Weekly News Bureau Sunderland (KP) – Last month the Sikh Sangat in UK became aware of gross violation in Maryada in Sunderland after an Anand Karaj video was aired on Sky Digital Chanell RAJ TV on 14th October 2006. It was discovered that the Sunderland Sikh Association were responsible for allowing the Anand Karaj in the Hotel where not only was the Pavitar Saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji taken violating the Hukamnama of Sri Akal Takht Sahib,
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