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Found 16 results

  1. Lots of serious debate going on lately (which is good). Let's have a laugh too:
  2. We're told to never take money from som1 or anything that is not ours and i never have! even if i find money iv never kept it but always put it in the golak, never took food without asking. But what if your parent is giving you money is it ok to take it! My dad gives me money sometimes like today he told me to put his money in the bank for him and take £50 for myself is it ok to take money from your parents! last week he gave me £13 and told me to go out and treat myself with food and stuff and i never took it and left it in the kitchen, nxt day he asked me why i havnt taken it, i didnt know what to say so i said i forgot and that i'll take it upstairs later on. iv never taken what is not mine only taken it if offered by the other person like at work people share food but not sure about money ...
  3. It's the issue that nobody wants to speak about. It's the issue that dares not speak it's name. Some will say don't speak about it because it's castist while others will dismiss it because it interferes with their pre-held misconceptions about how 'poor and vulnerable' the Afghan Sikhs are. Meanwhile, the Sikhs that live in the Afghan Sikh heartlands of Hounslow and Southall in West London have seen the real side. The dark side. The people of Southall have had to watch their town become the Heroin capital of London, where there is just so much heroin that it's even cheaper in many cases than bottled water. They know who has been bringing this mind-blowing amount of heroin over and they've seen which group has gone from paupers to flashy millionairres literally overnight. Everyone of them has amassed an amazing amount of money over the course of a few years and we all know how they've done it.....we especially know when working class Sikhs in Southall keep dying of drug overdoses, but now, thankfully, the Police and national serious crime squads have started their crackdown. Just one little group of 5 of them were found with millions in cash and kilos of heroin. Hopefully, the police will go after the rest of them too. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7707273/Ten-suspected-money-laundering-gang-members-arrested-smuggling-15million-cash.html
  4. I have been reading some the posts over the last week and all I have seen is the constant squabbling and negative judgemental attitude towards each other. Whether we like like it or not we are a community made up of people from all walks of lives. Our temperaments are different, some hot and some cold. Some of us want to do things for now and some for longer term goals. Some want to take a militant approach and some diplomatic. This is not unique to us this has been the case for all communities trying achieve goals in a struggle. Malcom X’s ideology was different from Martin Luther Kings but ultimately the goal was the same. Bhagat Singhs ideology was different from the All India Congress but the goal was ultimately the same. Nelson Mandela was hot blooded when he was young but later switched to more diplomatic solutions for South Africa. The same can be observed from figures throughout all of history and never has everyone collectively agreed upon one single method of achieving community goals. Just pick the organisations, groups and temperaments that you feel you can gel with and quit the bashing of each other. I’m sure by doing we would be more united, be more powerful and achieve so much more than ultimately searching for the one miracle pill to solve our issues.
  5. I know its Pakistan but the situation is identical in Punjab, India. Looking at his documentary i couldn't help but think what a waste of money. Pathetic. The worst part is when he says when the parents die the first thing the kids do is sell the building and take the money for themselves.
  6. Not good news. How will Gurdwaras take payment in future? I prefer to use cash where possible https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45483637 More than 250 free-to-use cash machines are disappearing a month as operators shut unprofitable ones, the network co-ordinator Link has said. There are 53,000 free machines in the UK - but the number is shrinking at a record rate as people use less cash.......... Link's ATM Footprint Report found that between the end of January and the start of July 2018, the number of free-to-use ATMs fell from 54,500 to 53,200.
  7. Guest

    Side job to get extra money

    Hello all I am working in US where my job is giving me a little money, any one kniws about any other job i can do? i am not looking for any physical job but some online jobs like punjabi to English translation etc, I am a security guard and I have free time to just sit and watch. my punjabi is all good, English is not very good bylit i can make anyhow. plz suggest thanks
  8. Guest

    Being A Rich Sikh

    Being a GurSikh, I believe in an honest living and giving dasvand. I am starting to make relatively large amounts of money but stay grounded. I do naam Simran and am in the process of defeating my ego, even though it is a long process. Throughout reading gurbani, and hearing others, I am starting to believe being rich is a sin in sikhi. Waheguru gives us everything and I feel bad about the vast money I earn. My earning potential is only increasing but I am happy that I can support various social programs that can change the world. I am not attached to money as I had to detach myself in order to earn it. I don't want to psychologically hinder my progress as they say "Becareful what you wish for". Any thoughts?
  9. have they introduced new notes? Meaning old ones no longer in use?
  10. Guest

    Honest Living

    In Sikhi we are taught "Kirit Karni" making an honest living. I trade markets such as oil, gold, currencies, etc. and am profitable. I do not gamble as it's a complete business, and with proper risk control and system, it is very rewarding business. I was talking to my old economic teacher today and told him about the 3 Pillars of Sikhi and mentioned "Kirit Karni". He said trading is not of much an honest living. From the sangats view, do you think investing/trading is an honest living?
  11. I recently heard about a horrible law case and this's how it went down... A man married a woman 14 years ago while the woman's daughter was 3. In 2013 the daughter is now 17 and has a boyfriend, the step dad found out about this and slapped the daughter (just like what would happen with most indian parents). The daughter got mad and went to her boyfriend where they came up with a plan to charge the step dad for rape even though he didn't do anything like that. The step dad gets arrested for this and spends 3 months in prison while the step daughter and her mom take all the money from their joint bank account. The Gurdwara raises money for the man and he's released on bail. But the step daughter doesn't want this so she comes up with all these false allegations like being touched and being raped, while getting all of her friends to be "witnesses" to a fake crime. The man has no money because it all got taken while he was in jail so he can't afford a lawyer. What I find disgusting is that the step dad treated the daughter like his own and made sure she didn't go through any problems, he even bought her a brand new car and was willing to pay for her college even though she wasn't his real daughter. What would he have to do? He could face up to 5-10 years in jail over a crime he didn't commit.
  12. WJK WJF, Did Guru Ji give someone the death penalty for stealing money? I read this somewhere and also asked an elder and he confirmed that this did happen but i am not sure... Wouldn't this go against what Guru Granth Shaib Ji teaches us? Especially over something like money...
  13. Views of only Amritdharis are required here. It would be good if 5 Singhs could reply. If someone takes out a bank loan, do they have to give a tenth as Dasvand? What would be Gurmat? (for an Amritdhari)
  14. Sat Sri Akaal to the Sikh Sangat community, I have been browsing the forums for quite some time but this would have to be my first post to date. The topic at hand is that I would like to gather and understand some of your opinions on what is in my eyes an issue that requires clarification. Firstly allow me to quickly describe myself. I'm a 22 year old Sikh Male currently in my third year of studying Medicine. Although born and raised in the UK my family moved to Australia when I was in my mid teens. As I come from a fairly financially secure family I couldn't help but wonder is it right to judge someone on their financial wealth? As I've grown up I've often come across elders saying comments to sisters/cousin sisters "woah so and so boy comes from a rich family, you should marry him". Etc etc Sorry for going on so much but the question I raise is "is it morally/ethically right to make a decision or allow your decision (either as a parent or marriage-ready adult) to be influenced by possible wealth to be found in a prospective partners (usually male) family. Is there a balance required in this thought? Please share with me your thoughts and opinions. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ka Fateh
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