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  1. janam din diya mubarka

  2. 5 /6 hours sleep shud be more than enough
  3. people can only be broguht into sikhi wen they seee the jeevens of a gurmukh.. we as sikhs need to lead by example... most of the time we do parchar about one thing and then doing the complete opposite
  4. as u progress in ur sprituality such songs will not appeal to you no more one would just be in love with the gurus bani..... types of music made dese days is more likely to put roadblocks in your sikhi... its the music that has got most panjabis alll drunkens , turned em in to ranjha wanabees n heers maerae mohan sravanee eih n sunaaeae || saakath geeth naadh dhhun gaavath bolath bol ajaaeae ||1|| rehaao || O my fascinating Lord, may I never listen to the faithless cynic, singing his songs and tunes, and chanting his useless words. ||1||Pause||
  5. amritdharis in clubs just isnt goood not good at alll
  6. to be honesst i dont really see that i think the youth are united if anything
  7. sikhi is about pyaar if u aint got pyaar you aint got sikhi
  8. Guru Nanak was a master of all arts and had divine power inside him. He was and is ‘Kot brehmand ko takhur swaami ’ meaning ‘King of millions and millions of galaxies.’ Guru Sahib had traveled a lot in his life; in fact he had traveled all of India, Himalayas, Pakistan, Afghanistan and many other places. The amazing thing is Guru Sahib traveled with Bhai Mardana on foot as no cars were available at the time and everybody didn’t travel much, some even stayed within there own villages without going to other villages their whole lives. Mardana was a Gursikh of Guru Nanak and played the Rabab (ins
  9. how can u change a thinknig of a person who thinks falsehood is true????
  10. what places are their in birmingham?? and is it cheap?
  11. the babbar were not just akjs .. even tho the babbars had a high number of akjs but they also had singhs from other jathas aswell back then the singhs had ekta they did not put people down from other jathas or argue about things
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