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  1. Major beadbi. I came across someone called "BlasphemousArt" advertising their product on Reddit. They are advertising that they have hugely disrespectful beadbi of guru Granth Sahib jee Maharaj as so called 'art'. They have said that it is available from "BlasphemousArt.com". Is there any way this can be taken off? Reporting to Reddit is not enough as the Reddit post is merely an advert for the blasphemousart.com website. See below. Warning extremely disgusting and sexualised
  2. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Sangat ji,there is a user on instagram by the name of Valorous_hindu2.He is doing big beadbi of sikhi and Islam.Please report him. @jkvlondon @MisterrSingh @Ranjeet01 @AmanSingh7 @Singh375 @brotha @Koi @Arsh1469 @learningkaur @Kaurr @ADMIN @S1ngh @GurjantGnostic Sorry for mentioning all of you.I am just trying to get as many people to report this so that this beadbi stops. Bhul Chuk Maf
  3. Dancing around as if dastaar is a topi and whipping around shastar what a joke. Forget integrating with society we need to focus on sorting out and educating our own community. https://www.instagram.com/p/B3DsyWNgyFw/?igshid=k3xgx780p8p1
  4. Guest

    Throwing flowers on wedding

    Throwing flowers on bride and groom at anand karaj ???
  5. Guest

    Kirpan Help

    I am really lost and I truly regretting a decision I made a few months back of no longer wearing a kirpan while I wear all my other kakkars. I took amrit at a young age and my love for sikhi is still strong and everything was fine until the past year around when I reached 17 to 19 years of age. I got mixed with the wrong crowd and lost track of my nitnem although i did not take part in any activity including doing drugs or kaam. Just a few month back out of shame I stopped wearing my kirpan since I felt guilty for not doing my nitnem while wearing my kirpan. It didn't sit well with me to portr
  6. Guest

    Beadbi - Video

    What do you think?
  7. Guest

    Help - Hair washing question

    Sadh sangat ji Due to laziness , i had not washed my hairs for two weeks due to this i was having itchiness in my scalp and i was scratching it so much that it starts paining , then i saw from internet that scratching your scalp can damage and breaks your hairs. I am in big tension now . Have i done beadbi of hairs?? . What to do now ? Should i be tensed or not?
  8. Quite obvious its been set up by the government to distract everyone from the protests in Delhi. Happened around 3 days ago.
  9. What is up with American Sikhs?!
  10. Fake Account Singhni kirandeep kaur khalsa: She is doing Beadbi of the Khalsa saroop given by Guru Gobind Singh ji by Photoshoping images of sikh dastars and women and putting lustful things on her Instagram and Twitter also on her Tik Tok account. Please help daas by taking videos and lustful images off these platforms. With Maharaj's blessing we can take this propaganda / Beadbi off these platforms she Has been reported by some of my friend's. Please help daas in this mission of taking this beadbi of these social platforms! @Akalifauj@puzzled@Sikhi4Ever@MHS please come and
  11. Guest

    More beadbi

  12. In what seems to be a horrible and shocking case of beadbi and misplacement of our holy SGGS , it has been learnt that there's a pandit in a village named 'Saiyyad Raja' near karam naasa river in Uttar pradesh who is keeping two puratan hand-written saroops of SGGS in a cupboard in a dirty tiny room in which he also has his father's samaadh and says he does puja regularly. However the dingy room is present in a place where he ties his cattles and goes to defecate and the place is so dirty, full of cowdung , etc. Its horrifying. And to even consider that these saroops are atleast 300 - 4
  13. Maharani Jind Kaurs personal Gutka Sahib is in the British library, most likely stacked like any other book. Its beadbi disrespect. They shipped countless things from Punjab to London once they took over Punjab. Makes you wonder how many other Guru Granth sahibs, Gutkas sahibs, shastars they have stacked on selves gathering dust. its just wrong. Every now and then a object from the Sikh empire pops up out of the blue at British auctions and sells for £1000s they are still making money of these things decades after the empire left India. Imagine them flogging something like this at aucti
  14. Guest

