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  1. Guest

    dealing with shame and guilt

    mental health +guilt/shame/anxiety + accepting hukam So, i was wondering what parts of SGGS ji and Bani speaks on mental health as well as dealing with shane and what not. To elaborate, i have bpd and as such have trouble detaching shame/guilt/etc from my past actions/situations/circumstances. As i try to incorporate Naam more and more into my daily life, i become more and more educated on/aware of/conscious of past behaviours/their consequences/behavioural cycles that i had/have or regurgitated from family and loved ones. Thus, as i learn more (thanks to Waheguru ji ofc), i find myself hurting and feeling shame for the actions i had taken/ways i behaved and treated others when i was at a lower level of consciousness. I did a lot that a Sikh isn’t supposed to before finding my way back home to Sikhi and often am not sure how to move past the past and not hate myself for it. Just wondering if Sangat has any advice.
  2. Dear Sikhsangat. I've been in a terrible predicament for the past year, and it just seems to get worse every day. Before putting forth my question(s), I'd want to acknowledge a few significant facts: 1. I'm a Keshdari Singh and I only eat vegetarian food (I have not been baptized). 2. I pose a selfish enquiry (i.e., I have selfish motives). 3. Everything in my existence is unclear to me. I was raised in a typical family and have led a typical life. However, I'm now faced with a challenge that, if it's not fixed right away, would lead to my early and unavoidable demise. It has recently come to my attention that both scientists and clever people view religion as a coping strategy used by the weak or, more specifically, as a result of human weakness. I am unable to understand how some people with high IQs and exceptional talent can succeed in whatever they do without the aid of God. Mant do not refrain from swearing, wicked deeds, etc. This also holds true for evildoers who injure others, have killed countless people, yet continue to live peacefully.Genghis Khan, Stalin, Trump, and other tyrants are only a few examples (Castro, Pol pot). Why do these people choose not to learn about or remain in a relationship with God while continuing to live lives of wealth and intelligence that are above average? I'm not sure how a just deity could do something like this. Why do the powerful oppress the weak? My life has turned into a misery I can't even begin to describe. I feel as though I shouldn't be here. I frequently observe my peers doing dirty deeds and acting clever yet still get great grades. I'm just a hollow shell of the person I once was. But this one query has prevented me from making any progress whatsoever in life. My childhood is a dim memory of following the crowd and generally being stupid. Whenever I try to practise Sikhi, I see things like these and question whether a god actually exists. In life, I'm stumbling. Every corner will reveal surprises. I am an feeble person. Every endeavour I attempt in life—studying, using reasoning, etc.—fails. I'm not saying anything out of passion or in the heat of the moment, and I don't want to evoke sympathy or empathy, but because of my infantile nature, I might "end it all" since this life is intolerable and I can no longer go on living. This form is my only hope because the world is so incredibly overwhelming and terrible. I'll ask the same question again. Why would God give individuals a high IQ when he knows they won't believe in or obey him? Why wasn't I given this information if God is just and fair? This implies that there may not be a god and that life is unfair. Do the weak have anything to rely on? In life, everyone is intoxicated by something. I haven't been able to find anything that satisfies my need for an answer. I worry about unexpectedly leaving this existence.I feel out of place everywhere; some individuals enjoy learning, while some follow a philosophy, while others believe in something else entirely. What hope should I entertain? Please accept my sincere apologies. I appreciate your guidance. Help Khalsa ji if you can. My only hope is in you. I grew up in a normal household and have led a normal life. However, I am confronted with a problem that, if not resolved quickly, will result in my untimely and unavoidable death.It has recently come to my attention that scientists and intelligent people alike associate religion with the weak, or rather, as a coping mechanism due to human weakness. However, I cannot come to comprehend the fact that there are people who are very gifted with high IQ's who excel at everything without the need of God. They do not do simran, swear, do bad deeds, etc. This also applies to bad people who cause harm to others, have killed countless people, and yet continue to live in peace.Examples include, but are not limited to, Genghis Khan, Stalin, Trump, and dictators (Castro, Pol pot).Why is it that I have to learn about and stay with God but these people do not and still go on to live lives of riches and extraordinary IQ? I can't possibly fathom a just god doing this. Why do the strong trample on the weak? Every single day of my life has become a misery I cannot convey in words. I feel like I should not exist. I always see classmates doing the worst of the worst and still passing with high grades. I am merely an empty shill of what used to be a human being. But this one question has blocked me from progressing in life at all. My childhood is a distant memory consisting of me doing what others did and being stupid overall. Any time I try to follow Sikhi, I witness such events and wonder if there really is a god. I am flailing in life. Expect surprises at every turn.I am a degenerate. I always fail at everything in life; studies, logic, etc. I do not wish to draw pity nor empathy and am by no means saying anything based on emotions or the heat of the moment, but due to my childish nature, I may "end it all" as this life is unbearable and I can live no further. The world is so very daunting and terrifying that this form is my only hope. I will reiterate my question once more. Why does God provide people with a high IQ, knowing they are not going to believe or follow him? Why was I not provided with such knowledge if God is just and fair? This means that life is unfair and that there may be no god. Do the weak have anything to rely on? Everyone is drunk on something in life. Nothing has satisfied my desire for an answer to my question. I am afraid of suddenly leaving this world. I feel out of place everywhere, some people love studying, other adhere to a philosophy, some something, and others other things, what hope should I entertain? Please forgive me everything. Thank you for your help. Please help Khalsa ji. You are my only hope.
  3. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh Just wanted some advice from other parents out there, Me and my singhni have been blessed with a bhujangi. I have put a kara on him but i'm worried about him hurting him self if we keep his kara on all the time. Have any other parents kept a kara on their little ones? Any advice would be helpful Vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ke fateh
