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  1. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Why didn't the "Low-Caste" people in India become Sikh, especially with the values of equality and many other things within the path of Gurmat that wasn't in Hinduism or Islam, (especially with the whole superiority complex in both religions, with Indian Muslims considered less than Arab Muslims and Low-Caste Hindus being considered lower caste than Brahman Hindus?) What I'm trying to understand is why these people would just stay being treated like dogs and animals rather than accept Gurmat, (which has complete equality). There were clearly some who
  2. WJKK WJKF Hello everyone, I have been in a relationship with this guy for 6 years. I am now 23 years old and thinking of marriage. I don’t believe in caste and neither does he. My family come from a Jatt background and his family are chamar. My family do strongly believe in caste, but I was not brought up around it. I didn’t even know about the caste system or different castes until 3 years into my relationship with my boyfriend. He doesn’t have Singh in his name, but I always thought this was because he isn’t apart of the Khalsa. When we first met, he told me he was a Si
  3. This Is one of the best books out there when it comes to describing the revolutionary achievements of Sikhi in relation to caste during the early days of the Khalsa. It's essential reading in my opinion. Hope some people learn from it: https://ia802508.us.archive.org/17/items/TheSikhRevolutionAPerspectiveView/TheSikhRevolutionAPerspectiveView.pdf (stub link now updated for download)
  4. NOTE: This post is a work in progress Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Often times I hear Non-Sikhs bring up common arguments against Sikhi, and as someone who likes to create a lot online resource hubs for Sikhs, I am taking it upon myself to create a list of Q/A's. I recently got a series of arguments (posing as questions) from an anonymous user on the Sikh Reddit who was allegedly Ex-Sikh. He frequently made references to Islam, and also claimed that he had done a lot of research on his "questions", yet the questions themselves seem as if they are taken from wi
  5. The problem is Puzzled, and maybe puzzled is more suited to you than you realise, but the problem is, you're pushing the same narrative that other lazy observers have pushed for the past few decades at the expense of truth. Who was responsible for the diminished Rangrehtta Dal? I give you a clue...it's the same chaps that californiasardar1 mentioned in regards to Phulkian "misl". One of these days Puzzled, you will pick up a history book and actually study who stood shoulder to shoulder with Guru Gobind Singh, who was given a kalgi at Chamkaur, which Dal went AWOL in the mid-e
  6. Dear Fellow Members, I want to discuss the growing matter of casteism in Sikhism, As far as I am aware when our Guru ji created/started panth khalsa. He abolished all the evil roots of casteism in Sikh culture and he created a guideline that a sikh should be identified and known as a sikh . And there should be no place of caste system in SIkh culture. But look at us today, we are so lost in casteism itself that we are known as Jat sikhs or Khatri sikhs or ramgharia and so on (No offense to anyone) Even though we have dedicated gurudwaras to the different community here. I dont mean to harm
  7. Guest


    I grew up in Canada and I have never really integrated into Punjabi culture until of late. Recently, I have been listening to more and more Punjabi music( Sidhu, Karan Aujla) and from there I have realized people still give importance to castes. My father's last name is Chawla and my mom's is Sodhi, but sometimes i still don't feel like a real Punjabi. When I look at my extended family, no-one has cut their hair but I have seen people say " Chawla is a hindu surname". I don't get why being Jatt is such a big deal.. I think both of my parents are from Khatri roots and I think that is higher th
  8. I grew up in Canada and I have never really integrated into Punjabi culture until of late. Recently, I have been listening to more and more Punjabi music( Sidhu, Karan Aujla) and from there I have realized people still give importance to castes. My father's last name is Chawla and my mom's maiden name is Sodhi, but sometimes i still don't feel like a real Punjabi. When I look at my extended family, no-one has cut their hair but I have seen people say(online) " Chawla is a hindu surname". I don't get why being Jatt is such a big deal.. I think both of my parents are from Khatri roots and I thi
  9. Guest

    the caste system

    Could someone please explain to me what is nayi caste??
  10. Guest

    Unresolved anger with God?

    Hello all, I wanted to get some advice or insight on this issue. For my entire life (I am now 23) I’ve been following Sant Baba Jawala Singh Ji Maharaj Harkhowal Waale. If you guys don’t know who He is feel free to google, the Dera has a website with information. Anyways, for me Maharaj Ji has been my form of Rabb. He has been who I believe God to be my entire life. I just believed He was a form of God. I’ve prayed to Him and the Dera and that was how I followed Sikhi. My parents are very devout; my Mom states that for her Maharaj Ji is God, not a form of God. Recently I found out, howeve
  11. Just was wondering, I was totally oblivious to any caste system until i was 16 and went to college, it was not brought up in my house.
  12. Guest


