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    doing keertan and listening to keertan! :)
  1. ................................................... .......................................... gd q, cuz there is no word for that, ?? is there?? yh ther is lol - forn! hehehehe :cool:
  2. akaur93


    fateh, does anyone know were to get banai made in england?
  3. fathe ji, just wanted to no wens the next smagam (around the world) dnt hav a calender lol fathe ji!
  4. if waheguru didnt how wud we no rite from rong? waheguru created bad actions and ppl to show us wot NOT to be and mayb ther not that bad
  5. Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Kaanraa on Pannaa 1302 kaanarraa mehalaa 5 || Kaanraa, Fifth Mehla: saajan meeth suaamee naero || My Friend, my Best Friend, my Lord and Master, is near. paekhath sunath sabhan kai sa(n)gae thhorai kaaj buro keh faero ||1|| rehaao || He sees and hears everything; He is with everyone. You are here for such short time - why do you do evil? ||1||Pause||1|| naam binaa jaetho lapattaaeiou kashhoo nehee naahee kashh thaero || Except for the Naam, whatever you are involved with is nothing - nothing is yours. aagai dhrisatt aavath sabh paragatt eehaa mohiou bharam a(n)dhhaero ||1|| Hereafter, everything is revealed to your gaze; but in this world, all are enticed by the darkness of doubt. ||1|| attakiou suth banithaa sa(n)g maaeiaa dhaevanehaar dhaathaar bisaero || People are caught in Maya, attached to their children and spouses. They have forgotten the Great and Generous Giver. kahu naanak eaekai bhaaroso ba(n)dhhan kaattanehaar gur maero ||2||6||25|| Says Nanak, I have one article of faith; my Guru is the One who releases me from bondage. ||2||6||25||
  6. I don't believe that the fact I exist means there must be a creater who 'planned' something...instead it was a collection of random particles who did their own actions. I understand what you are saying but even if the constant was different it does not mean it was set by someone....I believe it will be the random culmination of events etc... With all due respect I keep kesh because I believe there is no need to remove it. I do a lot of the life teachings of sikhi because they make sense and not because I believe in a God. However I do understand people might not like this so I haven't worn a turban even though I keep long unshorn kesh. Can you please explain to me what I am meant to think about when you say God. I would just like to add one more thing....for a very long time I did go through all the things you all wrote about like how if we are here there must be God, the whole universe concept etc But this is how I see it - I believe these somethings created us and through their domino effect we live and through their domino effect they will end us, the world, the universe etc. So basically its one thing leading to another and we are the product of that. I believe we will end but just because we end it does not mean there is nothing left...something will be left over so the something is always there. Each time the world ends its down to chance what something survives and what does not...this thing has no beginning or no end....I therefore believe the ending and the start of the univerise etc has no beginning or no end....it was always there....I dunno how to describe this BUT basically each time different things can start us off and different things end up as leftovers ....however nothing is lost since it came from the one thing and it ends still being the same thing...all that changes is the 'roop' but it is all still one.. I hope the above makes sense because I'm finding it hard to write what I mean...but basically there is no beginning to this thing...particles were there and started a domino effect causing us, trees etc. And as we live we experience the domino actions set in place previously and ourselves cause dominos.. This is actually how I see it and so I'm hoping people understand why I don't believe in stuff like when we die something happens to us...cos we are nothing. This is the only thing I believe in (I hope it makes sense cos I always have difficulty explaining to people what I mean) Anyways I feel if I believe in this then I shouldn't say I believe in God since the vast majority of people think God has powers he can zap at...obviously the thing I believe in also does everything but as you can see it does so in an ENTIRELY different way.... I hope I don't offend anyone with what I have written and importantly I hope it makes sense cos I have read it about 5 times now and I dunno how to word it!! Anyways my concern is that I would really like to wear a turban since I think its a great way of keeping my hair clean BUT this is the only thing which stops me.... fathe ji, Guru ji sed that the world wsa once a fog and mist n then scince found out that the world was once a cloud .. doesnt that say sumthin?? fathe ji
  7. dnt worri about uther ppl let them think wot they want - if u dnt believe in Waheguru cuz cnt see or hear Waheguru - u cnt see air can u? but we still believe in it! so y not Waheguru? mayb this is a way of telling u to find out more about sikhi but in depth. everyone must hav ther doubt so dont worri n we r sikhs so we are always learing. about ghosts and afta death - thers a story u cn buy the buk on amazon but im afarid i dnt no wot its called - that a white couple who were no religous were so in love that they promised each other hu eva dies first wud cum back and tell the uther person wot it was like. so the women died first and on day wen her husband was writing sumthing sumone tuk control of his hand. he then found out it was his wife. she told him that afta death nuthing matters apart from how much u remebered God or sang his praises. the buk contains all ther letters and wot they sed to each other. i just think u need to reasearch about sikhi abit more and u will understand everything soon fathe ji
  8. ask the person hu owns the car if he can copy i lol hahaha
  9. orange hair! :awesome lol dnt worri bout grey hairr.... loads of ppl hair grey hiar wen ther r yunger i no loads of ppl!
  10. silly bhandars lol dnt no ny betta ! lol :lol: HI5 still havnt taken it off thou iv just luked at it :|
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