  4. How would you go about letting your parents know you wanted to move it out in the future? I care for them, but they are somewhat controlling and clingy and can drain your energy often if you stay around them too much with all the arguing, and personal unhappiness/dukh and sometimes bitterness they carry with them. There's not much space where you can avoid them when they're not in a good mood and try to farm and keep your own peace internally and there isn't much privacy or space to act independently and it feels like I'm not free. Like I can't really go anywhere without them asking to know where I went, or if I achieve something (small or big) or try to build some routine/habit, they can't help themselves from telling other people despite me telling them not to do that many times. So one quick example, I started a diet plan like 2 weeks ago to start getting into shape and told them not to tell anyone else. They didn't agree with my actual diet plan and weren't too happy that I wasn't following their ideas. I started having like 1-2 rotis max per meal and I wouldn't have roti if the sabji wasn't high in protein like gobi, or gajara and I would make something else for myself instead plus I would go light on the gyo which always ticked them off and there would always be some argument whenever that happened. A few weeks later at a familly event they tell everyone I am dieting and all these uncles I don't know start giving their advice. I was mad because it seemed my parents were trying to get some revenge on me for not following their advice of having more roti and gyo by telling them something I told them not to share and they seemed to enjoy it somewhat. I really like my privacy and would rather keep as much as I can to myself. I don't really want anyone to know what I am doing because then your always being watched and everyone knows the cards in your hands and since I can't really trust people to keep anything private, I don't feel free at all and while I do what I can, I can feel the drainage of having to constantly resist this part of their nature to somewhat control and keep me codependent. How much more could I do/accomplish if I didn't have to dedicate energy against my parents or if they weren't frequently draining it. This is one small and example and on its own it's really a nothing, but all these small nothings add up and lead to bigger things, and I've noticed this is common in our community and it happens to some of my cousins as well. Maybe it's the parents way of carrying their children as their trophies, but the bigger problem is I think deep down that I won't be able to develop properly as an adult if I keep living with them for my entire life or atleast if I never venture out on my own once. I plan on helping them when they get older cause they're my parents and really do want good for them or atleast I think I do, and I may temporarily move in with them or have them move in with me if I want to spend more time with them or their health starts go do down cause time changes everything. But, from previous experiences of trying to help them deal with their problems I noticed that they will very quickly try to depend on me to fix their problems and in a sense try to drown me with them. I already somewhat made it out once thanks to maharaj's kirpa, so I don't want to be pulled back in but I don't want them to drown either, so I think the best I can do for them is to lend them a stick and help them from a distance, but if they don't take help then there's nothing more that I can really do for them. I think the idea of their children moving out makes them angry/sad and it's more a storm of a bunch of different emotions mixed in at once with some attachment-clingy or dependency kind of love and maybe some sense of needing to control. I tried dropping hints to test a reaction and it didn't go well. For now, I try to keep my own peace internally and not let them drain it or let their negativity rub off on me so that the cycle ends with them and so if I become a father in the future, my kids won't see those negative aspects of my parents reflected through me and they hopefully benefit from that and can go further down the line morally for their future legacy. But, of course there's still days where it feels overwhelming to deal with it and it's always affecting other areas of my life and in those moments of weakness, I go back to guru sahib to get some more strength to hold the fort and I carry on trying to remove all bitterness/ negativity from my own mind and try instead to fill my mind with peace and coolness by sometimes doing simran while allowing myself to just feel grateful for everything I have as deeply as I can allow, for even these simple clothes that I wear now or the blankets that keep me warm at night are god's blessings. I want to be that person in a group who simply by just being around you feel that same pure energy in your own mind which gives you some temporary relief to your own suffering and gives you hope for your own life. It's kind of like what I am feeling right now, but I want to be overflowing with this energy, this sukh from naam. There's not enough people like that in the world and the few who are have to be extremely cautious not to be swarmed and overwhelmed by the dukhs of other people and again be thrown back into the same mess they escaped in the first place and become loaded with dukh all over again. What would you guys advise as parents or children would be the best way to deal with all this? Do I really need to live with my parents their entire lives to take care of them even if I intend to help them later in their times of most need? How would you guys balance this drive for independence and also responsibility to care for your parents as an independent adult? Did you guys go through similar things? Any general advice, or tips from experience? All appreciated.
  5. Vaheguroo Jee Kaa Khalsaa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!! Sadh sangat ji, I am looking for some direction/advice. I took Amrit at a young age but ended up doing kuraits such as drinking alcohol, smoking and cocaine at one stage. It was a tough time I was going through but no excuse as I still had love for Sikhi. Whilst doing this I never slaughtered my Kes in any way. I always had a deep feeling of guilt whilst doing the above and hid it from everyone (the activities and guilt). Later I met someone also Amritdaari and she had done a kurait as well. I did not disclose my kuraits although she as aware that I was 'Amritdaari' and had taken my Sri Sahib off but kept all other four kakkars. We become a couple and one thing led to another. Anyway, we are no longer together as she passed away in a fatal accident when she was in India. I have upped my Gurbani and Simran so much with Maharaaj's kirpa since. I went to do pesh 2 years ago and took Amrit again. I wasn't able to fully explain all the kuraits I had done as one of the Panj Piyaaray just began shouting at me for the first thing I explained which is fair enough but I still feel my pesh was not complete becuase I didn't get a chance to have a word again due to the amount of praani's taking Amrit that day. Since then I have been in touch with someone and we are really close. Problem is she is married and not happy. Kaam has always been a BIG weakness of mine although I have only been with one person. I have failed again Sangat ji. Having so much knowledge of Gurbani and doing so much Simran and Seva I have still fallen. I want to sort myself out again but need to wait until I can really keep on track and get my avasta to that level. Amrit is priceless and I still remember the Panj Piyaara saying "amrit baar baar nee mildha". I would like to know if anyone has been or is in the same situation or how many times people have been to pesh and taken Amrit? Sorry for the long story but I thought I would explain the situation(s). Thank you very any answers, feedback and guidance in advance.
  6. Guest

