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  1. Admin Note: Personal attack on fellow member, 1st warning
  2. can people not post quotes from sri guru granth sahib ji and dasam granth and wherever else they have got the information from on here to back up their points please??
  3. Go back under that rock you crawled out off! sorry? i dont understand... your an <banned word filter activated>?? comprende?? want anyone to make it any clearer without the use of offensive words??
  4. its sad to say but we are helpless in a situation like this, even if we did start petitions etc who would listen?? its a tough nut to crack as they say!!
  5. Better The Devil You Know,, Then The One You Dont,,

  6. wat the hell are you lot going on about, why do you class people as sikhs when there NOT, hes not taken amrit therefore he is NOT a sikh, maybe try convincing him to become a sikh first, theres not inbetweens unless maybe your kesh dhari and follow the rehat but have not yet taken amrit... hardcorewarriorz, thanks for your unique viewpoint, i didnt know that you were such an expert on middle eastern girls because of this 'trend' you have picked up, i'll read carefully next time, i'll try and pick up on these trends throughout my life that have served you so well, maybe itll make me a better p
  7. whats with you lot, hes come on here for some advice, hardcorewarriorz arent you simply gossiping and trying to badmouth iranians or whatever in general?? cant you offer no real advice, youve offered me f' all there!! sherlsurj isnt much better, yeh just lay into him, thats the obvious thing to do isnt it?? yeh hes really gonna listen to you!! whats the point in this being a gupt forum, giza comes on and just gets rinsed, wow man you lot are all so in tune with ur sikhi and trying to help others out, the dudes obviously come on here for a reason, surely?! hey ranjit, im not a know it all lik
  8. UR A MAN UTD FAN!! YAY!!! :D

  9. there seems to be alot of hate in most peoples replies, wow guys you've really convinced her otherwise, some would say its a bit of a 'fanatical' approach *roar roar* we hate pakis blah blah, yet your the same ones on about them being so fanatical, lol..
  10. if the person in question eats meat and cuts her hair and whatnot, would it make her even less of a sikh if she dated a muslim?? lets face it, shes most likely not amrit shakiya and by no means am i condoning her actions but the question i ask you is, shouldnt you be telling her to look at the bigger picture and help herself to become a sikh first off, cause unless im mistaken, i dont think just wearing a kara makes you a sikh thus the 'conversion' of 'sikh' girls makes no sense unless there converting singhnia...
  11. lets play them at their own game, looks like one guys already started, dont report it theres no point, flood the wall and make them look foolish its the best way to get rid of them!!
  12. mani007 you seem to know alot about what you read about in the papers or about these chinese whispers that everyone spreads, i wont defend muslims or their actions in converting sikh girls but what i will say is, do you even know what goes on at universities? have yo been to the clubs first hand to see what ACTUALLY happens?? are you in the halls of residences where sikhs and muslims live together?? are you in the same lecture halls where these boys and girls are?? do you know most of them personally and have experienced first hand what apparantly goes on?? if you answered no to any of the abo
  13. ive been on this site years, and i read it weekly and FINALLY some people with common sense in the above posts, rated!!!! now lets see if anyone wants to admit to their double standards or want to argue a pointless point further, with all this ego floating around n all :D jag singh and citizen soulja, thank you for some intelligent posting, its VERY rare i see it on this site
  14. sorry in advance, i must be blind.. where was the attempted rape, i heard something along the lines of get off me, that could easily have been pushing and shoving so where on earth did attempted rape come from??
  15. I'm not directing this comment at 20legend..but.... People need to stop calling these girls 'stupid' 'dumb' 'not sikh' 'despicable' etc.... your comment cant be directed at me because what im saying the same point your making about sikhs and karas you should make about sikh girls and muslims, because unless you have taken amrit you cant be a sikh thus the girls that everyone seems to refer to are not actually sikh are they???? unless the muslims are converting singhnia these days... you know what, noone can even reply to me on this forum, so much for it being the voice of sikh youth, thi
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