    Hello everyone. My (Sikh) parents did not approve of my choice of partner for marriage. I was honest from day one and told them I had met a Sikh guy and we get on etc. However, my mum in particular was strongly against my choice of partner due to caste. I took the big step and chose to marry my partner because I don’t believe in caste. My parents did not attend the wedding. I am happily married and have been blessed with a child. However it saddens me that my parents and my extended family have disowned me and have never visited me. What infuriates me is my mums behaviour. Around two ye
  13. People who did a certain line of work, all spent their time together, and married one another, in communities, not really associating with anyone other cast, especially those below. Did this system work, like mechanics help each other, and did it keep the balance?
  14. Guest

    jatt girl with pardra boy

    Hi there, I'm an 18 year old girl, i'm a sikh who is not an amritari and i'm with a pardra ( type of low caste dunno how to spell it sorry) sikh boy. I want to know your guys opinions on whether being with someone outside your caste is wrong as i think it is perfectly fine as we are both sikhs however my family would disagree very much as were are a Jatt family. He as already told his mum and dad and brother about us and we have only been speaking for 2 weeks and they are fine with it. My family want me to find a jatt boy but not currently. I think that it is okay that i'm with so
  15. Why is marriage between two different 'castes' within Punjabi Sikhs such a big deal? As Sikhs we aren't 'supposed' to put such a big weight on our ancestory/lineage/ (whatever you want to call it) during our normal day to day lives let alone marriage. But from the sangat of Punjabis around me, it isn't uncommon to hear conversations about how low castes are like this and that and high castes are like that and this. I've even heard people say they'd rather have their child marry out of race (culturally and religiously) than marry someone from a lower caste than them. (*Enter the 'Dafuq' meme he
  16. Guest

    Ravidassia Sant

    Has anybody ever met a Ravidassia Sant? They usually wear all orange/peachy bana and I believe each of the Sants have their own Deras. I went to a friend's Akhand Paath and one of the Sants from this sect was there. His family members were devout followers of this particular Sant. I know this sect tried to break away from Sikhi at one point to create their own religion due to caste conflicts I believe? But this Sant was preaching for all to believe in Guru Granth Sahib Ji and nothing else. However, at the same time, after the Akhand Paath was over, I noticed a lot of families were gathering ar
  17. I know sikhs dont believe in the caste system, however can anyone tell me the following surnames what caste they belong to? Moore Virdi Khaira Thanks
  18. I know castes are stupid and they make no sense but why don’t the majority if not all chamars have Singh in their name. I come from a “jatt” family and even before I have taken Amrit my family kept Singh as their last name (no ones amritdhari apart from me, I’m only 17), even in school all my friends have singh either as their last or middle name, and my “chamar” friends don’t have it. Why don’t they have it? I thought they were Sikh as well as they have Maharaj saroop in ravidas gurdware? (I know all gurdware are caste free, but let’s be real they really aren’t)
  19. VJKK VJKF I am really confused because Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj said that in Sikhi there is no caste system so why do people still mention: Jatt etc especially in films I mean you get films called: Jatt & Juliet and this makes me wonder why people still hold on to this mindframe. We are all equal in Sikhi so why the castes? I don't believe in this sort of unfair mindset. I did not mean to offend anyone that was not my intention. VJKK VJKF
  20. WJKK WJKF, I have been wanting to marry a girl who belongs to another caste. We've been together for a few years now and have been trying to move our relationship forward. My parents have been adament on not letting this happen whereas her parents are ready to move forward since the day my partner convinced them to overlook my caste. Despite me trying to explain to my parents that she is what I would want as my life partner and what our house would need as a daughter in law (ie. family-centric, caring, vegetarian, wants to progress in Sikhi with me, and etc.), caste is the only thing they s
  21. Guest

    Punjabi Cinema

    Why do a good majority of Punjabi movies promote caste when we as Sikhs ideologically are not supposed to be following the caste system? If the word "Jatt" isn't mentioned in a typical movie (which most likely it will) then at least the last names of all major characters are mentioned to indirectly denote their caste. I don't get why this agenda is pushed out by Punjabi Cinema and no one really speaks against it? Because it appeases the majority population and thus usage of this single word can make the film a cash cow? I don't mean to take jabs at anyone, as the only example I can use in con
  22. I remember a video went viral in 2010 or something in which an angry Dalit Buddhist/Sikh lady was seen giving angry speech in a funny punjabi accent, complaining about how Sikhism was hijacked by the same baahmanwaad that it aimed to eradicate. and how Sikhism was not really separate ideologically from Buddhism. She was perhaps a neo-buddhist and Ambedkar follower named Kamlesh Ahir. Kamlesh Ahir's speech was mostly about woes of so-called low castes being denied active participation in indian religions. And how sikh gurus tried to revive Buddhas ideals of casteless society equal for all,
  23. Guest

    Help marriage issue

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh Sangat please help me with this problem i am having. I am from the UK, and my family is sikh. Although i do not believe in caste because i follow sikhi, my family is chamar. I met a girl while studying at university and we became friends, however this accidentally blossomed into love without meaning for it to. She is also sikh, but her family is Jatt, and they are very casteist. Although she herself does not believe in caste because she also tries to follow sikhi, her family believe in it strongly. Now we all know here that there
  24. Guest

    Lost the one I love

    Not sure where to start but I really liked this girl or woman should I say. I think it was love at first sight. I had never had this experience before. This girl was the woman of my dreams. Highly educated professional. unbelievablbly beautiful and respectful. Not like those rude and obnoxuous clubbing type of girls who I generally tend to meet these days. She was beautiful both inside and out. The only issue is that she came from a so called higher caste (Jatt) and not only that she was Doctor. Hence I dont think I would ever have been good enough. Seeing as I had a normal day to
  25. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Can anyone explain logically why caste still exists in our Panth? Especially among those who tell everyone caste doesn't exist to the outside, but when it comes for actually putting it into practice they forget everything about the right side. There are Hindus today who value their personal caste less than some Sikhs which is just depressing if you asked anyone. Also how can we logically combat this idea in some old-aged Pakhandis minds. Especially among Pakhandidharis, (those who took Amrit yet still keep Non-Sikh practices), which makes people ques
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