    Wet Dreams

    Hello sangat ji, I need your help if anyone can help. It has been 6 years, since grade 9 I have been having nocturnal emissions. I do not do any of those things that people think are related to this. I am clean guy, try to follow Gurbani, want to take Amrit soon person. i don't know how to stop his from this from happening ! I have been doing ardaas, to stop his from happening, but it does not. Is this normal !! Are there any Sikhs here going with the same problem or is this only me ! Am I destined to hell. I can't take this anymore Is this due to stress, not being emotionally stable, diet , is this linked to anything ? please help , don't know how to get help around this Also I don't remember having lustful images in my head. In the morning I just wake up and see the results of the emission
  7. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh This will sound quite petty to most people but I'm sure some kaurs can relate. I'm nineteen years old, I took amrit when I was fourteen and I tie a dastar and have always been strict with my rehat. However, I've begun to struggle. While I still religiously get up to do my nitnem and am strict on what I consume, what music I listen to etc., I'm struggling with bana. I love my dastar, but I'm falling back into my old ways of wanting to wear quirky jewellery and accessories and nail polish. I'm an artist so I am heavily pulled towards self expression, and the people I spend time with encourage me to do this, and I can't stop spending time with them because I'm at uni with them. This sounds petty, but for those of you who have been strict with your rehit and bana, you'll understand how desperately I want to keep my rehat, but I also want to express myself outwardly, not just as a sikh, but as myself, unique. I would very much appreciate any ideas, words of wisdom or little faith boosting comments from any sisters. Sorry if this sounds petty, but I want to feel expressive, unique, happy and free without giving up my rehat.
  8. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji kee fateh! Sangatji I need guidance on a issue I am facing in my life currently, my younger brother as fallen into depression and get into very sad/angry mood and I fear the worst. Is there anything I can do other than talk to him and get him professional advice from outside, I mostly rely on Bani and if someone can please help me out as in how I can help me by taking his dukh away using bani, it would be appreciate. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji kee fateh!
  9. Guest