    Women in sikh youth

    WGJKK WGJKF Whilst going through college and university, I have noticed a huge divide in our Sikh youth. I've seen many young Sikh men either go full cultural or full Sikhi. Women on the other hand, I rarely see any that truly follow Sikhi. I know one woman, 21 now who is dating an amrit shuk man in his 20s. She got personal and told me that they've had intimate relations and that it only took 4 days of them speaking for her to give him that intimacy (intercourse.. ). And she really shows interest in Sikhi but didn't truly see how wrong this was. And for the man, he said he w
  15. Sadh Sangat Jio, A serious issue has been noticed at Puri - Odissa where so called Baba Shamsher Singh in indulged in anti-gurmat activities. A statues is kept besides Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Historical Baoli sahib is not being take care of. Watch full video and share to maximum so that such fake Babe can be treated well and Respect of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and historical places can be restored in best possible manner. Watch the video and provide feedback and your idea about possible solution to stop such practices?
  16. Guest

    Done beadbi of dead hair

    Sangat ji I have don't beadbi of my dead hair, so I grabbed a kesh from the dead hair pile box and I was testing how strong a kesh can be until it breaks in half, is this a kureit as I am very self conscious about this, after hair broke in half as I was just seeing how strong the hair can be I put it back in the dead hair pile.
  17. So since before taking Amrit I had a habit of flirting with girls and getting with them. I thought all the attention would go after taking Amrit but it didn’t long story short, I have a problem I always flirt with girls, but they are the ones that start the convo off. I NEVER go up to a girl and start complimenting it’s the other way round, it’s always “yours eyes are really nice” etc. This girl and I have been talking for about 2 days, she told me I would look better if I take off my very faint monobrow, she said that even though it’s not very visible, everybody says it’s annoying.
  18. Due to Malkit SIngh Bals (vice stage secretary) action and words on stage the police had to be called in order to maintain the peace today. This individual has called the police several times. He is causing issues at one of the main Gurughars GGNP Coventry. This video will show him antagonising local sangat by asking what Baba Thakur Singh has done for the panth? VID-20170122-WA0013.mp4
  19. Then he looked at me and extended the wrapped napkin to me saying, "You want these, right?" I replied in the affirmative. He smiled and said, "They will give you a lot of power and protect you." I took the folded napkin gratefully and thanked him. Later, when I looked at the ten perfect crescents, each nail looked as though it had been trimmed with a laser beam. The cut edges were perfectly smooth and perfectly even, despite having been cut with a very dull toenail clipper. Amazing! I kept the nail clippings in the napkin and placed them in my Nitnem. Over 20 years later, Guruka Kaur
  20. Why do some Pakhandi Babas use Sikh Gurbani to brainwash the innocent? Recently on Youtube I looked-up: "bahut janam bichde the madho", and saw so many Pakhandi Babas on the list of recommended, ranging from Radha Swami, Ravidassia, and some random Pakhandi Babas there and there. If they want to use Sikh bani they should at least promote the idea of Gurmat to bring people to Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib, not themselves.
  21. Guest

    Five pound notes

    Given that there has been much publicity about the fact that new five pound notes have animal fat in them, by the logic expressed in the forums, is it beadbi to put five pounds in the golak? Is someone who does classed as non sikh, and how come no one has made a trip to demonstrate at the bank of England, to wave kirpans about in the air??
  22. Dear Sangat Ji, A Muslim attacker proclaiming Muhammad Rasool Allah has today attacked Sangat and angs of Maharaj at a Gurdwara in London UK. The Muslim attacker tore angs of Guru Sahib and attacked Sangat. Fortunately the Muslim attacker was caught by brave Singhs and handed over to Police who arrested him. Whole incident was caught on Camera and the Muslim attacker wore shoes and burned torn angs of Maharaj with the lighted cigarette he came in smoking with. Message to Sangat please increase security at your local Gurdwara!
  23. The following video news report proves that the Guru Nanak Gurdwara Management (Leicester, UK) is banned from the Gurdwara, under the Gurdwara's constitutional laws for:1. Dishonouring Guru Granth Sahib Ji2. Dishonouring Guru Sahib's Langar3. Stealing money from Guru Sahib's Golak4. Harassing Sangat membersOn 25th August 2016, Sangat members had sent them a 7-day notice. demanding their resignations, but they have refused to resign to date.What are Sikhs going to do about this? How can Sikhs ignore this? Here's the link to the video created by the Sangat, which was recently uploaded onto
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