    In dilemma - faith and love

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh sangat ji! I have been coming to this forum to read about various things but this is the first time I'm posting anything, and it happens to be a request for the sangat's help on my dilemma. I (24, male, non-amritdhaari) have been in a relationship with a non-Sikh girl for the past 1 year and 8 months. I have never been in any other relationship, neither have I ever thought I would ever be. I in fact used to think it is something not destined for me and I was content with having an arranged marriage as well. But I happened to meet this girl. I have always thought that this is the girl i want to marry and she too sees me as her future husband. I have been interested in Sikhi and wanting to grow my Sikhi since about the age of 18, trying to gain knowledge about it, but I never really was inclined to keep a rehat. It was until AFTER 1.25 years of ALREADY having been in this relationship, that with Guru's kirpa I realized that I need to actually maintain a rehat actively and I had this inner urge to follow Guru Sahib. Now coming to my dilemma, I honestly love this girl and she loves me. But now that I'm trying to live my life the way our Guru has taught us, I have this doubt whether this relationship will be acceptable to Guru Sahib. Had I been already on the path of Sikhi seriously BEFORE meeting her, I would probably not look at any girl with those kind of prospects in mind. But I'm well past that stage now, and I do not want to hurt her by leaving her abruptly saying "my Guru does not want me to marry a Non-Sikh". She has supported me and does not have any qualms with me being serious within my SIkhi even though I was not "like this" when she started liking me. I want to earn the blessings of Guru maharaj but I do not know whether Guru Sahib would be happy with their Sikh breaking an innocent heart. My question is whether Guru maharaj deems it just to break the heart of the one you love if it is for the purpose of keeping rehit. I want to reiterate the fact that I had been in love with her BEFORE I started trying to keep a rehat seriously. I want to hear what advice the sangat has for me. HUMBLY REQUEST YOU TO PLEASE PROVIDE GURBANI PANGTIS OR HISTORICAL EVIDENCES, WHICH YOU BASE YOUR ADVICE UPON. I would like to request you to be polite in your words if possible. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh!
  10. I advise you all to listen to/ take the course via thesikhway.co.uk , naujwani i think his name is, so much to offer
  11. Guest

    How to tie round swag turban

    I was wondering does anyone know how to tie a comfortable round turban that is like a dhumalla, but not really a dhumalla. I tie the folded uk pagh but looks more like sgpc pagh because it has more larhs ( 6 to 7) . I kind of want to stay away from the pagh, everyone thinks I look too desi, and its big in size I am not amritdhari, but wish to one day. I don't want to wear a nokh pagh because i really hate it ( physically because its uncomfortable, and also i don't resonate with the design). I have also lost of hair due to health reasons. I looked online for dhumallas, but they all have bungas. I don't have much hair to tie a bunga ( and i tried once, but i was kind of pulling my hair and it hurt) . I don't want to tie a parna because its very loose ( and looks sloppy). I don't want the turban going up, but going behind my head ( if that makes sense ?). I want something to cover my hair, but also don't want to seem some religious person. Just want something comfortable and not noticing. Anyone ? Thanks
  12. When someone asks a question, why do all the replies begin with, "You have been taught that." "You're insecure about this, so your view is bias." or "Troll, agent agenda here."
  13. i am 18 years old, pursuing computer engineering in a well reputed college in mumbai. i have always had cool friends and supporting parents. but, i've never been a staunch believer in religion. i always find religion to be pointless, following what some person(s) said/wrote hundreds or thousands or years ago and having to follow their rules and the way they want us to lead our lives just doesn't seem right to me at all. i've been smoking weed since a year, and quite regularly. my grades are not affected by,and i've not been as irritable i was since a long time. i never intended to let my parents know about me smoking pot, but nowadays the paranoia associated with weed is taking over the better of me sometimes because of the guilt i feel hiding it from my parents. i have many friends who smoke weed and all of them are really nice people, so why should what i do in my personal life be associated with my morality?i really feel smoking weed isn't bad for me but i don't wanna live in hiding from my parents.i am a turbaned sikh and my parents are really good role models, just that i do not believe in the same things as me. is there any way i can come off to them and tell them about me smoking the jane?
  14. Im posting this just to get some generic sikh views on how to deal with difficult members of the family What do you do when you have a 'black sheep' in the family who throughout their life has hurt you and others members of your family and continues to do so? Its gone past the point of talking to them - we are at the point where we have just come to accept that this is their character, but how should we be with this person? Ive seen alot of families just disown certain members but this is hard to do when you still care for them. From a sikh perspective though, can anyone suggest how our attitude or way of thinking should be so we are not hurt? Or will we just have to live and accept being hurt by them? Ive deliberately kept the scenario brief because im looking for a more generalised answer Appreciate any opinions on this...
  15. Guest

    Toronto GTA and mature folk

    WJKK WJKF, Sangat ji, I’m seeking guidance regarding marital planning. Sangat ji, please don’t mind this, but I’m a sehajdhari (cut hair) asking for advice. With all due respect, ‘No dating’ doesn’t apply to me. I’m from gta/Toronto, in my late 20s. I didn’t have brown neighbours/classmates growing up. Fast forward to today, I still live where I never see Punjabis. I just need to know how I should go about meeting a man. How do people like me, in the late 20s, find a suitable Punjabi match these days? I even went through matrimonial sections of newspapers my mom got for me. (All the men look for “a traditional, family-oriented woman”, & the men never describe themselves as family-oriented, but that’s a topic for another day.) I broke off an engagement because my partner became agnostic. Although I’m just a sehajdhari moni (cut hair) & seldom drink, I’m still spiritual and I wish God pairs me up with a man who will value what I value, like being vegetarian, being humble, being outdoors, and doing seva at the Gurdwara.. But these points (except vegetarian part) aren’t listed in the mens’ matrimonial entries. My mom suggested I do sevaa at the Gurdwara to pick out a respectable man there, but that shouldn’t be my focus at the Gurdwara. I guess my question is.. How should I go about meeting Punjabi sikhs/sehajdhari with marriage as the goal? I’d rather not read anymore sexist matrimonial entries lol. I’m open to everyone’s respectable suggestions. My fellow Toronto folk, let me know. * [Sehajdhari -meaning I accept Sikhi as my dharam but just don’t have kes (kept hair).] Thanks for your patience. WJJK WJKF
  16. Guest

    Santhia in Panjab

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh... I was comtemplating with the idea of going Panjab for a few months (maybe 3) and wanting to learn santhia. Any ideas where the best place to learn would be and how one would arrange this? Thanks
  17. Hi, I just need some advice. When I was a kid I used to swim, and then I stopped . I am 20 and I want to start swimming, but its my body that does not let me swim. You see swimmers all shave, and don't see hair on their body. I know as a sikh its all wrong, but I don't know if I should start to swim again . You dont see swimmers with hair and beard. It will be so weird. Swimmer shave their armpit hair and their body, and as a guy as a sikh who trys to follows its priniples, what should I do ?
  18. Sikh Sangat Ji, Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh! I shall try my best to put into the smallest amount of words what I am looking for and why. As a person, I had never been in touch with my emotions, nor did I ever consider this an omission in my life. With Guru's Kirpa, I was given the ability to really understand my emotions, and I began to develop, in all directions. This was an unimaginable experience for me, but at the time, of course, I didn't stop to think of how incredible I felt, because it felt so natural and real. This probably lasted for a month or two. And that may sound short, well, it indeed does, but I was in chardikala! Time wasn't on my mind! Unfortunately everything went downhill, and I experienced the worst period of my life yet. I went from having 15 years of an average life, to a month of amazing realisations, to the worst year possible. I could write pages about all of this but that is pointless right now. It has been over a year now and I've only improved a bit in that I am not as numb and negative about life, but a bit, means a bit. I am amritdhari and as far as I can remember I haven't enjoyed myself at the Gurdwara, or willingly gone, in months. I haven't done any paath in months, probably over a year, except the rare occasion. I just can't bring myself to do anything, really. Being stuck in this limbo phase is something unimaginable, just like the time I was enjoying my life. Having experienced such chardikala (of which I am sure was just the beginning) I am gutted that I can't seem to get back there. For over a year now I don't understand how I will ever get back there. Everything has just worsened. Additionally, I am not close to any of my family nor do I have Sikh friends. I have a couple of close-ish friends, although I have realised that as I've been trying to 'get back up' I have basically just been letting myself get influenced by them and their thoughts; things that I would never ask myself or things that I would say "Why waste your time thinking about or doing that when you could be practising Kirtan, doing paath, practising Gurbani Santhiya! Writing this now I barely feel a thing. Thinking about the good times has definitely improved my mood, but it isn't enough. Pleaseeeeeeee please please, just write any of your thoughts. Your advice, opinions, experience, anything. Please. I am ready to get back up, slowly and steadily. I don't mean to offend anyone or come across as dramatic but I am quite all over the place so please don't pick at everything I say. Bhul chuk maaf
  19. I was blessed with amrit roughly a month ago but two to three afterwards, I started indulging in lust again. I am about 16 now and started indulging in lust at around 10 to 11.
  20. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Kee Fateh! Please forgive my ignorance in advance as I am just seeking advice and not really promoting something. Daas became vegetarian 8 years ago due to having issuing with some personal family matter. During this path for 8 years daas has been very healthy but due to busyness (babies and work) of my life daas was not able to follow daily workout routine which was okay as daas remained healthy until the last few years. Daas felt very tired, low, depressed and lazy. Even though I tried to workout but no luck so after family pushing to go to the doctors to get checked, daas was diagnosed with very low b12 levels, I mean very low levels, now daas need to get b12 shots every month, but those dont help either, and if missed daas gets very low with everything in life causing fmaily members stress due to worry. Did some research on lack of b12 and what could happen in the future: https://chriskresser.com/b12-deficiency-a-silent-epidemic-with-serious-consequences/ Doctor agreed as well and said my current diet is not sufficient have to take shots. Daas is not amritdhari but is shejdhari, on a path to be amritdhari in the future, so daas approached a close friend who happens to be a Nihang Singh (very blessed) who suggested to eat eggs and doctor said it would help as well, Not sure if this is the right move but after reseraching this forum daas ran into this thread as well: http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/69134-eating-eggs-in-sikhism/ Any advice can help, thanks Sorry again if daas said anything to upset anyone. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Kee Fateh!
  21. Guest

    Intercaste Relations

    Hi guys, just looking for some advice on an awkward situation. :unsure2: I've been 'suffering' from depression for several years now alone, and recently found someone who was willing to listen to my concerns and help me through what was a very very hard time recently, which consisted of anxiety attack after anxiety attack, breakdowns and feeling very low and even considering suicide at times. It wasn't a pretty sight haha. I'm 18 and a Jatt, and he is 18 but Tarkhan. Obviously this raised a huge problem among my family when they realised of his existence. They got into contact with his family making threats etc. which was the wrong way to go about it in my eyes. My relationship with my family has not been very good for several years now, and I often isolate myself from them so it's been comforting to be able to talk to this boy, and his family are very understanding of the whole situation. I fear that cutting contact would have some drastic consequences on my mental function. Just wondering what I could possibly do? Appreciate your help
  22. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh sangat ji please help. my husband is not amirthdhari. i did take khande di pahul after my marriage, without telling him. Now i am asking my husband to take khande de pahul. if he wants to keep relationship with me he always started argue with me whenever i ask him, should i go pesh or still wait for him gurfateh ji
  23. I was born in a Christian family, but ever since I started learning about Christianity I couldn't help but disagree with a lot of Christian viewpoints. Since I did/do believe in God, but just didn't agree with Christianity, I started reading about other religions. When I came across Sikhism, I concluded: This is the right religion for me, it has the same opinions about life and God as I. Since some time I've been reading and learning as much as possible about Sikhism. I am trying to live like a Sikh should, and I am planning on taken Amrit when I feel ready for it. However I still have some questions: 1. Is there a good way to learn Punjabi online?(I can read Gurmukhi already, so just the language) 2. Would it be okay to translate the Guru Granth Sahib into my native language(dutch)? 3. At what age should one start doing Sewa? 4. There is no Gurdwara near my home, is this going to be a big problem? 5. Today in Biology class we did a small practicum on flies, we had to count and describe them. Afterwards we were told to kill the flies by giving them an overdose of Ether(a narcotic), or our instructors would throw the anesthetic flies in oil for them to drown. I chose to kill the flies(49) by giving them an overdose of the narcotic, which I thought would be less painful than drowning. However, I don't know if I made the right choice, should I have done something else? Thanks in Advance
  24. Hi all, I need some pagh material advice. I need a really thin, light weight, stretchy, breathable pagh material. I wear a pagh for 24hours sometimes (due to work commitments) and so it needs to be light and breathable to let sweat escape in hot working environment. My length is usually about 3m, black colour. Can anyone please give advice on which website and which material name/number is best in this case? Thank you
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    Non-Punjabi Sikhs

    I have a question, how are white Sikh converts received in Sikh community at large?
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